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Spare Startup Ideas

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SITU is building a messaging app to help people connect with their local government. It’s meant to make government more approachable and transparent to the public.


A platform that pairs people who have a spare room in their home with those who need a place to stay.


The founders of this startup say they are “building the first truly global, blockchain-based, decentralized and transparent peer-to-peer marketplace for advertising.”


A startup that aims to bring the transparency of online voting to the world of online retail, where many retailers don’t always do their best to represent their products to their customers.


Idea: A startup for tracking and keeping tabs on the cost of a medical procedure. The idea is to allow patients to shop around for prices, and also to provide a level of transparency that many hospitals don’t have.


A platform that allows people to rent out spare bedrooms and/or spare bedrooms with other household members. It’s designed to help people earn additional income from their homes while also giving their families the chance to stay in their homes in times of need.


A startup for people to rent or lease out their spare bedrooms, apartments, or houses to travelers.


A way to bring transparency to the hiring process, as well as a way for candidates to vet companies and find out who’s looking for them.


A startup that lets companies handle payments in a more transparent way. It’s an API that connects payments platforms and third-party data, and helps companies figure out which payments to accept and which not to.


Provenance is a food tracking app, that has been billed as a startup that’s trying to get food to the same level of transparency as it has in other industries like banking or ride sharing. It’s a bit like the app Just Eat, but for food.


A software company that provides a platform for connecting people with spare parts, including parts for cars, drones, and medical equipment.


This startup wants to improve the process of buying and selling homes by using algorithms, AI, and machine learning to make the process faster and more transparent.


A platform that aims to bring transparency in the consumer data industry with a set of tools that help customers understand what data is being collected about them


A startup that helps small businesses gain trust with tools to increase security, privacy, and transparency


A platform that allows people to invest in the stock market in a more transparent manner. The company has over $30 million in funding and is the first company to offer a cryptocurrency fund to their users.


A tool designed to bring transparency to the loan origination process, helping to prevent fraud, identify the best loan products, and save lenders money.


A product that helps businesses streamline email management to be more effective, efficient and transparent.


A startup that wants to help people find and hire home cleaners who are local, and who have the right experience. They want to help the market for home cleaning, which often lacks liquidity, by bringing order and transparency to the market.


A platform for people to rent out their spare computing power and earn cryptocurrency.


A company that’s building a detailed map of the world’s supply chains, put together using new satellite technologies. The startup wants to create a more efficient and transparent supply chain for all manufacturers.


A web-based platform for students to market and sell items they’ve made in their spare time.


A platform that allows people to purchase and sell real estate together in a safe, transparent way.


A platform to find and book airfare and hotels. The company’s mission is to democratize travel with a transparent and fair marketplace.


A bank account that the founders say is “like a personal investment account with 100x the transparency of other accounts and no fees.” The account is meant to be a savings account for small businesses or freelancers.


A platform for managing the supply chain for e-commerce, aimed at companies with very little time to spare.


Grid wants to make energy consumption more transparent, by giving customers a meter on their home in a box, and then giving them a way to manage their energy consumption.


A way for people to rent out their spare bedrooms and living rooms on Airbnb, or even to create an entire home on the platform.


A startup that’s building a mobile app that lets you rent out your spare room on Airbnb.


A platform that helps companies track and manage their employees' spending. It's a more transparent alternative to the likes of Mint, but also one that has to be paid for by the company that uses it.


A pair of heavy-equipment spare parts specialists in the Midwest. These guys help companies find used equipment, they’ve made over 200 sales to date.


A startup that lets users rent out their spare bedrooms to guests


This startup, which is a subsidiary of a government agency in Brazil, is focused on building technology to provide transparency into the country’s elections.


We have been taught that investing is for the financially sophisticated. But SICAV’s goal is to make it simpler, more transparent and more accessible to people everywhere.


The team is building a way to automatically and transparently recommend the best employees for an open position. The startup is currently only targeting startups in Silicon Valley.


A startup that helps schools and universities establish open data programs to promote transparency and accountability.


This startup wants to bring more transparency to online rental listings by creating a search engine that sorts and ranks homes based on their location, amenities, and price, as well as the number of reviews they have.


A company that’s building a software product that enables people to rent out their spare bedrooms to travelers through a website.


A company that wants to have more transparency about the daily spending habits of its customers.


