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Standard Startup Ideas

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A cloud-based application that helps companies manage compliance and legal standards.


Helps med school students track their performance in school, at their hospital, and on standardized exams.


A hospitality company that provides standardized guest rooms in a hotel, either customized to the needs of a customer or a group of customers.


Digix wants to create a gold standard for digital currencies, with the goal of making a digital currency that can be stored and transferred digitally. The company wants to create a way for buyers, sellers, and investors to exchange digital currencies and reap the benefits of a global digital currency.


A startup that is making a set of protocols to standardize how to build smart contracts


A startup that lets users upload, preview and purchase a pre-made selection of stock photos from thousands of professional photographers and stock photo agencies. Users can save money by purchasing images from photographers at lower than standard rates, and then have them professionally curated by the company.


What happens when you start going to boring networking events A startup that sells tickets to events in a non-standard format, taking the pain out of organizing and selling tickets.


A way for teachers to track and analyze student performance, which they hope will eventually become a standard curriculum in schools.


Similar to the standard credit card processing business, but with a more tailored product. The startup has a subscription model, and aims to break down the barriers to entry for smaller businesses.


A platform that helps businesses optimize their supply chain by helping them to analyze data in real-time and identify opportunities for growth. They charge a standard rate of $150 per month per company.


A company that wants to provide a library of standard web pages for organizations to replace their custom websites with.


This is an alternative to the standard subscription model for software. Instead of buying software and only using it, it allows companies to buy access to the software for a set number of uses over a year, and then the software is deactivated once the period is up.


A company that aims to be the standard for GDPR compliance.


 A startup that wants to replace the standard “credit score” with a better, more holistic one.


A startup that is building a digital platform for the ERC-20 token standard


A platform for building connected home products with a focus on security and automation. The startup aims to compete with existing standards like Thread and Nest that can manage connected devices.


A startup that lets you issue your own token that can be used to grow a business or pay for a service. It’s based on the ERC20 token standard.


A software company that makes it easier for restaurants to track standard operating procedures and create a standard operating procedure manual. The platform is currently in use by 25% of all restaurants in the US.


How do you make a standard 100ml bottle that’s easy to use and store without things falling over


A project to help health care professionals gain experience with industry standard health IT tools.


A company that wants to automate the process of converting a crypto wallet into a standard bank account over the phone.


A way to get around the “proprietary” nature of most software for companies with multiple vendors. A way for companies to create standard versions of their software that they can then sell, with a multi-vendor infrastructure that can easily transition between platforms.


A group of founders from NYC, San Francisco and Mumbai came together to solve the challenge of securing data in the cloud. The startup provides a way to encrypt and decrypt files and data in the cloud that’s compliant with HIPAA and GDPR standards.


An open source, open culture distributed ledger platform for distributed apps. The company wants to create a standard for the distributed web.


A company that provides a way to manage and standardize your to-do lists across different tools.


Posh is a visual voicemail company that wants to make it easier for businesses to switch from standard phone voicemail to the sort of automated visual system that helps you manage your schedule. The company is building a platform that can be integrated into any number of systems.


A platform that helps real estate agents standardize their paperwork, build their own marketing materials, and connect with buyers.


A help desk and service management tool for users of the internet of things. The startup is building its service management tool on top of Xively, the IoT standards and toolset that drives a variety of connected products.


A company that helps auto dealers build a better online store on top of a standard eCommerce platform.


We’re used to hearing about billion dollar startups, but none are aiming to create a unique operating system to process data like this one. A startup that wants to entirely re-invent industry standards and create a new “standard” for data-driven industries like the medical industry.


A tool that lets people create “standard contracts”, which require the same information from parties. This way, people don’t have to go back and forth with different versions of contract language.


The company’s idea is to create a service that helps re-integrate people with mental illnesses into the workforce. The app employs standard HR practices, but is customized for people with mental illness, offering support in the form of a personal guide for each person.


The startup wants to make it easier for small businesses to receive financing. It’s a mobile lending platform, using the same algorithms as big banks, but with lower interest rates and higher standards for creditworthiness.


Building an alternative to the standard ERP software package for small business, one that is faster, cheaper, and easier to use.


A startup that wants to build a digital platform to help marketers make their ads more effective. The startup wants to make their platform the industry standard for delivering video ads.


A web-based platform for managing a fleet of self-driving vehicles, integrating with all the major systems including Waymo, Uber, and Tesla. The startup’s platform is built on the open source OBD2 standard and uses the same kinds of sensors as Tesla's Autopilot.


A company that helps companies bring their energy usage into line with energy efficiency standards. The startup wants to be the company to help companies comply with the new Energy Efficiency Regulations for Buildings (EEB) in the UK.


Idea: A non-profit that aims to create a decentralized, open-source standard for blockchain identity


Idea: A startup that wants to bring the same kind of advertising tools that have become standard for desktop to mobile, and allow marketers to bid and test ads in real time


Idea: A startup that automates the process of making a 3D scan of a person using just a smartphone and a standard webcam.


Idea: A startup that’s building a software platform for on-demand logistics, for things like food delivery, urban farming, and other forms of non-standard courier services.


A tool for helping companies manage their vendor information on their website. The tool creates a standardized list of vendors and allows employees to update it as necessary.