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Storage Startup Ideas

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A tool for copying files between cloud storage providers.


A “smart storage solution for doctors” that brings together a doctor’s clinical data and their patient’s medical records.


A startup that provides storage services for people who are traveling abroad


A self-storage company that provides monthly payment structures to make customers feel like they’re paying less in rent than they actually are.


A platform for the self-storage industry that allows customers to share photos of their storage units, enabling renters to get in touch with customers and find out about the facilities.


Distributed Storage for Machine Learning


A company that provides a toolkit for self-storage facilities to manage their inventory. The startup was developed by former YC founders.


A mini-storage startup that rents out small lockers, intended to be a more affordable alternative to larger storage units.


A startup that aims to deliver affordable, high-quality storage to the home. The company is focusing on a particular vertical, which is a new one.


We want to let people organize their photos and videos as easily as they organize their text messages. We’re building a photo management app that’s simple and easy to use, and we’ll be selling our own photo storage product through the app.


The company’s goal is to create a cloud-based service that’s cheaper, more secure, and more scalable than Dropbox, Box, and other cloud storage companies.


A company that wants to move the world from centralized to decentralized data storage.


Cloud storage and file sharing for independent artists.


Self-storage startup that’s growing at 20% month-over-month.


A decentralized email, file sharing, and storage company. The company currently has over 10,000 subscribed users, with the hopes of launching a free version in Q4 of this year.


An open-source platform and data storage for enterprise use


A storage company that helps with storage optimization and budgeting.


A startup that wants to bring affordable, secure storage to small and medium sized businesses. The company is focused on providing remote access to business owners who would otherwise have to pay high prices to store things in their own homes.


A startup that wants to solve the problem of finding and maintaining backup storage for businesses.


This startup is working on a new type of storage for the connected home, where it can be both a sort of “in-home cloud” as well as an “in-home NAS”.


A quick start-up that aims to help companies with cloud computing & data storage, making life easier for companies who want to use cloud services but don't have the time to manage all the moving pieces.


A subscription based photo storage service.


A startup for people who want to donate their old home appliances, furniture, and other items for reuse. The startup says that in the US alone, more than 10 million items go unused in storage every year.


An online marketplace that helps self-storage facilities offer their customers more than just storage. It also helps them manage their books, marketing, and operations.


A file storage service for people who need to store large amounts of data, including for human rights activists, journalists and whistleblowers.


A startup for moving services, like moving companies, storage companies, and movers.


A startup that builds a network of air-conditioned lockers to provide secure bike parking and storage for members.


A digital storage service for webpages and other user-generated content.


A platform that runs on top of Amazon S3 and helps users set up their own private storage for data. The startup is focused on data privacy and security.


This startup is building a storage system for virtual reality developers that allows them to create large-scale worlds that interact with each other and with users.


A digital ecosystem that helps people connect with one another in the community, including a marketplace for self-storage, equipment rentals and more.


A startup that wants to build a cloud storage service that’s actually useful. The company wants to build a storage system that’s useful for organizations, not just consumers.


A company that aims to be the “Google Maps” of the sharing economy — a place to look up and rent everything from homes to cars to storage units to vacation rentals.


A company that helps you choose the right storage system for the needs of your business.


“A self-storage management platform that automates the management of storage facilities, offering storage owners access to easy-to-use, smart service management solutions.” The company currently has $1.5M in funding, with plans to launch in Q4 2020.


Idea: A startup that is meant to help businesses manage their data storage costs by using self-serve products and software


Idea: A startup that is building a SaaS product that enables self-storage facilities to access their data in a centralized dashboard to improve operations and increase revenue