A health insurance company built for small businesses. It’s a “flexible, affordable, and transparent platform by which businesses can get coverage for in-house doctors and nurses.”


A startup that aims to be the Uber of short-term rentals, allowing people to rent out their spare rooms or entire homes. Ethos currently has a pilot in place with over 10,000 users.


A way to make paying taxes easier, with a tool that lets you pay your taxes in a way that’s more efficient than the IRS’ online tools. The startup also wants to make the tax process more predictable and transparent by providing a taxpayer’s tax form for every state, and giving an estimate of what the liability is.


A startup that’s building a platform for online consumer engagement campaigns. It also aims to bring more transparency to the online advertising industry.


An online platform that allows users to rate and review products in a more transparent way than is possible on Amazon.


A cloud-based video platform that allows video producers to sell their content in a transparent and fair way.


A content marketing startup that wants to make customers more aware of their own credit card data. The company’s strategy is to make the customer’s credit card data more transparent by showing customers a breakdown of their expenses and a way to lower them.


A startup that aims to make the back office of pharmacies more transparent for patients.


A tool to help nonprofits do their fundraising. By taking in donations and giving them out to their clients in a direct, transparent manner, the startup wants to help nonprofits grow their donor bases and improve their bottom line.


A startup that wants to connect buyers with people who have what they need, from spare parts to rare books.


A payments company that uses the Ethereum blockchain to “build a decentralized, secure, and transparent payments network.”


A company that plans to create a new kind of payments system that is more secure, transparent, and consistent across the globe. It aims to be a way for the entire world to transact in cash.


A company that turns any spare bit of hardware into a secure cloud server.


A social media platform that aims to be a a more transparent version of Instagram. It’s a service that allows users to tag each other in posts, and then share posts that they’ve tagged.


A blockchain-based invoice financing platform. The company wants to lower the cost of capital for the global invoice financing market. It’s using the blockchain to replace the middleman and make the process more transparent.


A platform that helps advertisers and agencies connect with creators to curate the most viral content. Content Studio is hoping to use blockchain to create a market for content and allow users to earn tokens for their contributions in a way that is transparent and fair.


An advertising platform that works to make ad buying more transparent and transparent, with a focus on helping advertisers make more informed decisions.


This startup helps businesses sell their spare computer parts to repair shops for cash.


A startup that helps users buy and sell spare gadgets to each other, with a platform that allows people to buy and sell second-hand computers, phones, and other devices.


A startup for hosts to sell their spare rooms.


Launched in May, the startup is working with the FCC and other agencies to build a new framework for monitoring and certifying mobile devices in a more transparent and decentralized fashion. The startup is developing an app that uses AI to monitor the data and use it to provide performance and security information.


A company that is working with local governments to help them use the power of social media to bring transparency to city hall.


A startup that wants to make payroll and HR admin easier, and provide more transparency into how much time people are spending on the job.


A startup that aims to bring more transparency into the sharing economy by bringing more accountability to on-demand services.


A company that promises to make owning a house a more transparent and understandable process for consumers via their online platform known as RealtyShares. The company is a real estate marketplace that uses blockchain technology to help potential home buyers and sellers compare properties to find the best deals on the market.


A “decision engine” that helps businesses make sense of regulatory and compliance challenges. The company aims to make legal processes easier, cheaper, and more transparent.


A startup that allows users to sell their house’s contents online, but also allows them to dispose of spare items.


A startup that helps small business owners track their expenses and make them more transparent and compliant with accounting laws.


A company that brings transparency to the healthcare industry, helping patients organize their medical records.


The startup has a novel approach to tackling the problem of a lack of transparency in the oil industry. It’s a tool that allows users to track the source of their oil, and take it from there.


This startup is building an online marketplace for people seeking to rent out their spare rooms, apartments, or even their entire homes.


A workplace culture survey system. The startup is building a platform that helps recruiters recruit better by pulling together data from a variety of sources, including surveys, transparent reviews from past employers, and social media.


The startup wants to use the power of big data to create a more transparent and efficient system for building out new transportation infrastructure.


A decentralized prediction market, looking to use the power of the blockchain to bring more transparency to public wagers. The startup already has a partnership with the NBA to use data on player performance to create more stable markets.


Idea: Micro-investing mobile app to invest spare change


Idea: Transparent, interactive, and concise investment research