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Shipping Startup Ideas

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A data science startup focused on building machine learning solutions for the shipping and logistics industry. The company helps companies identify patterns in their data and build predictive models to improve operational efficiency.


A startup that helps businesses in the UK get the cheapest rates on international shipping


A warehouse service that can provide a complete solution for small businesses that need to store inventory, with a focus on fulfillment and shipping.


A chatbot that tracks the status of a shipment by tracking the shipping carrier and making deliveries.


This company wants to help retail and e-commerce businesses in China with logistics and shipping.


A platform that allows multiple users to create a single item, then share it with a single shipping address.


Serves as an “Amazon” for the “prosumers” who buy and sell things on Amazon that they can’t sell on Amazon, which handles shipping, returns, and customer service.


A company that provides a platform for businesses to build and promote their own e-commerce stores. The company acts as a clearinghouse for inventory and shipping, taking a commission on each sale, plus a minor fee for each product.


A San Francisco-based startup that wants to help you build your own customized products, from custom business cards to custom furniture. The startup is building a catalog of products, and shipping internationally.


A startup for selling or buying other people’s unused shipping boxes.


A platform that helps companies with their logistics needs, such as getting licenses, shipping, and managing customer orders.


A startup that buys household items in bulk for consumers, and delivers them in bulk After shipping the products, the startup makes money by selling those items on the secondary market


SaaS marketing platform for e-commerce retailers, with tools for product listing, collection, payment processing, shipping, and customer support. The startup wants to make e-commerce more efficient.


A long-haul trucking company that aims to make the process of shipping goods more efficient.


A subscription-based service that helps small businesses with customs clearance, shipping, and other shipping-related issues.


A mobile app to help internet marketplaces (such as Amazon) better track their inventory. The startup wants to build a platform to help marketplaces better manage their retail and shipping operations.


A platform for selling, buying, and shipping drugs online. The startup is now profitable and has a $2.5 million round of funding.


Very interested to see what comes of this product - the idea is to give you a way to create a smart contract with a shipping company that automatically tracks your package from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered.


A platform for companies to manage their supply chain, with products like tracking inventory and forecasting shipping date.


A SaaS-based service for retailers that helps them manage their shipping.


A tool that helps small businesses manage their shipping and inventory via an app, with the startup saying they’re profitable. The company has a 1-person team and has raised $10,000.


A startup for hiring refurbished items. The company’s CEO, who is also CEO of a shipping company, has been refurbishing old shipping containers and reselling them on the site. The company has raised $1.5 million in funding.


A company that builds flexible, adjustable shipping containers that can be used for housing, shipping, and construction.


A company that makes small, affordable homes from shipping containers. The company has built “a new kind of modular home that can be made in as little as one week, on site”. The first models are coming out in October.


A shipping and payment service that wants to help Indian companies ship and receive packages faster.


A startup that wants to help retail businesses streamline their shipping operations. It’s working with major retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, and Kohls.


This is a company that makes a mechanical keyboard that is fully programmable with over a million possible keyboard configurations as well as being hackable. The company is now shipping pre-order keyboards.


A startup that helps companies manage the sales process from product development through to shipping. It’s a B2B software company that caters to B2C e-commerce companies.


A company that makes modular office furniture that can be built by a customer, shipping it in 5 parts. It currently has 3 large manufacturers that it works with building its products in China.


The global e-commerce and shipping company is building a new, mobile-first checkout experience.


A startup that’s building a platform that helps retailers and manufacturers ship products directly to consumers. The company wants to offer a new model for connecting consumers with businesses that will bring down costs, and potentially lower shipping costs, and increase convenience.


A platform that helps businesses manage their inventory. It provides alerts on sales, insurance, shipping, and returns.


The startup, which was founded in 2010, builds software that helps companies manage their supply chains. The idea is to build software that automates all the tedious work of managing different vendors, suppliers, and shipping.


A startup that brings together businesses from different countries to help each other with shipping.


A unique, third-party app that helps you track your shipping from UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and Aliexpress. The company has sold $20,000 in products since October 1, 2016.


A platform that lets you create event tickets without having to deal with printing, mailing, or shipping.


A startup offering a way to manage the many e-commerce and shipping accounts on a single platform.


“Eco-friendly” shipping containers that can be used to build shipping crates or other shipping products.


A “complete” e-commerce solution for a one-stop-shopping experience for customers. The startup is currently adding free shipping to customers, and plans to add paid shipping options.


The company is building a platform that allows customers to place orders for products like laundry detergent and laundry dryers without an account. They allow customers to sign up with their email address and save shipping information, and then they can order products at their convenience.


A subscription-based service that makes it easier for retailers to manage their shipping and returns.


A startup that helps businesses sell on Amazon. Instead of having to set up an Amazon seller’s account, the startup takes care of the legal, accounting, and shipping details.


A shipping company that does not use the USPS. The startup wants to get more of the e-commerce market for small packages.


A startup that provides people with a service for packing up their pets and shipping them to a different city


Idea: A “personalized” bot that helps customers order and track shipping from stores The team says they’ve already generated $50,000 in revenue so far


Idea: A startup that’s building tools to help companies with the often complicated process of shipping products to their customers. Besides providing a platform for inventory management, the startup is building in features that will help companies manage and track their inventory and shipments.


Idea: A tool to help companies manage their fulfillment operations. A traditional ecommerce company that sells a single product at a time could use it to automate their shipping and posting.