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Stock Startup Ideas

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This company is trying to bring the power of machine learning to stock markets. It’s working to create a way to use machine learning to find correlations between stock prices and macroeconomic data, to identify bubbles and create predictive models.


A company that aims to create one-click access to the stock market for average investors and let them track stocks in real-time.


A startup that helps people learn how to invest in the stock market


A company that wants to take stock trading to the next level with an AI-powered app that can trade stocks with the same confidence and speed as a human.


A startup that is creating a platform that allows companies to offer new employees a new kind of stock.


They’re the modern version of a “grocery store”, with a storehouse of over 400 in-demand items that can be added to a wish list. They’re free for consumers, but can have a fee for businesses with 500 or more items in stock.


A tool for managing employee stock options.


A startup that provides a service where they come to your house and stock up your refrigerator with the essentials


Idea: This company is building an AI-powered solution for retailers and suppliers to match inventories, to combat stockouts and to reduce markdowns.


This is a tool to help investors use the stock market as a means of helping the environment


A company that’s trying to solve the problem of how to buy and sell stocks on the blockchain.


A tool for helping companies manage and sell their stock options. The company has been operating since 2011 but only recently pivoted to become a provider of grant management software.


A platform that helps restaurants manage their supply chain and order inventory to keep the stores stocked. The startup was acquired by the parent company of Whole Foods.


A blockchain-based stock market that allows anyone to invest in a company. It’s aiming for a $1.5 billion market cap.


A platform that allows people to invest in the stock market in a more transparent manner. The company has over $30 million in funding and is the first company to offer a cryptocurrency fund to their users.


This startup, which wants to make it easy for retailers to use AI to keep shelves stocked with different items for consumers to buy.


A company that’s building a set of tools for easy investment in a stock market.


This company is building a stock market for real estate, which it says is worth $1.4 trillion. The startup says they have $100 million in seed funding from investors like Accel, Greylock, and Andreessen Horowitz, as well as a $50 million Series A round led by Sapphire Ventures.


A startup that lets users upload, preview and purchase a pre-made selection of stock photos from thousands of professional photographers and stock photo agencies. Users can save money by purchasing images from photographers at lower than standard rates, and then have them professionally curated by the company.


A software platform that allows people to buy and sell shares in companies for free or with as little as $5. The company is looking to compete with both traditional brokerages and stock exchanges like NASDAQ and the NYSE.


A software company that allows businesses to manage their inventory by tracking products on a digital platform. The company wants to make it easier to determine the most profitable products to stock, based on demand, and to manage inventory.


The startup is building digital signage for companies to let their employees know when tasks need to be completed, and will also allow them to use it to let customers know when they have stock available.


A company that uses artificial intelligence to help investors avoid certain stocks


A product that helps manufacturers manage their supply chains, including knowing how much of their inventory is in stock and which retailers are in the best positions to buy it.


A startup that builds custom devices for businesses, such as a GPS-powered shelf for a refrigerator to keep track of stock, or a phone-controlled washing machine. It has raised $4.2 million in investments since it was founded in September.


A team of PhD students and professors are building a system to allow “mostly science-based” investors to bet on the stock market with a goal of making it accessible to those who are currently excluded from investing.


An online platform for secondary market transactions, where you can buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.


The startup stems from the idea that a lot of people who have billions of dollars in reserve don’t invest it, and Aorta wants to be a place where anyone can start investing in a diversified portfolio of stocks seamlessly.


A startup that provides a commission-free stock trading platform for accredited investors


A startup that gives away stock instead of cash to startups when they want to accelerate their growth.


A technology company that takes photo and video content, and makes it into a product that can be resold as an image or video stock. They’re also developing a platform to enable photo and video creatives to get paid for their work


A startup that is building out a system to help people invest in both the stock market and their own homes, with a goal of making investing affordable for everyone.


A software company building a “search engine for financial markets” that enables investors to find the best stocks to buy and sell.


A new way to make small investments in companies via a traditional stock exchange, where a fund manager buys shares in a private company and sells them to public investors. A good example of a startup that is trying to bring the benefits of high-frequency trading to a more traditional model.


A startup that wants to help people in developing nations to access the global stock market in a way that helps them avoid high fees and complicated paperwork.


A daily database of stocks for investors


With the ability to take stock of all the different tools and platforms that a team uses, it’s difficult to create a shared vision. Bopp is a platform that helps companies set up a shared vision around their tools.


A startup that lets you buy and sell stocks and mutual funds.


A platform that lets people make their own videos using their voice, and works with a library of stock images and sound effects. The app is for anyone interested in making their own video clips without knowing how to edit video.


A tool built for the hospitality industry that allows them to better manage the labor they have on-hand. The tool can track labor in real-time, and when it’s time to restock the fridge or refill the coffee machine, the software can alert the staff to take action.


A company that aims to help small businesses track inventory and manage stock to save time and money.


A smart contract platform for real estate, with the goal of bringing the real estate market to parity with the stock market.


A software company that helps retailers predict when to restock a product’s shelf. The startup’s software helps retailers forecast demand and restock in a way that fits within their current inventory.


A tool to automatically and accurately edit videos from your iPhone, so that you don’t have to use the stock iOS app


A solution for loans that are backed by corporate stocks, allowing their holders to be traded like stocks.


An AI-driven investing app that uses algorithms to invest across stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.


What if the internet let you check on your stocks, find a doctor, and pay your bills The company’s app connects users to the information they need, from financial news to local restaurant reviews. The company has raised $6.4 million in funding.


A company that helps companies make sense of data generated by their sales leads, stock trades, and invoices.


A company that helps companies adopt their own employee stock ownership plan, which lets employees invest in the company through a stock purchase plan.


A software company that helps small businesses run their inventory, from stocking to payment processing. The startup wants to make the process of running a retail store “easier, faster, and cheaper”.


Seed funding for a free online course on investing in Chinese stock markets and investing in Chinese businesses.


This startup is building a platform that lets retailers sell their old stock at a discount and get a new customer through the process.


A startup that helps companies set up and manage employee stock-based incentive deals, such as 401k plans, stock options, and other financial instruments.


A startup has built a technology to predict and prevent stock market crashes. The company wants to use its technology to manage the flow of capital into financial markets.


A web-based software to keep track of all your investments (stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, etc.).


A startup that works with brands to raise awareness about products that are out of stock, or from niche brands that are hard to find.


A startup that provides personalized stock investment advice to individuals


A software company that helps retailers manage their inventory and stock levels. The idea is to create a centralized warehouse management system for retailers.


A digital ticker for stock quotes.


A tool for competing in the stock market, helping people build portfolios without the stress of managing it all themselves.


A personal finance app for millennials. The company wants to be a “bank for millennials”, providing a no-fee checking account and a way to invest in stocks and bonds.


An online U.S. farm management tool that gives farmers access to real-time pricing information from their peers and the market to help them make better decisions on everything from crops to livestock.


A B2B company that seeks to provide small companies with a platform for selling and managing inventory. The startup has an existing client base of about 2,000 companies, working with them to manage their stock and inventory.


The startup has a patent-pending algorithm to help people find the best performing stocks in a given market.


A startup that is building a system for tracking the performance of companies, stocks, or commodities.


An AI that predicts stock performance based on the news it hears.


A company that helps employees set up an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) at their company