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by @levelsio

Stack Startup Ideas

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A startup that is working on a location-based ad platform. Their pitch is that they are the only ones building a smart ad stack that works across all channels, including the web, apps, and the physical world.


A social network for engineers, designed to compete with Stack Exchange and Quora.


A full-stack app development company that focuses on building apps for mobile, desktop, and web.


The startup is building a toolset to help people in the UK understand their personal finances and see how they stack up against the national average.


This company, which is now a subsidiary of software giant IBM, is trying to make enterprise software simpler for smaller organizations. They have a new product called “Navigator”, which is designed to help organizations of all sizes (from a startup with 3 people to a Fortune 100 company) navigate the complex technology stack they have today.


A full stack “platform for the modern home” that allows users to control all of their devices from one dashboard. It connects to Nest, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.


Data is siloed across different departments at a company, preventing anyone from understanding how their company stacks up against the competition. This startup is building a map of various types of data within a company, allowing users to search across multiple data sets at once.


A “full stack” financial planning and management tool, which is supposed to help people make smarter financial decisions.


We live in the age of the multi-tasking app. But it turns out that multi-tasking is a bummer, and it definitely leads to a stack of unfinished work items. SoluMe solves the problem by allowing you to save all of your tasks in one place, and then prioritize them in one place.


A tool that allows you to create a custom, color-coded portfolio, or “stack” of articles, products, etc. to show clients and investors.


A platform for sharing tools and services between people who need them. So far, they’ve been able to build a basic stack for a Kickstarter-like experience, and work on a basic version of the


A complete package of functionality for startups to implement into their iOS and Android apps. Its founders say that it’s different from a framework in that it is its own full stack.


“A product discovery platform for product teams”. It’s essentially like a resume manager that lets you see what your peers are doing in other companies, and gauge how you stack up against them.


A software stack for claims processing. The company, founded by a former legal executive, aims to reduce the cost of claims processing by 10-20%. It has raised $5.1 million in funding.


A health insurance, retirement planning, and investment platform. The company is building a full stack product, taking everything from claims to investment management out of a user’s hands.


A startup that helps businesses manage their payments and invoices, which the founders say is significantly more effective than spreadsheets. It aims to be a full-stack solution for companies in need of a better way to manage their accounts receivable.


This startup is building an app to help companies decide between what they call “full stack” or “micro-services” architectures.


A full-stack SMS API for India. The startup says it can process 10 million messages per hour.


A startup that wants to build a ‘truly open’ product stack so that any business can build apps for their customers. Using a pricing plan that forces a company to choose between building an app on their own platform or using a third party.


Talent Management solutions for HR teams. The startup is building a platform for HR teams that helps them build a stack of applications that can focus on specific functions.


 A tool for building mobile applications for iOS and Android. AppLocale bills itself as the “Swiss army knife of mobile.” It is a full-stack UI toolkit with a drag-and-drop builder, APIs, and SDKs.


A “full-stack engineering company” that helps clients build their app, website, or API on their terms.


A team of three full stack engineers, two graphics designers, and a marketing lead, Capital’s goal is to disrupt the legal sector of the marketplace by providing a full service legal shop. Capital is a firm that represents individuals and small businesses in a variety of legal matters. The team is currently focusing on the representation of individuals, but also does work for small businesses.


A startup that helps companies provide “full-stack” support for their products, from product design and development through sales and support.


This startup is building a full stack hosting solution for developers, allowing them to build and deploy websites and applications online.


The startup is building a full-stack platform to help companies manage their own internal customer service, essentially taking the customer service team out of the sales cycle.


A full-stack mobile app for local businesses with a focus on food and drink, designed for city living.


A company that wants to use machine learning to “find the needle in the haystack” of internet search results


A tool that helps human resources departments and HR leaders manage their compensation packages, including offering benefits and compensation. The platform helps companies manage the entire process of compensation, including the stack and data management.


Idea: A free, full-stack, hosted CI/CD platform for web and mobile apps


Idea: A startup that helps companies manage their tech stacks to ensure they stay on the bleeding edge of tech trends and have a clear understanding of their tech spending


Idea: A startup that is building an internet for everything. Blockstack wants to create a platform that allows apps to work on any device without requiring a centralized server.


Idea: A startup that provides a full-stack CRM for nonprofit organizations. The founders claim the product has a 3x conversion rate compared to other major players, and is focused on helping nonprofits do more for less money.