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Slack Startup Ideas

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A messaging app for groups of friends that functions like a Slack with a focus on getting a dinner invitation to a bunch of friends.


A startup that provides a “Workchat” platform that’s like Slack and a “Workboard” platform that’s like Tre


A B2B SaaS startup that provides businesses with a single platform that helps them create and manage their customer communities (similar to Slack, but for customer service)


A tool to create and share group content on Slack.


A startup that aims to help employees manage their work from home workflows on Slack, Github, and other services.


A tool for helping people collaborate and communicate via text, email, and phone. The startup’s product is a Slack chatbot that helps users talk about topics, track conversations, set reminders, and so forth.


Podium is a tool for building and running sales meetings. The startup is working with companies like Slack, PayPal, and Microsoft to build digital sales meetings that are more efficient and engaging.


Slack is a chat system for teams that uses a chatbot-like interface. The startup’s bot is called “Dalai,” whose goal is to make the process of building a Slack team a smooth experience.


A platform for employees to communicate with each other, share files, and review client work. The company uses Slack as a communications platform, and has raised $1.5 million in funding to date.


This is a solution to help small businesses manage their tax and financial obligations. Their platform is built on Slack, helping you bill, collect, and send payments to your customers, which can be done through a simple, intuitive interface.


A startup that aims to help keep track of all the activity happening in a company’s Slack.


Notify is a data entry platform used by companies like Facebook, Slack, and Etsy. The startup is building an email-based alternative, so companies don’t have to rely on their help desk.


Idea: A Slackbot that helps companies manage their customer service issues without forcing them to switch from Slack to a separate service


A startup that does a “one-click” on-boarding process for new employees, and integrates with Slack and Google Docs.


 A core feature of the app is to let you share and discuss tweets and images on Slack.


Slack is a project management and chat platform for teams and groups. Slack builds software as a service (SaaS) products, which are web-based applications that companies or organizations can use instead of having to install or maintain software on their own computer.


A platform that turns Slack into a tool for building and managing bots. Currently in beta.


A startup that wants to help businesses create video marketing content inside of a Slack channel instead of a separate app or website.


A platform that helps companies organize their email, Slack, and other messaging systems. The startup’s founders say it can save companies 5% to 30% on their monthly email costs, and that it’s used by companies like MercadoLibre, Zappos, and Expedia.


A startup that built software to automate the process of getting a company’s most important data off of Slack and into Salesforce


This startup is building a web-based company-wide communication platform that helps people quickly share information via email, Slack, and Trello.


A company that’s a Slack alternative, designed to be more intuitive and user friendly.


A Boston-based startup that wants to take on Slack. The startup is creating a full-fledged chat platform that they say can go head to head with Slack. The company, which has raised $2.5 million and has no product yet, is based in the city’s Innovation District.


A tool to increase employee engagement without creating a company Slack channel.


A Slack-like platform for business that helps businesses communicate and manage workflows.


A startup that integrates with Slack to create a team chat and calendar like interface that helps people stay on track with their goals.


A templated API for third-party apps to integrate with Slack.


A cloud-based platform that aims to help users communicate in real-time. The company’s pitch is that it’s like Slack, but for international teams.


A platform that allows groups to set up private social media accounts and run them as a group. The teams you’re a part of can choose their own rules and restrictions, so it’s a sort of Slack with a self-controlled community.


This startup is building a tool for Google Docs to integrate with Slack, email, and other communications tools.


A platform building bots for messaging platform Slack that can automatically detect and respond to communication needs.


The App Factory is building a platform to build, distribute, and manage applications from a team of developers and designers. It’s a mix of Slack, Trello, and Jira.


A startup that integrates with Slack and Slack bots to help organizations conduct daily meetings.


A chat platform that allows teams to connect to discuss work, exchange ideas, and collaborate. With the pitch, the company says it’s like Slack, but for TV.


This startup makes a workplace calendar that automatically syncs with a company's online calendar, and is integrated with Slack.


A startup that helps users of Slack teams write and schedule emails.


A startup that helps companies integrate their Slack teams with existing email and phone systems.


A startup that helps companies build mobile bots, or programs that interface with chat apps like Slack.


A tool for managing and organizing a team’s workload. It’s a “simple” tool for managing tasks that can be integrated with Slack and Trello.


A startup for importing and exporting data from Slack.


A platform that helps people create “e-vites” for any event. The company’s founders have approached companies like Slack and Apple about integrating the company’s service into their products.


This is a messaging platform that works with Slack and Google Apps so you can talk about deadlines and collaboration from any device. The startup says it has already helped over 250 companies and is looking to scale.


