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by @levelsio

Sleep Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps people with insomnia and other sleep issues by giving them advice on how to sleep better


A startup that helps people who are traveling overseas to have a way to find safe places to sleep


Idea: A tool for helping people improve their sleep. The startup provides a mattress with embedded sensors that can track movement and sound, letting users track data about their sleep.


A startup that tracks your fitness, eating, and sleep habits and then sends you personalized emails, texts, and reminders.


 A productivity tool that allows anyone to create a personal dashboard of data. The startup wants to help its users track metrics across a variety of areas like energy consumption, sleep, and mood.


A “smart mirror” for the home that helps people track their sleep quality, with an optional “sleep coach” feature.


 It’s a way for people to donate to a cause while they sleep.


A pet tracking technology that lets you see where your dog is, even when they’re asleep


A wearables startup that wants to help people run more efficiently and exercise better. It says its product is worn like a wristband and tracks things like steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep.


A wearable device that monitors your heart rate and breathing patterns to help treat sleep apnea.


A startup that makes a device to help people sleep better It’s built like a thermos with a spout that releases humidified air


A digital health startup that uses artificial intelligence to help users make sure they’re eating and sleeping well, and get the right amount of sleep. It uses machine learning to detect if a user is cheating on their sleep, and then recommends actions to improve sleep.


A startup that focuses on wellness and health through sleep and meditation.


A medical-grade mattress that uses sensors and algorithms to track a person’s sleep cycles, and then provide feedback to help improve a person’s sleep.


A company that provides software to help people make money while they sleep. The company has raised $2.6 million from a number of investors, including the founder of Origo.


A digital health startup that builds products for sleep and nutrition.


A startup for people to manage their sleep, including a sleep journal, lighting controls, and noise alerts.


A startup that’s looking to offer a service for patients with insomnia. The company wants to add sleep to the existing sleep study market that already exists.


A web-based platform that prevents employees from falling asleep at their desks.


A startup that sells smart pillows that track sleep and wake patterns to help you get better sleep. It has raised $3 million.


A startup that’s building an app that tracks a person’s sleep patterns and allows them to tell the app when they are tired and it can suggest activities they can do to make it better.


This startup helps companies create virtual reality experiences, like the “sleeping town” that you can explore in this video.


This startup is building a way to “bring the joy back to sleep,” by creating an app that helps users sleep more deeply.


A smart device that can monitor sleep cycles and ease the process of getting a better night's sleep. The startup is building out a smart device to help people sleep better.


A health-tracking bracelet that lets users monitor their sleep quality and how good they are at managing it


A way to track dog and cat behavior. The startup is building a technology that monitors pet behavior, including sleep patterns, mood, and exercise.


A startup that lets you create your own custom sleep program.


Canvas is a Y Combinator company that creates “smart” pillows that “take advantage of the unique wireless signals from your body to automatically adjust your sleep position”.


A startup that builds “lifelogging wearables” for people to track their health and fitness habits. It tracks blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep, and activity.


A startup that helps people “make the most of round-the-clock” available to them. It’s a reference app for an app that helps people with sleep disorders find the right sleep schedule for them.


A startup that wants to ensure you get the right amount of sleep, so you don’t miss out on productivity.


A startup that helps people who have trouble getting to sleep at night sleep better


A startup that sells a mattress that tracks the person’s sleep patterns and sends the information to their doctor