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Sending Startup Ideas

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A protocol for sending commands to IoT devices that are out of reach or don’t have Wi-Fi.


A platform that allows users to create digital, social, and physical products by sending messages to a group of people in a bid to crowdsource their ideas or get feedback.


A platform for sending and receiving money within the United States


A platform for sending money in the Philippines that offers a unique way to pay for goods and services.


A tool for sending money with a simple mobile app.


A platform that helps businesses share their data and information with other businesses by sending out data feeds. The startup says it has taken in $1.5 million in funding to date.


A B2B company that helps people sell their homes by taking photos, sending listings, and handling payments.


“A safe investment wrapper for cryptocurrency savings accounts”. The company is building an account that lets people invest cryptocurrency, while also automatically tracking the value of the investment and sending out monthly statements.


A startup that provides a service to help companies cut down on the number of questions they’re sending to job applicants


A company that’s building a toolset for automating the process of sending out invoices. Their product helps companies like “hiring managers” send invoices to their clients, track payments, and get paid.


A real estate startup that’s building software and hardware to provide renters with a customized lease agreement that’s “as easy as sending a text message”. The startup is building a suite of software to provide leases and automated service agreements.


A software platform that allows brokers to lower their fees by sending buyers and sellers a weekly report with a snapshot of their properties.


A new service that lets companies run their own credit card processing, giving them the ability to take cash out of the ATM and sending it directly to a bank account.


A process control startup that enables companies to monitor and control processes that don’t have sensors. It’s a more accurate way of gauging process performance than the traditional approach of sending a technician to the site.


A startup for sending and receiving bulk SMS messages to groups of people.


A phone app for sending automated text messages to people who are at an event. Great when a speaker gives an update to a crowd and they are lost for a moment, and also great for sending reminders about things like a doctor’s appointment.


A music app that lets you share a playlist with other people in real time, rather than sending them a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive copy.


This startup helps agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement track people in their databases by sending them a text message.


The company wants to take the cost of sending parcels internationally to $0.


This startup is creating a tool for small businesses to manage their finances by sending invoices and tracking payments.


A startup that aims to make the act of sending and receiving money as simple and friction-free as possible. Cred is a fully digital, mobile, and online solution that is as easy to use as an ATM.


A platform that provides users with a way to set up and schedule payments, sending invoices and money requests, and making payments.


A platform for sending money to people who don’t have bank accounts, allowing users to send money to anyone in the world.


A platform that enables journalists to “do journalism by postcard” by sending a link to a story to a friend, who then comments on the story and sends a link to a friend, etc.


A tool for sending money to the Philippines, serving the needs of expats and ASEAN investors.


A utility for "smart" homes from the makers of Nest, Dropcam and Honeywell. Eko is a new company that aims to bring more automation to everything from thermostats to security cameras. The company started with a thermostat that can be programmed through an app and communicate with a connected garage door, but it’s now also trying to develop a home security system that will stop someone by recognizing their face and sending a message to their phone.


A startup that allows users to pay bills and data plans by sending SMS messages. The founder used to work at Groupon and is raising $1.4 million in seed funding.


A platform for meal-kit delivery designed to eliminate the “kitchen limbo” where people lose track of how much is left in the fridge and need to go buy more. It streamlines the process of sending the meal components to the client, then doing the cooking for the client and keeping track of when it needs to be delivered.


A platform for sending text messages to employees from their smartphones, without the need to call. The app lets businesses communicate with their employees and strictly enforce company rules.


InstaGro is building a tool to help small businesses manage their invoices and payments, and to automate the tedious process of sending out invoices.


A “smart” contact lens that tracks glucose levels in real time, sending alerts to users’ smartphones. It’s currently in the clinical trial phase, but the founders are working on a commercial version that will be released in 2020.


A new app that lets users make real-time payments with digital currency. Payments are processed through the App with the user selecting the amount and then sending it to the merchant through the App.


A series of tools that help companies manage their customer data, from a marketing team to a sales team. The startup is still in stealth mode, but is looking to provide a suite of tools for companies to use, from getting customer’s credit card information to sending out marketing emails.


Idea: A solution for sending out targeted marketing messages to specific segments of a customer list, or the entire list


Idea: A startup building a way to help renovators and other small business owners with the onerous process of bidding on jobs. The idea is to help automate the process of sending bids out to prospective clients.


Idea: A company that makes a smart fork for people that are trying to lose weight. The fork vibrates when you overeat, sending a signal to the brain that you’re full.