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Scheduling Startup Ideas

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An employee scheduling tool that lets companies see all their employees at once with their schedule, location, availability and more.


A platform for employers to track employee schedules and timesheets, and pay employees on time and as agreed. It’s currently a text-message-based scheduling system.


A platform for managing all your medical records and scheduling appointments, proposed as the Uber of healthcare.


A “social media productivity tool” that helps you get everything done by prioritizing tasks and scheduling them out.


This startup is building a “mobile-first” scheduling tool for small to mid-sized businesses.


Idea: A scheduling app for hair salons, meant to streamline the process of booking appointments and also to provide a better customer experience by allowing customers to book their appointments directly through the app


 A text-message based appointment scheduling service for health and wellness companies.


A scheduling tool for people with a full-time schedule who are looking to find time to go to the gym.


 A company that helps you get answers to your problems faster by scheduling a one-on-one chat with an expert.


A startup that uses AI to automate the process of scheduling, tracking and managing meetings. Their software is available on the market, with customers including the US Department of Defense, Coca-Cola and Walmart.


A startup looking to help restaurant workers and their customers manage their time more efficiently, with a dashboard and scheduling software.


A startup for finding and scheduling contractors.


A platform for scheduling and tracking overhead costs for nonprofits.


A startup that wants to compete with the likes of Yelp and Uber with a streamlined, all-in-one platform for restaurants and small businesses. It’s a one-stop shop for everything from customer scheduling, to sales and marketing, to communication between staff and owners.


A tool for healthcare providers to manage patient records and scheduling.


A startup that wants to help small-business owners run their businesses without hiring a full-time employee. They provide a suite of tools, from a scheduling app to a CRM to help you get things done.


A company that offers a scheduling software that helps businesses schedule their employees for flexible hours.


A company that’s building a platform for scheduling livestreams, similar to Twitch but focused on short-form content. They have a library of over 10,000 videos on their platform.


An AI powered work scheduling app for HR managers, telling them who is available and what their availability is like.


A web-based platform to make it easy for businesses to grow their social media presence, through tools like a social media management dashboard, a social media scheduling tool, and a social media optimization tool.


An employee scheduling tool for small businesses and freelancers.


A startup that aims to help people take over their day jobs by scheduling tasks for them online.


A tool for hiring and scheduling electricians, with a focus on smaller jobs.


A startup that is building a scheduling platform for service companies, helping them manage their work orders more effectively.


A SaaS platform for scheduling and managing your travel, with a focus on hospitality. The startup wants to help hotels and start-ups book their travel more efficiently.


An API for businesses to coordinate in-person events with scheduling software.


A startup that helps chefs to manage the back-end of food delivery, including online ordering, inventory management and delivery scheduling.


A tool for scheduling and estimating repairs. It currently has over 2,000 customers in the UK.


A startup for scheduling Uber and Lyft rides


Reduce the friction of scheduling interviews and making hiring decisions. The company says they’ve already raised $1M and have a job matching product that they’re launching in the next few months.


A business that helps other business run themselves. They have a platform for scheduling and tracking time for employees, and an app that helps employees find time for personal things.


A tool to help people manage their social media presence, through reporting, curating, and scheduling.


A platform that helps restaurants manage their back-of-house operations, from food ordering to scheduling and more.


Combining the ease with which inter-city carpooling apps like UberPool and Lyft Line can be found with a new approach to making the rides more affordable, by adding a personal concierge to the ride to help with navigation, scheduling and other tasks.


A startup that offers the ability to schedule meetings with anyone through Facebook Messenger. Social Calendar is an iOS app that aims to make scheduling meetings easier, with features like a calendar widget and a back-and-forth messaging system to make scheduling a breeze.


A software suite with a native app on iOS and Android. It helps restaurants manage their restaurant operations such as food preparation, ordering, scheduling and ordering.


A scheduling tool for real estate agents that helps them see clients in real time and build relationships.


A company that helps small businesses manage their accounting, scheduling, and marketing from one platform.


A startup that helps make your everyday tasks more efficient, such as scheduling a meeting, creating a shopping list, or tracking a package.


A personal concierge app for hiring and scheduling personal trainers. The company takes a 20% commission on all sales.


