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An AI that aims to help people with legal issues find the best way to resolve them.


A platform that will use AI to manage your data and help you solve problems.


A company that’s trying to solve the problem of how to get information from a decentralized public database like Ethereum to a centralized database.


This startup wants to help the international diplomatic community solve some of the most pressing problems by building an online platform for them to share their expertise.


A platform that aims to solve the problem of small businesses having to create multiple email accounts for each new customer in order to reduce the risk of email spam.


A company that’s trying to solve the problem of how to buy and sell stocks on the blockchain.


A startup that provides a service where people can solve their own problems by posting their questions on your site and professionals can answer them (like a Quora)


A startup that wants to solve the problem of allowing businesses to accept credit cards and bank accounts in one place. After launching in April, the company is now working on making the process seamless for customers.


"An automated way to scale and manage applications that help businesses solve problems. It uses machine learning, ecommerce, and a referral program to build a community of users.”


A data center with a 1 MW capacity for storing data and a network of 20,000 servers. It aims to help businesses and governments solve big problems with big data.


A startup that looks to make it easier for the elderly to get a second smartphone. They’re looking to make it easy for the elderly to get a second smartphone when they’re already paying high smartphone bills. They’re launching in a few months and have already received a $250,000 investment from an angel group in the Valley that helps solve “pioneering problems in emerging markets.”


A startup that wants to solve the “capital management” problem for enterprise software startups. Instead of companies managing all of their own financial resources, they plan to provide a service that helps startups manage their capital, paying for those resources as needed.


A web-based platform that aims to help companies make sense of their data, helping them to identify and resolve issues quickly.


A group of employees at a company that make up a “workcommittee” that can be used to solve internal conflicts.


A platform that enables big businesses to automate their customer service, using AI and ML to predict customer satisfaction and easy ways to solve customer problems.


The startup aims to solve the problem of the “job-hopping” millennial who wants to be able to get a new job without having to quit and wait for the old one to be filled.


The CEO of this startup started out as a professional taxi driver and quickly realized that there was no way for him to know how to maximize his taxi revenue. He set out to solve the problem and came up with a solution. As a result, he says, “I’m making a lot more money than the taxi drivers in Bangkok, and they’re never going to tell me how to make more money.”


A startup that aims to solve the problem of the billion people on the internet with no credit cards.


A company that wants to solve a problem for small businesses: they’re struggling to get their customers to pay. Shopin makes it easier to create a loyalty scheme for their customers by helping them create a personal account and tie it to their business account. Shopin also has a small business version that can help businesses combine rewards programs from multiple platforms into one.


In the US, 90% of people’s social media profiles use photos, but only 50% of those photos are actually being used for social purposes. A company that wants to solve the problem, BuildFace is a tool that uses facial recognition to curate a digital photo-portfolio, using contextual photos to augment a person’s personal brand.


A platform for volunteer-powered projects that allows citizens to crowdsource solutions to local problems. It helps cities and nonprofits connect with volunteers to solve challenges like pollution, hunger, homelessness.


A startup that solves the problem of lost internet data connectivity, with a paid subscription service that sends data to the cloud when internet connectivity is lost.


SolveMedia works with brands on digital advertising, and also helps them build out their own digital marketing systems.


A simple mobile money transfer service for the African market. The startup is based in Kenya and is trying to solve a problem that’s been around for decades, but hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.


A B2B company that helps data scientists “analyse complex data and help data scientists solve difficult problems”.


We live in the age of the multi-tasking app. But it turns out that multi-tasking is a bummer, and it definitely leads to a stack of unfinished work items. SoluMe solves the problem by allowing you to save all of your tasks in one place, and then prioritize them in one place.


A B2B startup that aims to solve the problem of processing and logging of data for companies looking to start up a new retail bank. The company says it’s already working with a few banks on prototypes.


A plan to solve the problem of 3rd-party open source code, providing a way for developers to get access to source code from major open source software projects without having to pay for it.


