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Sector Startup Ideas

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A company that provides software to enable “app-like” experiences for businesses in the medical sector


Idea: An online platform for verifying resumes for job-seekers The startup is working with employers like Microsoft, with plans to expand to the finance, health, and education sectors


A conference in New York City on blockchain in the energy sector.


A startup that aims to bring the power of artificial intelligence to the accounting sector and help companies figure out what they’re spending money on.


A platform for social media content curation, with a focus on the financial sector. The company has been pitching the idea of creating “content factories” which can create content and deliver it in real-time to markets.


A startup that aims to bring on-demand services like Uber to the B2B travel sector with a new service called Travia that will allow travel managers to hire drivers for their clients on-demand.


The startup is building a teaming platform focused on the education, construction, and manufacturing sectors.


A social network for the humanitarian sector, not unlike Care2 but more focused on the humanitarian side of things like conflict zones, refugees and the like.


An analytics tool for the financial sector.


A tech company that makes digital services for the public health sector. They’re focused on getting government agencies to talk to each other.


This startup is building a vending machine for the financial sector. It’s an open source vending machine that lets banks and credit unions buy and sell financial products in bulk.


A startup run by former Microsoft employee Jason Pelczer, that’s developing a system for companies to accept crypto payments for their enterprise software. The company is targeting companies in the financial services sector.


A tool to help companies estimate the time it will take to complete software development projects. Currently only for-profit SaaS companies, the startup wants to expand into the nonprofit and hardware sectors in the future.


A startup that’s building a platform that can let people pay rent with their phones. The company is focused on the homeless population, which is more mobile than the average person, but their platform could be used across all sectors.


A hybrid life insurance company that combines traditional life insurance with a private-sector investment arm.


A company that’s building a technology platform to help the public sector figure out the best way to use technology when it comes to delivering public services.


A startup that offers a student loan refinancing service specifically for those in the public sector.


A platform for food and retail delivery in India. The startup wants to help the 1,100 billion rupee (US$14.8 billion) food and retail sector in India optimize its supply chain and distribution.


An “API for the public sector,” offering a portal for payments, project management, and services.


A web app that helps teachers organize their lessons, then share them with colleagues. The startup’s founders are veterans of the education sector and the product is meant to serve as a kind of “Google Docs for teachers.”


A global online marketplace for more than 5,000 businesses, connecting them with small business owners in a variety of sectors.


An API for automation of data entry on websites, with a focus on the travel sector.


A startup that offers personalized workouts based on how your body moves during those activities. The startup’s first clients are in the health and fitness sector, but they hope to expand to other sectors like education or corporate wellness.


A health insurance app which allows users to submit their medical claims and payment information with a couple of taps on their phone. The startup is a bit of an interesting case study for the healthcare sector. They launched in March and have over 1,000 customers already. They're profitable for the first time.


A company that helps investors find the best opportunities in sectors like solar, wind, and clean-tech.


A group of 3 engineers and a graphic designer, Capital’s goal is to disrupt the legal sector of the marketplace by providing a full service


Recode is a project from Cheddar that provides video interviews with the founders of startups in the technology sector.


A project management app for startups, meant to be particularly useful in the digital sector.


A team of three full stack engineers, two graphics designers, and a marketing lead, Capital’s goal is to disrupt the legal sector of the marketplace by providing a full service legal shop. Capital is a firm that represents individuals and small businesses in a variety of legal matters. The team is currently focusing on the representation of individuals, but also does work for small businesses.


A utility token for the global ride-sharing and car-sharing sector. The startup wants to bring a new level of transparency and collaboration to the industry, by creating a platform for drivers and riders to manage all their accounts on one platform.


An AI-driven tool for helping banks detect fraud and other financial crimes, and for the public sector to visualize and understand their finances and data.


This is a cloud-based tool for selling products that lets you track sales across merchants and get notifications when sales are made. It was built for e-commerce businesses, but the company says it can be adapted for other sectors.


An API for the financial sector to allow bank customers to automate banking, track transactions, and have their data centralized


A company that helps teams manage the accounting, invoicing, and other aspects of their work. Operating in the non-profit sector, the startup is helping them get organized so they can spend less time managing accounts and more time doing their work.


An API that provides a service for monitoring and controlling the temperature of a building. The startup is building a control system for the industrial sector, with the goal of building a platform that can be integrated into GPS and IoT devices.


A tool for managing customer data. The company has signed on a number of large-scale companies in the financial services sector.


Idea: Public Relations for the Non-Profit Sector


Idea: A startup that aims to be “the Uber for trucking”, claiming that the transportation industry is a $7 trillion sector ripe for disruption. It has a similar pitch to Uber Freight, which focuses on helping smaller trucking companies compete with big shippers.


Idea: An AI startup that wants to use deep learning to help companies find data scientists. The company has clients in the finance and insurance sectors.


A platform that connects young entrepreneurs with mentors and customers. The startup works with businesses in the creative sector, and has worked with other startups including Airbnb and Coinbase.