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Solar Startup Ideas

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A startup that is building a network of solar power microgrids, allowing users to self-generate their own power.


A solar-powered $15,000 jacket that generates energy from the sun and has a built-in battery to charge itself.


A startup that helps you make your house a solar-powered, internet-connected network, allowing you to control lights, appliances and other devices through an app.


A company that sends workers out to measure sites for a precise fit for solar panels


Idea: A startup for “solar powered cars”. The startup wants to build a rooftop solar system that generates energy for your car, allowing the car to run on solar power.


They want to build a self-driving, electric, solar-powered truck that can deliver goods by the hour.


A startup that aims to take the power out of microgrids and put it into the hands of consumers. The startup is working on a battery pack with solar panels that can be installed on the rooftops of homes and offices and be used to supply electricity for a certain period of time, much like a powerbank.


This is a “tech-for-good” project that wants to build a marketplace where people can donate their old smartphones and tablets to be refurbished and repurposed into solar-powered lights for developing countries.


A platform for people who want a green source of electricity (like rooftop solar)


Builds and delivers smart meters for solar farms in India. The startup claims that it’s the lowest cost alternative to utility-scale solar.


A platform for the design and manufacture of solar cells. The startup wants to make solar cells more accessible for people in the developing world, with a focus on the Middle East.


This startup is building an app that helps people design their own personalized delivery drones. The drones will be powered by the startup’s own solar-powered drone charging technology.


This is a startup that’s building an app and platform to help people in countries like India save money on their utility bills by installing solar panels on their homes, which are already building excess energy into the grid.


A solar panel that is cheap, durable, and highly efficient.


A startup that aims to help US cities build 100,000 solar powered charging stations across major highways to help people get around.


A company that makes solar-powered charging stations for electric vehicles. The startup has built an entire flexible solar panel that can be connected to any car.


A solar-powered way of tracking crops that takes the heat off of big, expensive satellite and aerial data collection


A utility-scale solar plant in the US that stores excess power and sells it into the grid.


A company that wants to make the world’s largest database of solar data. The company says it has built a platform that helps companies like Google and Amazon make billions of dollars in sales from solar power.


This is a company that makes solar powered bike lights for cyclists to use on dark streets and trails.


A startup that builds affordable, durable, lightweight solar panels that can power devices whether or not the sun is shining.


A way to find cheap, reliable electricity, with solar panels on the roof.


This company wants to build a platform for sharing and trading solar power. It’s an open source alternative to solar exchange markets.


 A maker of solar-powered vehicles


A company that wants to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by using solar power for their offices. The startup has raised $20 million in funding.


A company founded to help people save money on their electric bills by investing in solar panels.


a way to charge a phone or other device using a solar panel.


A startup that helps installers of solar panels and other renewable energy systems find each other, so they can compare their experience and make more money.


A California-based startup that makes a low-cost, low-power, solar powered charger for phones and other devices. It’s a rival to the crowd-funded Fission, which offers a similar product.


A company that claims to have the world’s smallest solar power system. It’s for homes, but can be used anywhere.