A platform for the self-employed that automates their payroll process, so they can spend more time doing what they love. It’s a great story about how an app is designed to solve an employee’s problem, but can also be built with their customers in mind.


This startup is building an AI-powered bot that can help customers resolve disputes with their favorite brands


A video game that lets players control a character with special abilities (think superhero powers) to dodge obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies. Players can share their progress with other players online.


The company chose the name “Trouble” because they’re thinking about building a community of troubleshooting groups that comes together to solve a problem.


A startup that wants to solve the problem of finding and maintaining backup storage for businesses.


A semiconductor startup called 3ic is building a new type of chip that combines digital and analog components that work together to solve problems in alternate dimensions. For instance, 3ic’s analog-digital chip can channel data through certain dimensions to solve problems in medical imaging, like detecting tumours.


This startup aims to be a place where you can get childcare information, and then book that childcare at any time. The company wants to solve the problem of childcare shortage, and says it has already helped people book childcare for the first time, and is now helping people find care for the first time.


The startup’s founders say they want to be the company that “solves the ‘I can’t find my team’ problem.” It wants to be the new way of tracking employees, replacing spreadsheets and HR systems with a single, secure system.


A company that helps companies close the loop with their customers, by using a combination of AI and data science to better predict and solve customer problems.


A software company trying to solve the problems with digital payments in developing markets, where mobile banking is still a novelty. The startup wants to provide a solution that’s simple, easy, and secure.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of re-marketing in higher education recruiting by building a way to help schools replace the need for multiple applications.


The startup is trying to solve the problem of the lack of consumer choice in the longtail economy by introducing a service to help consumers find the best products at the best price.


A digital marketing agency that wants to solve the problem of customer retention.


The name of the service is taken from the Latin word “diaspora”, which means “dispersed” or “dissolved.” The company is building a platform for businesses to offer their customers a daily or weekly service, such as cleaning, cooking, or laundry.


Part of the problem with software is that it’s hard to measure how well an app is working. AppZilla wanted to solve that problem by building a platform for developers to track their app’s stats. The startup is focusing on mobile apps, and has already raised $1.5 million.


A self-funded startup that’s looking to solve the problem of acquiring large amounts of data without having to pay a lot for it: they sell data as a service.


Local delivery of food, groceries, and other perishables to residences and offices. They aim to solve the problem of not being able to get food on time because of busy schedules.


The startup wants to build a marketplace for the next generation of employees, where companies can sell affordable part-time and contingent labor for tasks like cleaning, deliveries and other services. It wants to build a company that will be able to create a network of “micro-employers”, who can offer cheap labor, solve for the “short-term inconvenience of an extra employee,” and scale quickly.


Companies that have benefited from Y Combinator are focusing on the problems of the modern worker not because they’re trying to build the next Klout or IMVU, but because they think these problems will be solved by technology.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of long-distance relationships between people who are both working in the tech industry. The app takes advantage of voice and video chat to help people remain connected to one another.


The answer is not entirely clear. Startups that are working to solve a business problem have the least success of any type of startup.


A startup that seeks to solve the problem of employees jumping from company to company, working with different managers in different departments. The company lets employees create profiles, giving the main manager a chance to see who they’ve worked with and what they’ve done in their previous jobs.


A startup trying to solve the logistics problem of selling and transporting used electronics. The company wants to eliminate the hassle of storing, moving, and recycling the product.


This startup wants to solve the problem of keeping track of customers’ payments for businesses and helps them with a phone app and a digital solution that they claim are more accurate and cheaper.


A company that wants to solve the problem of bad credit loans and bad credit loans of all kinds.


A group of founders from NYC, San Francisco and Mumbai came together to solve the challenge of securing data in the cloud. The startup provides a way to encrypt and decrypt files and data in the cloud that’s compliant with HIPAA and GDPR standards.


The company wants to solve the startup funding process. They are currently in talks with investors.