"Mashape’s mission is to help small businesses grow and scale. Mashape has developed a suite of tools that allow small businesses to manage their businesses from a central platform. This can be anything from scheduling a meeting to processing invoices. Using Mashape, small businesses can focus on running their business and not their IT. Mashape’s platform is designed to be easy to use and free for small businesses."


 A small business that provides a software package for scheduling and tracking veterinary appointments for pet owners.


This is a recruitment tool that centralizes applicant data. The startup makes it easy to manage applicants, including uploading resumes, tracking dates and scheduling interviews, and then acting on the results.


A B2B service for scheduling and rescheduling meetings.


Celery is a social networking tool for startups and entrepreneurs, created in 2014. It was originally called “Hootsuite for startups” but changed its name in 2016. Celery allows users to plan, track and share information with their community, or network. It also includes a suite of tools for scheduling events and offers a marketplace for connected service providers.


This startup is building a platform for restaurants to manage their staff’s schedules and payments. Redshift is essentially a company payroll app that helps restaurants manage their scheduling and payroll in a scalable way.


An employee scheduling app that’s easy to use, works cross-platform, and can be used in teams


An employee scheduling app that integrates with the company’s CRM.


A tool for companies to use for employee scheduling, with plans to expand to a paid subscription model later


A startup for scheduling calls to the UK’s National Health Service, offering option to use the platform to connect with a doctor in real-time.


Business management for independent professionals, such as photographers, videographers, and event organizers. The startup provides tools for managing work obligations, expenses, and income, as well as coordinating and scheduling.


A tool for scheduling “marathon” meetings, with video and audio conferencing.


A startup for scheduling social events, with an “invite only” feature that makes it more exclusive than a public event.


A scheduling and booking tool for food delivery services.


A meeting scheduling tool designed to make it as easy as possible for meetings to be scheduled.


A platform that helps HR managers manage their workday, including scheduling, managing tasks, and social networking.


A remote-working startup that uses AI to help companies with employee scheduling and time management.


A company that helps people keep track of their health, fitness, and medical records by offering a scheduling and appointment system within the iPhone app. It’s been available since March but has only recently started gaining traction.


A web-based system for managing and scheduling your restaurant’s service time and labor.


A tool for scheduling meetings between employees, allowing them to create schedules on the fly, eliminating the need for email.


An API marketplace for scheduling and booking workers. It’s an API-driven marketplace for arranging for human labor.


A tool for scheduling meetings with those who have been approved as a relevant contact


A meeting scheduler for small businesses. It’s designed to be easy to use for simple scheduling, and free for five people. The founders say that they’ve got customers in the Bay area, and plans to expand to the East Coast in the next year.


A mobile app for meeting, scheduling and location-sharing. Webrat doesn't sell its software, but it does charge for its services.


A tool for scheduling remote work sessions. The startup hopes to be a one-stop shop for remote work scheduling, helping companies and remote workers find dates and times that work for everyone.


A company that provides an AI-powered platform for hospitals to manage patient scheduling.


A company that builds apps for handling logistics, including managing inventory, scheduling activities, and making payments.


A self-serve platform for scheduling dental appointments across the country.


Idea: A workplace scheduling product for remote work teams


Idea: A startup for restaurants to purchase quality food and service from local chefs and cooks The startup will handle scheduling, payments, and logistics


Idea: A home services marketplace that offers reduced commissions to contractors working for customers in the US They’re looking to handle the entire process on the backend, from scheduling and payment to cleaning and service


Idea: A B2B company that is building a suite of tools for nurses and other care workers The company helps workers with scheduling, RSVPs, and other administrative tasks in a more automated way


Idea: A startup that provides software for scheduling employees on factory floors, allowing them to match production capacity with demand and prevent under- or over-production of goods.


Idea: A platform for plastic surgeons and other medical professionals to build apps on top of, that make the process of ordering products and scheduling appointments easier for doctors and patients.


Idea: This startup is building a way to automate your Reddit account, scheduling posts and comments to subreddits to help get your articles shared more widely.


Idea: A white-labeled version of the video scheduling tools used by companies like Google and Facebook. It also helps companies manage their video ads — and is profitable now by helping companies make native videos.