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Story Startup Ideas

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An AI-based chatbot that helps you with your fitness goals. The bot offers customized workouts based on your goals, goals, and history.


A machine learning tool for recommending books based on a user’s reading history.


A startup that provides a service for helping people record their life story so that they can leave a historical account for their family


This is a game that teaches players about the history of transportation, from the earliest days of the wheel to the present. The game has been played over 100 million times.


A company that helps online businesses with their online marketing by allowing them to target their customers based on their search history and then match them with a relevant video ad


A startup that enables users to create a story about a short trip online, using photos and maps. The app has been in beta for two years now, and has over a million photos and videos.


This company helps middle schoolers learn about social justice by teaching them about the history of slavery in the US, how it intersects with other historical events, and what we can do to fight it now.


This is a platform that helps companies create digital storybooks for their brand as a way to digitally age product.


A “shareable” version of Microsoft Word, with a story, an audio component, and a visualization component.


A New York-based startup that claims to be the first in the world to offer a virtual reality-based storytelling course designed for the music industry.


A blockchain-based platform that lets people not only track their food and purchases, but also lets them tell the story of where their food came from.


“A new type of data marketplace, we are creating a marketplace where you can buy and sell your data. Everything from your browsing history to your location data, and from your health data to your social media data. We are building a data marketplace that enables you to monetize your data.”


LOWCOUNTRY is a startup building a live-action reenactment of the history of the Appalachian Mountains. The company is a production company that shoots reenactments, and it is building a storytelling platform to pair with them.


A podcast network with a focus on “unscripted” storytelling, by people who are not professional journalists. It’s designed to free creative people from the pressure of telling stories they’ve been told to tell.


This company uses algorithms to predict what things you like based on your online browsing history and then matches you with like-minded people for future purchases.


A startup that helps users book doctors’ appointments from their phone, and provide medical history and pictures of themselves. It’s currently live in 10 major cities and has raised $1.6 million.


A SaaS platform to help companies build their own custom, branded apps. The startup has built a gallery of “storyboards” that businesses can use to develop mobile apps, and then sell them to clients for a flat $100.


The startup is a “first-of-its-kind” trading platform for trading the shares of small cap companies that don’t have a long history of trading.


An adtech startup that provides a way for publishers to target users based on their browsing history, to help them understand their behavior and improve their ad content.


A startup that sells a tool that helps people manage their finances (especially for people with ADHD) A startup that provides a service to help people of Chinese heritage learn about their family’s history


A startup that helps people understand their finances by helping them compare their spending to income, spending history, and trends. The startup wants to make people more aware of their personal finances.


A digital health startup that provides apps and services for people with diabetes and other chronic conditions. The company wants to create a platform that helps people manage their condition and record their medical history in a simple way. Patients can also track their meals.


A tool that will allow marketers to connect with journalists to report stories with the ability to collaborate on the story’s delivery. The company wants to be a go-between that can provide access to journalists in order to make the story more valuable.


A platform for artists to share their work, connect with fans and find gigs. It’s a storytelling platform, but what makes it unique is that it’s open to everyone.


They’re building a credit scoring platform that looks at your credit history, social media presence, and other things to predict your creditworthiness.


 A startup called eCredentials is building a connected ring that stores and connects to your medical records, and lets you keep track of changes and see a history of everything you’ve ever had done.


A chatbot that helps users find out their credit score and get to know their credit history.


A digital media studio that helps brands create top-quality videos by combining story-telling and media technology. The startup is looking to create a platform that is easy for people to use, allowing for professional-level video production at a minimal cost.


A tool that will help brands send out personalized marketing campaigns to users based on their personal purchase history.


A company that makes credit scores that are based on a person’s social media activity, rather than their credit history.


A platform for the self-employed that automates their payroll process, so they can spend more time doing what they love. It’s a great story about how an app is designed to solve an employee’s problem, but can also be built with their customers in mind.


Dates of service, and exit history of current YC companies


A platform that allows outside contractors to get references from employers and contractors, and better manage their own work history.


A startup that wants to use AI to create bespoke, cost-effective car insurance policies based on an agent’s driving history


As Seen On TV is a YouTube channel that reviews and shares videos from the shows that air on TLC, the Discovery Channel, and History Channel. It was founded in January 2015.


A platform to save money on airline tickets for frequent travelers. The company’s software automatically determines how much you’d pay each way to get to a particular destination, based on your previous travel history.


A tool for people to search for home insurance, with options for low-income renters and those who have no credit history.


A photo-sharing service that uses AI to find the best “story” in a photo and recommend it to others. Users can also share their favorite stories with friends.