Solve a consumer problem by using the power of the internet to make the shopping experience faster and cheaper.


A startup that’s working to solve a problem in the credit card industry is using a partnership with PNC Bank to bring a check deposit service to 100,000 customers.


A startup that wants to use the blockchain to solve problems in logistics and supply chains.


The startup is building an automated “tech support bot” that helps you get your problems resolved.


A new company that solves the problem of building and managing data pipelines and data warehouses. Founded in 2014, the company is still based in San Francisco and raising its Series A.


The idea behind this startup is that there are 100s of millions of people who don’t use their car’s navigation system, but do know how to use their cellphones. The startup wants to solve the problem by building a service for people to use their phone’s GPS to give them directions.


As part of the Make Tech Easier project, the team is building a tool to help non-tech folks make tech purchases. They have a custom loyalty card that helps users identify the problem they want to solve, then build a purchase workflow. The startup now has $6,000 in monthly recurring revenue after just a year in business.


A company that aims to solve “the unmet needs of the SaaS industry”


 A startup that wants to solve the problem of credit card fraud by using a smartphone to scan a QR code on a payment. The startup’s $10 app will then send a text to the cardholder, asking them to confirm the payment before it’s completed. The startup says that within the next 12 months it will have 100,000 users.


This startup from Stanford is building a social network for software engineers to share work references, solve problems, and collaborate.


A company that connects people in small cities with jobs in big cities. It’s trying to solve what it sees as a low-density problem around the world.


A new-age startup that’s attempting to solve the problem of how to build a social network that isn’t based on people’s phone numbers or email addresses.


A customer service app for restaurant and retail businesses. The startup is looking to use AI to help businesses resolve customer issues in real time.


This startup is building an airline loyalty and rewards program that pays you back for your time. The company says it wants to solve rewards programs like frequent flyer programs and airline miles programs.


A publisher of educational videos on topics like “how to become a leader”, “how to solve common problems”, and “how to be confident”. The startup is building a video library that can be rented for $50 or subscribed to per month.


A startup that allows users to “apply to be on a team of people who solve enterprise problems and drive innovation and product development.”


A data science startup that helps small groups of people get together to solve specific problems.


A company that helps other companies create and use “smart contracts”, essentially creating decentralized software that runs on the blockchain and helps solve business problems.


A tool that helps sales and customer service reps reconcile sales orders and invoices, and also helps them better understand and resolve customer complaints. It has over $1.7 million in funding so far.


This startup is building a software platform for companies to manage customer support in their apps, helping them to answer incoming support requests, negotiate with agents to resolve problems in real-time, and chat with customers.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of “reputation” for people, who will be able to manage all of their information on one platform, as opposed to multiple.


Filmmakers want to keep track of their own costs while they’re making a movie. They wanted a way to track what they’re spending on equipment and how long things take. They also wanted to be able to follow their work in real time. They’re both very common problems, and the startup helps solve them.


Idea: A startup that wants to use machine learning to solve the problem of sifting through job applications to find the candidates who are likely to be a good fit for your company


Idea: A mobile app trying to solve the ‘rejection’ problem that young students face when applying for jobs and internships A person can apply for jobs via the app and be notified if they’re not qualified, but it’s aimed at helping young people get over the shame of being rejected


Idea: A B2B startup that sells a tool that helps other businesses solve key management problems. The startup helps other businesses track their inventory and manage payments.


Idea: A company that helps brands manage their “influencers”, a new media channel that has emerged alongside more traditional ones like print, TV, and radio. There aren’t many tools for brands to use to manage this new channel, and the team wants to solve that problem.


Therapy chatbots to solve depression, anxiety, and loneliness.


Idea: A “self-driving” AI-based assistant that helps companies identify and solve problems within their manufacturing processes.


A software company that provides a tool for creating a knowledge base for customer service, with an AI chatbot that helps you solve customer problems.


A startup that creates a new type of credit card that solves a common problem