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Setting Startup Ideas

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A way to make your phone’s battery last longer. The startup uses a sensor that tells the phone when it is being charged and when the battery is running low. It then adjusts the phone’s power management settings.


Matching job seekers with employers, coupled with goal-setting and coaching, could help reduce the representation of men in the American workforce.


Mixer is a dating app for people who want to meet others in a more social setting. It’s an app like Tinder, but it’s free to use and allows users to pay to chat with others.


The India-based company wants to remove the middleman from B2B commerce by allowing businesses to create individual shopping carts and price all their goods without an agency setting charges.


A tool for setting up radio stations, which is self-funded, but a side-project.


A software company that helps small businesses create a single integration hub with tools that can handle all the administrative tasks involved in setting up a business.


 API developer that provides an easy way to create a custom API for a company or organization, as well as an API that can be used by other companies. The company's software is designed for startups, but could be applied to other business settings.


A tool that automates the process of setting up and managing a B2B company in the Philippines. The company has already partnered with a few companies to help them navigate the process of setting up a company in the Philippines.


A web-based platform that helps automate tasks for the e-commerce business, such as setting up a new website, or a new email campaign.


A SaaS platform that takes the pain out of doing things like setting up a blog, managing a mailing list, and publishing content online.


A new type of business that helps workers set up team settings more easily. It helps people coordinate meetings, handle vacation schedules, and link up with other workers.


A tool for setting up and tracking deliveries in a retail setting.


A startup that intends to help people in rural areas get the same level of internet access that they would in an urban setting.


A new way to think about accounting, that is setting up a company to take on simple accounting tasks and automate them. The startup’s first customer is a grocery chain looking to set up a point-of-sale system.


A SaaS platform to help companies set up and easily manage and measure employee wellbeing programs, as well as provide advice on setting up these programs.


A company that provides software that helps choose the best video compression settings and then uploads videos to YouTube or Vimeo.


A social security number manager that takes all the pain out of setting up a new account. The startup’s goal is to help small businesses and freelancers manage online accounts that require a social security number.


A simple-to-use tool that helps restaurants with online marketing automate the process of setting up social media accounts and managing them.


Idea: This startup wants to build a “non-technical” interface for setting up web servers It’s building a platform that allows anyone to create a web-based service, and it’s been used to launch a website about the alt-right, among other things


Idea: A startup designed to help people in India pay their taxes online. The company charges one-time fees for setting up a company in India, and then charges users $1 per month to file their taxes.