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Spent Startup Ideas

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A “Facebook for your finances”, enabling people to see where their money is going and how it’s being spent.


In the US, over $15 billion is spent on advertising for pet care services, but there is currently no app-based service that lets you find a good pet sitter. Pet Care Hero wants to be the first.


This platform helps users track how their money is being spent. The startup says it has already attracted over $1 million in investment dollars.


A team of fundraisers that want to help companies with their fundraising needs by offering free fundraising services. They charge companies based on the time spent on fundraising, with a maximum of $500 per month.


This startup is a “personal budgeting solution” for freelancers. The idea is to make it easier to see how much money you’ve made and how much you’ve spent over the course of your career and to make it easier to plan spending.


A startup that helps electric vehicle companies buy batteries, with the goal of reducing time and money spent on batteries.


A tool that helps you visually approximate the distribution of code within a project and can even show you how much time you’ve spent on each line of code.


A startup that helps companies manage and track the money spent on their branded conference rooms at hotels.


This startup helps employees work from home, or take meetings remotely, but still get paid for time spent working.


A startup for tracking running mileage, showing a user’s progress in terms of distance run and time spent running. The startup is focused on the female market.


A platform that helps you manage your online credit cards and create a spending plan. The goal of the startup is to create a solution to the following problem: “When you spend money, you don’t know what you spent it on.”


A tool that helps companies monitor their employees’ smartphone usage, with the ability to monitor their location, time spent on their device, and screen time for each employee.


A tool that helps you track the time you’ve spent on your favorite websites.


Founded in 2012 by Joshua Williams and Mark Wascura, the company develops and sells a platform that allows companies to build and manage their own travel and expense management platforms. Williams and Wascura began their careers as software engineers and spent 13 years at Oracle and HP respectively, before deciding to start the company in 2012. They raised $5 million in 2014 and $12 million in 2017.


Employers can access a single dashboard to track their employee’s performance. Performance is measured across different channels, including time spent at work, friend requests, and the effectiveness of their social media presence.


Track is building a new way to track our expenses and savings, offering recaps of how we spent our money and automated suggestions on how to cut back.


A SaaS platform that helps companies create, manage, and get feedback on their campaigns. It’s currently being used for over 100 campaigns, raised over $30 million in funding, and the founders have spent over a year building it.


A tool for corporate recruiters to pitch job candidates to companies directly, cutting down on the time spent managing the process.


A tool for keeping track of the money you've spent in a day, so you can go back and see how much of it you've spent on each thing.


A ride-hailing service for medical patients to help alleviate the demand for rideshare services and cut down on the time and money spent trying to find a ride.


Idea: An automated platform that helps small businesses manage their finances and bookkeeping. The company is looking to help businesses reduce time spent on administrative tasks while automating a lot of the accounting side of things.


A startup that gives people a platform to post everything from their trip to the grocery store and how they spent their money