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Simplify Startup Ideas

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Groceries are a necessity for many people, but the process is often expensive and frustrating. The startup wants to simplify the process of ordering groceries and delivery by offering a concierge service and integrated ordering platform on their website.


A startup that wants to simplify the process of buying insurance, allowing people to compare prices, read reviews and buy with a few clicks online.


A startup for students to buy and sell textbooks through an online marketplace. The startup wants to simplify the process of buying textbooks for students and help them sell back their books when they’re done with them.


A startup that wants to simplify the process of opening a bank account for immigrants.


Simplifying the process of getting an investor on board. The company offers $2 million in funding to companies that have $20,000 in annual revenue plus have a proven track record of revenue growth.


A company that aims to simplify the process of buying and selling used goods online in the US, and in the UK, with the aim to make it easier than eBay or Craigslist. The startup currently has 2,000 members, each paying a monthly fee.


A software company that helps brands with crisis management. They want to simplify crisis communication through their application, which allows users to create a plan of action, rally staff, and engage with customers.


A startup that aims to simplify the creation of email marketing campaigns. A typical campaign might include dozens of email addresses, personalization, and a list of recipients. The startup empowers marketers to create a single email campaign, and include as many personalized variables as they want.


A platform to simplify and enhance streaming for live music events.


A B2B company that provides a “social-first” approach to business, simplifying the process of team collaboration and business communications.


A company that helps medical offices simplify the billing process for their patients.


A platform for businesses to aggregate and simplify their data, and for customers to find and compare services.


A payment processing company that helps independent contractors simplify the process


A digital product for doctors to simplify the process of recording and sharing their medical files and to make it easier for patients to request copies of their medical records.


Notion is a platform that aims to simplify the purchase process for small businesses. Rather than buying products online, you can link their local brick-and-mortar store to the website and have the products delivered to you.


A tool that is meant to simplify content creation and take it to the next level.


A startup that makes a medical device for monitoring vital signs and connecting to an app. The startup aims to save lives by simplifying and automating the processes that are often done by nurses.


The startup is simplifying the process of encrypting files by bringing high-end encryption to small businesses, with an API that lets developers create their own encryption tools.


Another startup that wants to simplify life for the average Indian.


A medical device startup that’s trying to simplify the medical industry by tracking and improving on the performance of injectable drugs.


“A ton of apps are built with code that is 20 years out of date,” according to this startup. They aim to simplify the process of building apps by using the cloud to build, test, and deploy them.


A software company for managing health insurance. The startup wants to simplify the process of registering for health insurance so that the process is fast and hassle-free.


A personal finance app meant to simplify credit management and encourage good habits.


A tool meant to simplify the process of building and maintaining a slide deck for an investor presentation in order to minimize the need for custom development.


A financial services startup that aims to simplify the process of managing employees’ payroll.


The startup is looking to build a “messaging platform for restaurants” designed to simplify restaurant communication. The platform would allow customers to share photos of their meals with each other, and track the progress of those meals through their restaurants.


The company’s goal is to simplify the financial management of companies with their SaaS platform.


A company building a platform that allows consumers to buy accessories for their smart home devices from a single marketplace, thereby simplifying the buying experience.


A cloud-based accounting software that helps companies simplify their accounting, with a focus on helping retailers and other small businesses that don’t have a full-time accounting department.


Helping companies with the tech and process of simplifying their supply chain management.


A SaaS-based platform aimed at simplifying the process for creating and managing an automated recurring revenue (ARC) program.


A financial and investment platform that facilitates and provides insurance and retirement plans. The company says it wants to take the fees and costs out of these products. The company says it wants to take the fees and costs out of these products. The company wants to simplify the insurance and retirement plans experience for customers and consumers, and for companies to manage their employees’ plans.


A company that promises to “help you get the most out of your relationships” by simplifying and automating the process of scheduling an appointment with a doctor, and alerting them to the arrival of their new patient beforehand.


A payments company that aims to help companies simplify their payment processing and make it cheaper for small businesses to accept payments.


The startup aims to simplify pickup pickup trucks and vans, which can get expensive and complicated.


A way to manage workflow and communication within teams of collaborators, simplifying the way teams do their jobs.


A software company that helps small businesses with their accounting. The startup was founded in May, and wants to help small businesses with their accounting, helping them save money and simplify their workflows.


A software platform for managing, tracking and reporting on a project’s finances. The startup aims to help companies simplify their finance, streamline decision-making, and get all the data they need on a project, in real-time.


A startup that wants to simplify the process for hiring and connecting talent to the right employers and employees. The startup wants to re-create LinkedIn and Linkedin is a popular networking site for professionals.


This is a system that’s meant to help retailers have better control of their inventory. The startup is working on simplifying the process of selling items on eBay. They’re planning to launch in November 2020.


A cloud-based service that helps companies build internal apps and websites. The startup wants to be the go-to company for all those internal apps that drive employee productivity, like scheduling and reporting, and simplify the process of building and managing internal apps.


Idea: Massively simplifying the process of finding a job in Saudi Arabia The startup wants to make it easier for employers to post jobs, look at resumes, and approve candidates


 A software company that provides a platform for managing and deploying mobile devices. It aims to simplify the management of the devices and the data and the protocols that run across them.