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Shopping Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s building a new kind of shopping cart that lets buyers seamlessly buy products at multiple sites without leaving the online store.


A shopping site for second-hand, used books


A monthly subscription service that sends home delivery and grocery shopping to your doorstep.


Merkle is an AI-driven search engine that helps you find the best way to spend your money based on the things you’ve bought in the past. They’re based on a “Netflix for shopping” approach.


A tool for coordinating a group’s shopping trip with a single destination by using an app to do the driving.


A visual interface for online shopping that helps users filter products by color, price, and brand.


Bizbuyers is a “social shopping platform” that links businesses with buyers. The company wants to be an “Amazon for small businesses”.


This startup is looking to make organic food shopping for the Whole Foods shopper a little easier. They’re working with farmers to create an easy-to-use app that allows users to buy produce from their smartphones. They’re currently working with three farmers in the Midwest and hope to add more in the future.


ShopStyle is a subscription-based visual merchandising platform that allows retailers to create branded shopping experiences. ShopStyle gives retailers a way to create different streaming layouts, video ads, and product displays that are tailored to each individual customer.


A company that secures online shopping transactions.


A digital currency for small businesses, meant to provide a better shopping experience to users.


SaaS shopping cart software for online retailers with a focus on the UK.


The India-based company wants to remove the middleman from B2B commerce by allowing businesses to create individual shopping carts and price all their goods without an agency setting charges.


Smartphones are great for task-tracking but lack any standalone tools to do things like keep a grocery list or plan a meal. Synapse is an app that takes all your shopping/cooking/meal plans and puts them into one place.


A real estate technology company that helps agents across the country with their home shopping and marketing needs.


A solution for marketing and advertising products to people shopping on Amazon.com


This startup is trying to make it easier for people to compare different shopping carts online to find the best deal, without having to explain what they’re looking for to a salesperson.


A platform that connects online shoppers and merchants with a mobile-first shopping experience.


A mobile app that helps users avoid sales taxes when shopping online. Currently serving businesses in California and Texas.


A company that provides an online marketplace for mystery shopping services. The startup is experimenting with ways to give shoppers more choice in how they purchase items.


A startup that simplifies the process of selling online, allowing anyone to list items on multiple shopping sites. The idea is that doing so is more cost-efficient than having to curate items individually on each.


Jet.com is a startup that will sell anything from household items to clothes to groceries to a single user, with no membership fees or minimum purchase requirements. It’s been called the Amazon of online shopping that will work on the ground. The company says it has 1.1 million active buyers already, and a $3 billion run rate.


A shopping platform that’s a hybrid between Amazon and Alibaba. The company is looking to expand, with a particular focus on India, South America, and Asia.


An online shopping marketplace that uses mobile payment technology to allow customers to buy and sell items from their smartphones.


The company wants to be the software company that helps you create a shopping list and keep track of it on your phone.


A startup that offers a tool for consumers to use to shop for and compare real-world products. The startup says it is the only shopping service that allows users to buy online-only products, while also allowing customers to see products in person and try them for free.


An online shopping platform that can help retailers find customers who are buying similar products.


A way of making food shopping more efficient, like a digital grocery list, but with a “personal shopper”.


A company looking to build a better version of the “wish-list”, where items can be added and removed while shopping.


Idea : A startup that helps people manage their money and credit, price shopping and saving, and do it all with a single app.


Making your online shopping experience more personalized.


An online shopping portal that displays local deals in real time and lets users filter deals by category, price, time and distance or set up deal alerts.


A startup that aims to build a “smart” shopping bag for consumers that can be tracked as it’s being moved from store to store.


This startup is building a platform for location-based mobile advertising aimed at driving in-app purchases and attracting shoppers. The startup is currently focused on shopping malls in the US, but they have plans to expand to other verticals.


A startup that helps individuals sell their online shopping and other services, and get paid via their credit card.


A startup that helps companies like Adidas and Under Armour connect with their customers by building out personalized shopping experiences.


A crowdsourced shopping website for Indian customers.


A startup that lets you do your holiday shopping automatically.


A company that uses machine learning to create products that help senior citizens with activities of daily living, such as shopping, banking and making phone calls.


Shopping cart software designed for retailers who don’t have a large inventory. It’s targeted at mom-and-pop shops. The startup is in the early stages of building out its business.


A startup that helps manage a family member’s care, from doctor’s appointments to grocery shopping.


A shopping app in India that helps users buy online and has a loyalty program. The startup has a reported 4 million users.


A startup for flowers that lets customers customize bouquets. The company is trying to eliminate the need for in-store shopping.


This startup wants to help companies see how their customers are shopping and offering recommendations on what products and services to sell to them.


A social shopping app, built for users who want to buy a birthday gift for their parent, but don’t want to go to the mall.


A startup that helps make your everyday tasks more efficient, such as scheduling a meeting, creating a shopping list, or tracking a package.


A SaaS platform that uses machine learning to help retailers understand how customers are shopping online, which products they are buying, and their aggregate shopping patterns.


