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Sense Startup Ideas

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A startup that helps young job candidates get a sense of what’s going on within the company they’re applying to so they can tailor their cover letter and resume toward what’s expected.


Inventor Dr. Ramesh Kale has been working on a low-cost, disposable "smart" pacemaker for under $1,500. The device is implanted in a pocket-sized battery pack that an individual wears around their waist. The pacemaker is connected to the battery pack via a small wire. When the device senses irregular heartbeats, it sends a signal to the battery pack, which then notifies the individual's doctor. The battery pack is replaceable, and is expected to last up to a year.


 A startup that wants to help companies make sense of the many different financial transaction systems that they manage.


A tool that allows businesses to track and make sense of the data they generate.


A tool that helps freelancers price their work in a way that makes sense for different types of jobs, and helps the freelancers offer those packages to potential clients.


A software platform with the goal of helping people make sense of data on the web.


A startup that helps you make sense of your finances and get new clients.


A web-based business that helps companies with a range of issues, including risk management, HR, and health and safety. The company uses AI and machine learning to make sense of insurance claims data.


This startup is building proprietary algorithms to help companies give their customers a deeper sense of what they’re doing for them.


A way to track and pay for university teaching gigs in India. The company says they already have payment processing partnerships in place in India and are looking to expand to other countries. SENSEI is one of the only companies that offer this kind of service in India.


A platform to help users manage and make sense of their music libraries. It’s a Spotify for non-premium users.


A simple way to set up a company, with a clear, no-nonsense guide for the process.


A smart thermostat that’s more of a mood-based thermostat than a temperature-based one. In English, it means it senses your mood and adjusts your thermostat accordingly.


A web-based platform that aims to help companies make sense of their data, helping them to identify and resolve issues quickly.


A tool that helps you visualize your data and stay organized. They help you create graphs and dashboards to help you make sense of your data. They’ve worked with companies including NICE and Intel.


 A tool that helps journalists make sense of complex data sets.


This company hopes to help businesses get a better sense of their operations, especially when it comes to their supply chains and logistics.


This company is building a tool to help people make sense of their medical records and for physicians to get a better picture of their patients.


A startup that tries to make sense of the wisdom of the crowds to help people make their decisions


A software company that wants to help companies pull data from multiple sources, combine it, and make sense of it all.


A company that helps athletes and other team members make sense of their training data. The startup was founded in November and is currently available in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston.


A smart alarm system that can detect motion and will turn on if it senses an intruder.


A startup that helps companies who don't have a clear strategy for their data, or whose data sets are too big, make sense of it.


A company that uses data visualization to help companies make sense of their customer data.


A health app that helps people track their food intake from the point of purchase to the point of consumption, using a unique algorithm to allow users to get a sense of how much of their food they’re actually eating.


A way of organizing parts of your life in a way that makes sense, allowing you to “organize everything in one place, and all the right things are right where you need them.”


A platform that helps companies and consultants in the US make sense of their data.


A startup that’s building a way for people to explore and explore a world of their own around their city. It lets you drop in for a day, look around, and get a sense of the neighborhood without having to physically travel to it.


A company that helps you make sense of your data, from app to mobile to the cloud.


A software company that builds tools for online content creators to optimize their income by using tools like Google AdSense and YouTube Partner Program.


A platform that hooks up investors to teams of entrepreneurs. The startup is trying to build a way for investors and companies to make more financial sense by linking them up.


A company that helps companies make sense of data generated by their sales leads, stock trades, and invoices.


A startup that helps businesses find tactics to help them engage with their customers through social media. The company has built a database of over 200,000 customers that it uses to get a sense of emerging trends and social media strategy.


A tool to help employers make sense of ever-growing mountains of data in HR.


A platform that helps marketers see how their marketing spending is working. Think of it as a way to make sense of Instagram data.


A company that helps companies sell ads on other sites, like Facebook, Google AdSense, Fiverr, and Instagram.


A startup that uses AI to help streams of data such as customer feedback, sales, and more, be used to help a company make better decisions and get a better sense of the future.


A company that makes an app that helps people make sense of health and fitness apps by aggregating results from different apps into one report.


A startup that’s looking to make a white paper for every financial transaction, enabling business and regulators to make sense of it all.


A “decision engine” that helps businesses make sense of regulatory and compliance challenges. The company aims to make legal processes easier, cheaper, and more transparent.


A social network for people who work from home, allowing them to meet other people who have the same arrangement, and find a community for a sense of belonging.


A company that provides software to help companies keep track of and make sense of their data. The company aims to help companies understand their data and make better decisions.


A B2B service that’s been in beta for over a year that helps restaurants manage their finances. The service helps restaurants manage their business from a single location and get a better sense of how they’re doing and where their money's going. The company was founded in 2013 and is profitable and growing.


A startup that helps consumers to make sense of their mortgage payments, saving them time while also helping them make smarter financial decisions.


Idea: A solution to help businesses make sense of the data they collect from their customers


A tool for measuring and tracking performance on social media. The startup wants to help social media managers measure the impact of their efforts, and get a better sense of which tweets are performing well.


Idea: A startup that makes sense of the different data that’s collected from different parts of a factory, or a building


Idea: A startup that’s building a tool for the Australian market that helps businesses make sense of their own