This startup and its founders were inspired by the story of their friend who had to wait two years to get a colonoscopy. They want to make the process easier.


A mobile app that lets doctors see a patient’s medical history in a single search.


This is an app that aims to help people understand their credit score and how it can affect their future. “The app provides a user-friendly credit score calculator that is designed to give you a quick and easy understanding of your score. The calculator gives you a score based on your credit history and helps you understand how your credit score is calculated, how it will change, and what it means to you,” the company says.


A $50 million per year B2B startup that gathers data from credit card transactions, then matches the data to the person’s payment history to make sure they’re getting fair credit.


A tool for the finance industry to track and report on customer payment history.


A technology that helps people shop and eat healthier by offering personalized recommendations based on their health history.


A platform for groceries that uses RFID technology and point-of-sale terminals to track the history of each item in inventory and notify employees when inventory is nearing its expiration date


A startup that aims to bring the benefits of digital health to people who need them. It hopes to use AI to give patients personalized advice on their treatment, based on their genetics and prior medical history.


A Wi-Fi-enabled fitness tracker that allows the user to measure their body fat percentage. When paired with Omron’s blood pressure monitor, it can also provide access to one’s general health history.


A startup that uses AI to predict your health, using a mix of data from your medical history and the future to predict your risk for a variety of age-related illnesses. The company wants to use data to provide “preventative care” to people with chronic illnesses.


The story of how the founder of a company that makes protective filters for mobile devices moved to China, raised funding, and founded a rival company.


A platform for “telling your story”. For instance, you can write a story about your business trip to China, dump it into their database of a million other stories and have it created as an infographic.


A credit card for people who don’t want a traditional card. The startup gets merchants to opt-in to their service, and since they don’t have a traditional credit history, they don’t have to pay as high interest rates.


The startup is working on building an open API to enable other platforms to build apps to help shoppers find the right brand by cross-referencing their online shopping history. The startup wants to build an app that lets shoppers find the right brands to buy, based on previous purchases.


Telling people’s stories is great, but not every story is worth telling—at least, not all the time. This startup is trying to make it easy to tell your stories, but only when it’s a good idea.


A tool for producers and directors to create marketing videos, with a focus on how to use a camera and lighting to tell a story.


A platform that enables journalists to “do journalism by postcard” by sending a link to a story to a friend, who then comments on the story and sends a link to a friend, etc.


A company that wants to create a “new and improved” credit score that takes into account a person’s income and employment history.


A blockchain startup that wants to help banks determine if a person is a bad risk, based on credit history.


A social network for the “smart, social, and stylish” user, built on the premise that everyone has a story to tell and that people will share that story if they’re beautiful.


A startup that uses your Facebook or Twitter profile to sell you on the idea of a way to improve your credit history.


The startup is building a web-based platform for doctors in the US to fill out a questionnaire in order to get a better idea of a patient’s medical history.


Philadelphia has a long history of technological innovation in the medical and engineering fields.


A platform for sharing and discovering new perspectives on the world, the tuneup is a collaborative platform for journalists, storytellers, and artists to share their work.


A tool for lessors and landlords that provides a dashboard of rent history and financial reports.


A startup that asks the question “What does it feel like to be a doctor”. It turns physicians into training robots that can read vitals, progress through patient history, and do the doctor interface.


Free-to-play game that’s essentially a “Neverwinter Nights” clone, allowing players to create their own character and craft their own story. Their goal is to allow players to create entirely unique experiences. The game will launch on Steam later this year.


A startup designed for salespeople to sync sales calls with their sales history, history of sales calls with their customer, and push out daily reports.


A startup that will tell a person a story about their life and put it online for free so it can become a “memoir-on-demand” by a company that pays you for it.


A platform that lets employees see a history of their interactions with a company, and a fun way to share feedback.


A “multi-sourced” news site where users can comment and vote on story ideas and investigate the validity of the news.


In the same vein as OwnPeep, this startup aims to allow you to share your furniture browsing history with friends and family members so they can help you find the perfect furniture for your home.


A company that helps you find a new or used car based on your driving history or preferred car type.


Idea: This startup is building an API for “on-demand” news writing Companies can pay to have their message delivered as a news story on sites like Business Insider, The Next Web, and CNBC


Idea: A way to make sure you don’t miss a story from your favorite blogger


Idea: A startup that makes it easy to make a video covering a news story, using an on-demand, cheap workforce in the Philippines.


Idea: A new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded. The company calls itself “a new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded.” Users can watch videos to hear the story behind the product, or if they want, can touch the screen and hear the video narrated by a voiceover.