A mobile shopping app that hopes to make managing your online shopping easily accessible by letting you order products from within the app.


This is a mobile app for group shopping.


Home services for seniors, such as home cleaning, housekeeping and grocery shopping.


A shopping app that brings product discovery, price and availability data to comparison shopping, with an emphasis on simplicity.


This startup is creating a new shopping experience for millennials, combining insights, recommendations, and messaging, with a focus on location-based shopping.


A web-based, cloud-based app that helps organized people, called “Mavens”, manage their life, including shopping, to-do lists, etc.


A startup that helps people get the most out of the 1.5 million items they have stored in their kitchen and pantry with a web-based software that allows them to create shopping lists, organize items, and track purchases. They’re also developing a separate mobile app.


An API for e-commerce websites to easily integrate their shopping carts with a payment gateway.


A company that wants to turn grocery shopping into a personalized, on-demand experience


A platform that links together online marketplaces, shopping carts, and inventory management. The startup’s founders say it’s a better fit for small businesses than existing solutions.


A shared grocery shopping service that lets you buy items for someone else at a discount, with a promise of never having to run out of things again.


A startup that connects shopper accounts to e-commerce sites, allowing consumers to spend their shopping dollars more wisely.


A startup that creates artificial intelligence for shopping. The startup uses machine learning to create custom recommendations using their users' previous purchases and their shopping histories.


A shopping service for large retailers that serves as a “digital concierge”, helping shoppers find everything they’re looking for, and ensures they get it, including delivery and returns.


A blockchain-based loyalty program that rewards consumers for shopping at a merchant's site.


A way to earn loyalty points for things like retail shopping, with top-up functionality to spend them at any store.


A platform that helps businesses create customized shopping lists. It’s free for early users, with a premium option available.


 A shopping app that helps shoppers find sales and coupons in their area, using their phone’s GPS.


Built for small-to-medium sized retailers, a shopping list app that can be synced to a phone and can also sync with a website.


A startup that makes online shopping easier for people with less tech experience


The startup is working on building an open API to enable other platforms to build apps to help shoppers find the right brand by cross-referencing their online shopping history. The startup wants to build an app that lets shoppers find the right brands to buy, based on previous purchases.


A tool that makes shopping for and buying prescription drugs easier and more convenient


A startup that wants to help people find and use better alternatives to plastic bags, by helping them make shopping lists in their phone’s email. The startup has only been live for a week, but is already seeing a 30% conversion rate.


A video platform for shopping, shopping for video, and more video, including beauty and fashion content.


A platform to help brands interact with consumers in the shopping malls of Asia using digital kiosks.


A chatbot for your shopping list.


A “complete” e-commerce solution for a one-stop-shopping experience for customers. The startup is currently adding free shipping to customers, and plans to add paid shipping options.


The company is a platform that provides a ‘mobile-first’ shopping experience. The startup wants to become a one-stop shop for all shopping needs.


A shopping app that shows the best deals from the entire internet as a single, unified product.


A shopping app for grocery delivery, with a focus on convenience. The company recently raised $1.1 million, which it says will help them hire 15 people.


A shopping app that helps users figure out what to buy, but with some help from an algorithm.


Solve a consumer problem by using the power of the internet to make the shopping experience faster and cheaper.


A data scientist-powered machine learning platform for the retail industry, enabling retailers to serve customers with personalized, real-time recommendations for their shopping trips.


One of the most common complaints about shopping carts is that it’s hard to compare prices. 3D Cart hopes to help with that by showing the prices from the retailer’s site directly on the cart page.


A digital platform that helps people save money when they’re shopping online, allowing them to search for sales and coupons, and monitor their spending in real time.


 A startup that helps you manage the logistics of your home-owning life. For instance, it helps you plan for holiday guests, help with shopping lists, discover new places to eat, and more.


A smartphone app for sharing and comparing insurance prices. The startup is hoping to make insurance shopping and comparisons easier for consumers.


A startup that offers one-stop shopping for physical therapy and PT


A startup that provides a service where you can hire someone to go shopping for you (you provide a shopping list and the startup will send someone to the store for you)


Idea: A better omnichannel shopping experience for fashion


Idea: A voice-controlled app for music, shopping, and ordering rides


Idea: A personalized shopping service that helps users find the perfect gifts for their friends and family. Users share the kinds of experiences and activities they like, and the company finds things they’ll like.


Idea: A company with an app that allows people create their own visual shopping lists and share them with friends and family.


Idea: A startup that wants to make shopping more convenient for consumers by personally taking pictures and videos of items on a store’s shelves, and allowing shoppers to buy the items immediately.


Idea: This is the company behind the Bodega app, which calls itself a “Bodega box that comes with a free human.” The startup is building an app for small convenience stores in order to make shopping for milk, eggs, and other items more convenient. Its founders are betting that by bringing in a human to help customers, they’ll be able to differentiate from other convenience stores.


Idea: A startup that provides a way for customers to order a wide variety of items while reducing shopping time.