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Starting Startup Ideas

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A startup that aims to take care of your apartment while you’re away. InstaHome provides cleaning services, maintenance, and security for your apartment, with plans starting at $16 per month.


This is an online course platform for language learners. The startup is starting with Spanish, and is planning to expand to Italian and French.


A startup that wants to build a system that helps patients get more affordable, higher quality, and faster-acting healthcare. The startup is starting in the UK and Ireland.


Starting as a maker of carbonated drinks with the tagline “For those who don’t have air,” this startup is building a new kind of Citrus Cloud, which will use the sun as a source of carbon dioxide to allow plants to grow in areas without electricity.


The startup’s starting platform is for people who are looking to rent out their house for rent and revenue sharing.


A startup building an in-home showroom for buying, selling, and renting real estate. Starting at $5,000 up to $25,000, the company is currently operating in the Washington D.C. area.


A startup that provides tools for people who are interested in starting their own business, but who are overwhelmed by the thought of it


The startup uses AI to guide you through the process of buying a home, starting with a base salary and home costs, then dividing up the costs per square foot and getting a personal loan.


A new company that builds a unique device for kick-starting engines in cars.


In an effort to identify people who are interested in starting a business, the Y Combinator Summer School offers select entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from Y Combinator fellows while also receiving mentorship from Y Combinator partners. Since the school’s launch in 2011, over 400 students from around the world have participated.


An insurance company focused on the life-sciences industry. It’s currently starting a pilot in the San Francisco Bay Area.


A “next generation” messaging app. The company is building a platform for users to connect with each other at scale across multiple messaging platforms, starting with WhatsApp.


A startup that helps you create customized “sampler packs” of music. The startup wants to build an algorithm that lets users produce personalized mixes, or albums, without the need to upload music. Instead, users create a “profile” of songs and artists they like, and the system then chooses other songs the user likes and creates an album, including tracklists. The service is currently free, with plans starting at $5 per month for premium features.


A startup for providing storage space to people who need extra space, with monthly fees starting at $30 — and no hourly fees.


A startup that enables companies to easily manage their AWS accounts, with a managed dashboard that automates a ton of tasks including groups, billing, and monitoring. The company is starting to roll out to larger customers.


A product designed to make it easier for small businesses to buy products online. It’s currently a free product, with plans starting at $10 per month.


A tool for various health-related startups. The startup helps startups on the cusp of launching gather advice from experts in the field. It charges a small fee starting at $99, but founder Alex Goodyear says it’s worth it for the experience.


A startup that works with companies to upgrade their HR systems, starting with onboarding and benefits.


A platform for online live video courses with prices starting at $99/month.


A startup that helps companies find financing for trade shows, starting with the idea that the more you finance the show, the more you sell, and the more you sell, the more you can finance it.


WeWork is starting to look at providing a platform for its members to manage their finances on one platform.


Paylocity is building a tool that will help companies automate payments between companies. Their tool works with multiple companies, with plans starting at $10/month.


A paid subscription service for people looking to take their homes to the next level, with plans starting at $399. They want to create a “designer” lifestyle for people that want to buy a house but don’t want to do a lot of the hard work.


A software company that helps companies better understand their customer data and make customer service more effective by starting with their customer journey.


A startup that pays customers for sharing content with their friends, starting with Facebook and Instagram.


A startup that provides a service for students who are starting a business to teach them how to apply to accelerators, which ones are best and what to expect


Idea: A startup that sells personal training services on a subscription basis, with plans starting at $5 per month


Idea: A startup that turns your cell phone or computer into a walkie-talkie. The receiver is a physical device you can carry around. The startup is selling the device for $99, with a month of service starting at $5.