A Slack/Facebook hybrid app that helps you figure out where your friends live.


A Slack alternative for companies that have a lot of teams.


A real-time messaging platform for teams that works with Slack and other services. The startup is currently focused on teams with fewer than 10 people.


A web app that brings a person’s social media accounts together into a single interface, for use with Slack or email.


A workplace for remote teams that includes a Slack-like messaging system and a shared knowledge base


A secure messaging platform for enterprises. It looks a lot like Slack, but only allows internal employees to join a company chatroom.


This startup is building a drag-and-drop tool that allows users to create workflows from different platforms (like Slack or Trello) and then send them to one central place. The company is also building a white-label product for other companies to offer such workflows.


A tool for managing and organizing your team’s Slack chat to eliminate the need for email.


A platform that will let you export your LinkedIn contacts to Slack.


A software startup that helps businesses subscribe to services like Slack, Stripe, Microsoft Teams, WeChat, and more.


A Slack-like tool for managing employee time, with automatic notifications and the ability to block time off. Only available on Slack.


A video conferencing platform that’s powered by the cloud and designed to work on all devices. It’s already integrated with Slack, allowing customers to schedule meetings from anywhere and get notifications when they’re available.


A platform that plugs into Slack to allow companies to automate customer service.


An employee app for Slack. It lets employees use Slack bots to communicate with each other.


Open-source data visualization tool that connects together email, web, and desktop. It also integrates into Slack and other tools.


If you’re a regular user of Basecamp, you might like the new Slack integration that lets you do almost everything you can do in Basecamp using a Slack channel. The startup is building a Basecamp for the Slack crowd.


A platform that allows teams to collaborate on their code without ever needing to leave Slack. The company has already raised $3 million in funding.


A sales software company that’s built an automated system that helps salespeople close deals. It’s based on a Slack-like platform.


A similar service to Slack for teams working from home


A simple way to put email and messaging in one inbox, and a way to make calls from one platform. Each app is meant to be used alongside the other, and can be combined with other services like Slack and Google Voice.


A “hybrid” of Google Docs, Slack, and Dropbox. It’s a platform for teamwork and communication that’s meant to be secure and easy to use. Available on iOS and Android.


A company that combines the reach of Facebook, the functionality of Slack, and the simplicity of email. The startup is aiming at small businesses and enterprises that want a way to collaborate across teams to stay connected without spending a lot of time in the office. The company is currently in private beta.


A Slack clone for the enterprise, where teams can create their own channels and invite members to collaborate.


A tool for people to create their own version of Slack where they can host a chat group at their own location.


A standalone browser that integrates with the Slack team chat app. It allows users to create polls, polls that can be used in other Slack channels, and even polls that can be customized to display a specific emoji when they’re answered.


A team of engineers are developing a product platform for software development and automation. Their first product is a small team of bots that let you instantly communicate with anyone on Slack, and they are also developing conversational AI tools to automate tasks.


A SaaS app that helps anyone create a custom cable channel for Slack, built on top of the existing Slack API.


A “maker” version of Slack, where people can build their own add-ons and plugins for Slack


A B2B startup that aims to provide a B2B version of Slack, which would allow companies to create channels for everything from HR to marketing. The startup is currently only in the pilot stage.


A workplace collaboration tool that seems to be built to compete with Slack, while building on the instant-messaging functionality of Riot.


A startup that wants to do for Amazon’s Alexa what Slack did for communication.


A project management tool for teams that allows them to create their own Slack team channels.


Idea: A Slackbot for finding and booking travel


Idea: A Slack group to help you shop for and buy local produce


Idea: A Slack bot that creates a notification chain


Idea: A Salesforce alternative that offers easy integrations with Github, Bitbucket, and Slack


Idea: A Slack bot that helps you write better meetings


Idea: A platform for companies to manage their remote, international teams The startup’s main pitch is that its software serves as a better replacement for tools like Slack


Idea: A platform for authenticating users via the Slack application programming interface (API)


Idea: A startup that’s building a way to send Slack messages to Google Home and the Amazon Echo The startup is working with companies to add these integrations to their workflows


Idea: A podcast tool that's like a cross between Slack and Google Docs.


A Slack bot that helps businesses run more effective meetings, using a combination of machine learning and human curation to help keep meetings on track. The company says they have $12,000 in recurring revenue.


A tool that helps businesses quickly build and deploy Slack bots.


A startup that’s built an open-source, artificial intelligence-powered bot that helps you schedule meetings on Slack. The bot is called Lino and was built by a team of ex-Google and ex-Yahoo engineers.