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Shared Startup Ideas

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A way to organize shared teams, with shared calendars, instant messaging, and more.


A tool to help users keep track of their spending, which can be shared with others. It also provides a monthly report on spending, which is sent to the user via email.


If you’ve been to a restaurant in the United States, chances are you’ve left a tip. But what happens to that tip What if that tip was shared with the next person who dined at the same restaurant Farbric’s app cuts out the middleman, allowing the restaurant to keep more of that cash.


A team health and fitness app with a day-by-day view of your schedule, tracking your reps, sets, rest and rest-pause sessions. The app also creates a social network around your workouts, creating a community around shared fitness goals.


A company that wants to help hospitals build better technology. It's building cloud software that allows nurses to prioritize patient care, use a shared calendar, communicate with doctors, and more.


A tool for connecting people with a shared interest in a particular topic


A platform to help companies build working group meetings that promote collaboration and shared understanding.


A tool that turns a photo of a painting into a 3D model that can be shared on the web.


A social network for shared care that pairs doctors with patients.


A tool for managing and communicating with a team’s shared Google Drive and Google Photos.


A startup that helps businesses in the United States and Europe run their money using shared accounts. It’s a “one-stop shop” for working with multiple banks.


A social discovery app that finds and connects people based on their shared interests.


A startup that offers a platform for building micro-communities online. The company wants to bring the community dynamic of crowdfunding to communities in which people have a shared interest.


A startup that offers an experience for individuals to create an article that could be shared on the internet. The startup hopes to use these articles to inform people about how they can protect themselves from the flu.


A startup that helps developers build apps that can be shared, with a focus on grouping events together.


A decentralized, blockchain-based platform for shared ownership


 A company that looks to make shared apartments more profitable, both for landlords and renters.


A communications platform for contractors, with a focus on job seekers. The startup is trying to bridge the gap between the way the information is shared on the job market and how it’s received by recruiters.


The startup is looking to pair the benefits of a collaborative economy with the efficiency of a shared economy. The company offers a system that can match the right person with the right job while also providing them with a flexible schedule.


A startup that wants to collaborate on a shared games platform and community.


This startup is building a premium, shared-bikes-for-hire platform in Los Angeles that aims to be an Uber for urban transport. Their bikes will be electric and can be reserved online, on-call 24/7, for one hour or longer.


A startup that’s building a C++ library that allows hardware designs to be shared on GitHub. The company’s CEO says that the concept is similar to the Arduino open source hardware platform.


The company is building a startup for car-sharing and ride hailing in India. The product is a fleet of tiny electric vehicles that are part of a shared ride service.


A startup that brings together suppliers and customers in a community for shared resources, helping people get the best prices and services.


A startup that has built a platform that converts paper-based resumes into digital versions that can easily be shared via email.


A workplace for remote teams that includes a Slack-like messaging system and a shared knowledge base


A startup that helps people find like-minded people in their area to join them on a shared journey. The site lets you book a ride with others nearby, and lets them know when it’s ready to pick them up.


A shared vehicle rental service where drivers can split the cost of a ride.


With the ability to take stock of all the different tools and platforms that a team uses, it’s difficult to create a shared vision. Bopp is a platform that helps companies set up a shared vision around their tools.


A startup that helps remote teams organize and automate recurring tech tasks and build shared services.


A company that builds tools to help people save money through a shared account


A “personalized, shared library” for users.


A system that helps people make and share lists, with the goal of creating more shared lists than the traditional email/Google Docs/etc. style of list-making.


A tool for turning large images into small GIFs that can be shared on social media.


Tribute functions as a shared custody platform for various family members, allowing them to track spending and keep track of things like medical records. The startup is currently only focused on family members, but is looking to expand to other kinds of multi-family sharing.


A shared grocery shopping service that lets you buy items for someone else at a discount, with a promise of never having to run out of things again.


A tool for bringing employees together. The tool allows you to add tasks by dragging and dropping from an online spreadsheet to a shared Google Drive.


An underground “mixing” app that uses the concept of the blind date to pair people up based on shared interests and provide a means for them to meet.


A social network for Snapchatters, with tattoo styles and styles that can be shared with friends.


A place to share and discover visual content on the web, where users can vote on and comment on pieces, and can even help create new pieces to be shared.


A startup building a shared bike network in San Francisco. The company is looking to build a system that’s simple to use and ties back to the city’s existing Circulator bus system.


A shared-carshare service for businesses. Coworkers sign up as users, put in their credit card info, and have access to a car. The company wants to allow businesses to give employees the ability to rent a car at a discounted price.


SaaS business that aims to help the “incredibly burdensome” collection of data from online platforms. That data would be shared between the platform and the user, allowing the user to have more control over which data they’re sharing, and what they’re sharing it with.


This startup is building software that converts all the photos you take on your phone into a web app that can be shared with others.


The team made a video about how to use Slack, and the video has been shared over 100,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. As of the end of July, Slack has over 3 million daily active users.


This startup helps to deliver a new kind of photo book with a digital book that can be sold or shared online. It’s a premium service that costs $600 for a year.


Private transportation marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of shared cars.


This startup wants to take the pain out of the process of creating a resume for a job, turning college transcripts into a resume that can be shared across the internet.


A platform to help people find and rent quality private and shared apartments around the world. It helps renters and owners find and rent apartments, and connect with other renters and owners in real time.


A startup that measures and reports on the ethics and practices of companies and organizations. The startup shared a solution to a problem in which consumers and companies aren’t aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions.


A startup that makes a shared, portable USB charger that’s small enough to fit in a wallet, but can still power smartphones and tablets.


Idea: This startup is building a way to automate your Reddit account, scheduling posts and comments to subreddits to help get your articles shared more widely.


Idea: A platform for managing shared bicycles. Currently, there is no incentive for people to pick up bikes. The company wants to help companies manage their fleet of shared bikes.


Wekan is a calendar with a twist: it’s a shared calendar that can be used by teams or groups.