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Screen Startup Ideas

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Idea: A startup that helps companies hire entry-level engineers by arming them with a set of pre-screening questions that help them identify potential candidates


A startup that’s building a web browser with a “no-keyboard” feature, simulating a “touchscreen” experience for people who can’t use their hands.


A tool to help users upload, edit, and share their computer or phone screens. It’s currently in private beta.


A three-sided marketplace helping employers recruit, screen, and hire employees.


The company wants to build an offline-first collaborative editing platform for video production that would allow editors to work in a room with multiple screens, and for multiple editors to work on the same piece of footage simultaneously.


A “native” mobile app designed with the multiscreen experience in mind.


A way to create branded and custom clothes with screenshots or photos.


A cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on private investors. It uses a system of “certified wallets” with a touchscreen interface to allow investors to manage their holdings.


A second-screen app for creating, managing and distributing podcasts, taking on a market dominated by hosts. The company is also building an app for the live video market, aiming to be the first to tap into the VOD market on the cheap.


A tool that allows people to create screen recordings, and share them for feedback.


A platform that helps recruiters find and screen candidates in cities around the world.


The startup’s unique approach to the problem of finding a G Suite admin. It employs a screener algorithm to automate the process of hiring a G Suite admin.


A crowdfunded service that helps people get their photos on the TV screen with their voice.


A video conferencing app that allows people to talk with their team members and clients, while also watching each other’s screens so they can see how they look and react.


A video chat app that also allows group video chat rooms and video conferences, with the ability to draw and annotate on your screen.


A startup that allows you to broadcast live video from your smartphone to a TV via your phone’s screen


A 3-screen, “Freedom of Information” app that sources and displays data from NYC’s 311 service.


A startup that sells a tool for creating videos that are designed to be shown on screens in public


A company that sells a device to keep your television screen from interfering with the signal you’re watching.


This startup is looking to prevent the spread of the Zika virus and other mosquito borne illnesses by manufacturing naturally repellent sunscreen that users can apply to their skin.


A project management app for small teams and distributed teams of people that don't want to be tied to a computer screen.


A tool for designers that helps them quickly create mockups of their work, and allows them to embed other relevant apps, like their website’s login screen, directly into the mockup.


This startup is building a toolkit that allows users to take screenshots of videos and images and then add annotations to them, allowing the annotated media to drive sales.


A device that can act as a second screen for your smartphone, beaming to your TV or a projector. The startup is focused on the touchscreen issue, as the screen is often the weak link in smartphone use.


A startup that helps its users automatically take better screenshots, including those of mobile devices. It’s like a smartphone’s automatic screenshot function but for computers.


A company that turns smartphone screens into touch-enabled, virtual room controls


A speaker that allows you set up a conference call, share a screen, and use it like a conference room.


 A platform like Uber, but for the gig economy. The startup is a background screening and background check service for employees.


A music festival that uses GPS data to create a giant map of the festival site and then plays concert-goers on a huge screen.


This startup makes a machine that allows users to draw on the screen using air pressure.


A platform for curating and distributing mobile games. The startup is focused on games that are designed for touchscreens, though they reference other platforms, such as Facebook’s Messenger and Apple’s iMessage.


A platform for building interactive, multiplayer games that can be played without the need for a screen. Prototyped with a game called “Truck Stop.”


A startup that allows one to take a screenshot of the current page, then upload it to the company.


This startup allows people to create green screen videos using their own photos. The technology is used primarily by professional filmmakers, and the company also hopes to tackle the commercial market.


A company that takes your design, draws it on a screen, and then 3D prints it.


A developer of touchscreen keyboards for touchscreen devices.


Idea: Software that allows companies to screen candidates in real time A bit like a Facebook Q&A tool


Idea: An AI-based recruiting tool. The startup wants to handle the entire resume screening process, reviewing resumes and suggesting candidates for a job.


Idea: A home security company that is turning your door into a touchscreen


Idea: A soft-keyboard for mobile devices. The startup says their product is meant to make it easier to type on touch screens, leveraging a 3D-touch feature that allows users to press in harder on their mobile phones.


Idea: A new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded. The company calls itself “a new kind of ecommerce platform for physical goods, where every product page has a video embedded.” Users can watch videos to hear the story behind the product, or if they want, can touch the screen and hear the video narrated by a voiceover.