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Second Startup Ideas

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A shopping site for second-hand, used books


This’s the second time around for the company, which previously launched a version of its product in China in 2017, and lost most of its customers after the Chinese government blocked its service.


In May, the startup launched its first version, a $300 PC that it said could run as much as 40% faster than similarly priced machines. The company’s second version is a $1,000 PC that it says is twice as fast as its first version.


A software platform that helps people shop for second-hand furniture and home decor


A second-screen app for creating, managing and distributing podcasts, taking on a market dominated by hosts. The company is also building an app for the live video market, aiming to be the first to tap into the VOD market on the cheap.


A startup that looks to make it easier for the elderly to get a second smartphone. They’re looking to make it easy for the elderly to get a second smartphone when they’re already paying high smartphone bills. They’re launching in a few months and have already received a $250,000 investment from an angel group in the Valley that helps solve “pioneering problems in emerging markets.”


A digital tool for borrowing money from friends and family for small business purchases. The current model is still simple: the startup is working to launch an app that lets you borrow money in seconds from your friends and family. The company has raised a seed round, and is launching today


"Idea 2.0 is a tool for entrepreneurs to help them learn about new technologies in the market and network together. It’s the Uber of technology conferences. The conference is in its second year and has had over 1,000 attendees and 300+ speakers from 45 countries. The conference’s format is based on the model of Airbnb, where the host gets to pick the guests. The guest list is highly curated and the speakers are handpicked by the company’s CEO. The conference has been very well received by attendees and has been named a Top 10 conference in the US in 2018.


The startup’s first product is a pen that allows people to annotate documents on a computer screen. The second is a virtual keyboard that people can use on their phone to type and dictate on their computer. Second, it’s an app that tracks the time it takes for people to type on their phone.


A startup that provides a service where people can get a second opinion on medical tests


A startup that buys household items in bulk for consumers, and delivers them in bulk After shipping the products, the startup makes money by selling those items on the secondary market


This is a project management platform with two components. The first is the product, a team collaboration tool that connects members to the other tools they use for project management. The second is the company itself, which focuses on building software to help teams achieve their goals.


An online platform for secondary market transactions, where you can buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments.


A tool to help connect students with secondary education with students in a similar grade at a university. The startup helps with translation and registration, and says it has successfully helped one student find a roommate for her roommate’s apartment.


A physical marketplace for selling and renting used cars in New York City. The startup wants to build a “supermarket for second-hand cars” and focus on luxury cars.


The company offers an online tool that lets users manage and track lessons for teaching English as a second language.


A software platform that allows small businesses to “pay anyone in the world in less than a second”.


A distributed blockchain that can accommodate the 100,000 transactions per second that will be needed for the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices.


A device that can act as a second screen for your smartphone, beaming to your TV or a projector. The startup is focused on the touchscreen issue, as the screen is often the weak link in smartphone use.


The company is building an app that helps companies to purchase and sell used cars. The company’s claim is that it’s the only app that allows you to purchase a used car in under 90 seconds.


"Growth Hack" is the second-most cited book on Amazon.com, after The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.


A startup that wants to build an AI-powered bot for streamlining the process of buying and selling tickets on secondary markets like Stubhub. The startup is also building a mobile app that helps users make these transactions more easily.


A company that helps major brands like Target and Chipotle via a “three-second check-in” that lets customers add a fast, simple rating to a product to build a sentiment score for it.


A startup that uses AI to help people create fantasy sports leagues, with the primary focus on fantasy football, and a secondary focus on fantasy MLB.


A startup that helps users buy and sell spare gadgets to each other, with a platform that allows people to buy and sell second-hand computers, phones, and other devices.


A community marketplace for buying and selling second-hand goods. It is very similar in kind to the popular site OfferUp, but with a community-focused twist


A computer-aided design app with an emphasis on the “2D” side of things. The startup is looking to do two things: first, it’s trying to “democratize” design, a notoriously expensive and time-intensive process, by helping people do their own designs. Secondly, it takes some of the things people do on their own and turns them into a “compelling product”.


A startup that offers an app of more than $20 billion in ticket sales on the secondary market.


A startup that helps homebuyers find the best rates on mortgages. Users can compare rates and get quotes in 30 seconds or less.


Transports data around the world in under a second and converts it into a visual format for users.


A startup that offers investors access to startups looking for funding. The company has raised $500,000 from investors such as Y Combinator, SV Angel, and Second Home Ventures.


A startup that helps you find a doctor in your area in seconds. It’s similar to Yelp, but it’s more focused on finding primary care physicians.


A startup that helps you set up new accounts in seconds, and instantly transfers funds from your other accounts


A notification app for your phone that gives you a couple of seconds to not answer calls and texts while it pulls up the phone's number details.


This startup is building a new kind of fitness tracker that uses a smartphone app to track a person’s activity, then sends the data to a wearable device that’s connected to an account. The team is looking to launch in the second half of 2020.


A smart suit that monitors a cyclist’s body and sounds an alert if the cyclist is having a heart attack. Geekster’s founders say that it’s a much cheaper alternative to an electrocardiogram, and only takes a few seconds to measure a person’s heart rate.


A software company that helps users find a product or service for their specific needs. Based on the number of users it has, it’s looking to raise a round in the second half of 2019.


There are two ways to get around the city. The first is the conventional private vehicle. The second is a bicycle. EcoBike wants to connect users to their bicycles via apps, and provide a software platform to allow the bikes to talk to each other.


A startup for secondhand goods to help you get the best deal on that old furniture you’re using to store your old cat’s remains.


An online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand goods, where a community of users can post items for sale, and buyers can check things out and message sellers to arrange a pickup.


In September 2014, Y Combinator announced a second batch of companies it funded, including the following:


A company that helps companies use the power of their social networks to promote their offerings online. They say they are the second largest influencer marketing agency in the industry, with clients like Dove and Nestle.


A mobile app that uses machine learning to help people learn Spanish, French, English, Italian, German, and Spanish. The company says that “Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin, and it’s the second most spoken language in America.”


A platform for buying, selling, and exchanging secondhand goods, like clothing, furniture, and toys.


A way for doctors to order medical supplies online to make sure they’re stocked up on the medication they need. It’s currently in its seed round with 2 doctors and plans to launch in India in the second half of 2020.


Current recruiters have to rely on job boards to find candidates. The startup wants to fix that problem by building an AI that can find the best candidates in seconds.


A startup that is a repository of 30-second video clips that you can use for inspiration or to help you remember how to do something


Idea: We’re building a gift card marketplace that will allow small businesses and brick & mortar stores to sell gift cards and let you buy them in seconds


Idea: A subscription box that helps people get into the sport of boxing. The company is currently working on a second version of the box with plans to launch in late October.


Idea: A company that helps people find, buy, and sell secondhand goods. The startup wants to be a Craigslist-like platform for local goods.