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Several Startup Ideas

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A developer platform for building and managing software applications. The company is launching with one product, but plans to scale across several verticals.


A tool for organizations that want to manage their data. The founders say they’re working with several large companies.


A company that’s built a software platform to translate a user’s text into a computer-readable language. It’s already in use by several Fortune 500 companies.


Founded in 2015, Y Combinator is a Silicon Valley-based startup incubator and seed fund. Y Combinator has invested in several companies that have gone on to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. It has also had several companies drop out of its program.


One of several startups that are building alternative work schedules that let people swap out their hours for the week. They all basically pair an employer with a local worker who can come in for extra hours in exchange for a small fee or a flat rate.


A company that wants to fund and manage the creation of new content in the form of online videos or podcasts. It is backed by former CNN president Jonathan Klein and has raised $7 million from investors and is already active in several markets, including the UK.


Pitchbook, a media company that covers the venture industry, has released a list of the top Y Combinator companies to watch. It includes several companies from the summer batch, including the following:


A tool to help people understand their finances, in the form of an app that takes a person’s income and expenses and tells them how much to spend each month. The startup is also building a tool to help people understand their credit scores, and is working with several credit scoring agencies.


This is “a healthcare startup for the world’s largest democracy” – India. It aims to help patients get their prescriptions filled at the lowest prices possible, and is already working with several pharmaceutical companies in India for a $3 million revenue run rate.


This app for restaurant managers lets them manage their restaurant’s food costs. The app is designed for restaurants with a large number of employees and several kitchens, and helps them track costs and improve efficiency.


A tool for buyers to find sellers of certain items, like appliances or cars, and get a quote from several sellers at once.


A startup that provides a tool to help small businesses quickly launch their own mobile apps. The company says it’s currently working with 1,000 businesses and is currently in talks with several others.


Nimbix is a startup creating a platform for employees to give better feedback on their managers. The company is currently in talks with several companies to use its platform.


In addition, there are several other fast-growing startups that are also still working their way through the Crunchbase database, including:


Inseego is building a tool to help people build and customize their own online shop, a platform to help builders show off their work. The company is working with several builders and has built a custom shop on Shopify for a client.


 This startup wants to replace the traditional broker model with a commission-free, network-based system that brings together buyers and sellers. The startup says it already has several dozen clients.


VentureBeat has won several awards, including a 2015 Webby Award for Best Mobile App, and a 2016 Webby for Best Digital Business.


A company that builds a way to observe and track the movement of people in real time through a smartphone application. It’s a way to keep celebrities safe at festivals and other events. The founders say they’ve already been approached by several celebrities to use their product.


A tech startup whose product is a home-based network of technicians that fixes your home’s issues or installs equipment. The company says that since it launched in early 2019 it has already had several million dollars worth of work.


A company that helps companies in developing countries get banking services. They’re currently in talks with several banks in India.


In 2016, SVFI raised $3.6 million from several prominent investors, including Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, SV Angel, and Lux Capital.


A startup founded by several ex-Adobe employees to develop a creative suite for mobile and tablet devices. It has raised $26 million in funding.


A startup that lets people buy and sell homes with cryptocurrencies, says it’s already working with several real estate agents to list properties for sale with Bitcoin


Idea: A way to track the usage and performance of digital ads The startup has already sold several $15,000 contracts


Idea: A startup that makes it easy for US consumers to buy Mexican avocados. The company is doing this by helping consumers order avocados online, then providing a service that ships the avocados to them from Mexico, taking care of taxes and other details. It’s already working with several large grocery chains, including Costco.