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Scan Startup Ideas

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The aim is to let consumers to pay for a 3D-printed object. One feature is that the 3D-printed object is scanned and then the user can print out an accurate digital version they can then use in their homes.


A startup that lets you scan a barcode and get a quote for repairs on your iPhone or watch in the UK.


A system that allows people to request items from businesses by scanning a QR code and sharing the results on social media


A software company that helps businesses reduce fraud by providing an API for businesses to scan and verify invoices.


A mobile app that allows consumers to pay bills by scanning QR codes or barcodes.


A software & hardware startup that makes a $100 credit card with a built-in fingerprint scanner


This startup is building an AI-powered platform that helps people manage their relationships with their doctors. It uses machine learning to automatically scan medical records and find patterns that indicate better compliance with doctor’s orders.


This app lets users shop at top retailers with their phone camera. The app allows you to scan a barcode and then shop on the same day. The app works with 25 major retailers like Sephora, Amazon, and Bloomingdale's to manage loyalty and reward programs.


A startup that’s building a computer vision platform to help people scan products for defects at the factory level.


This startup is building a platform that lets users scan in their groceries, learn how much it costs, and then print the bill at home.


A mobile app that lets people monitor the cost of their medications by scanning their barcode or entering the pharmacy’s name.


A SaaS product that allows people to scan artwork and turn it into digital drawings.


A startup that helps employees scan and organize their company’s medical data. The startup also created a tool to help admins manage their health data.


Future of Food is building an API that will allow food manufacturers to build custom labels for their products, allowing buyers to scan a QR code along with their smartphone and get product details and pricing.


A way to quickly create barcodes for products, allowing them to be printed and scanned.


A mobile ticketing app with a twist. Rather than having to enter into a ticketing website, users can simply scan their ticket and get a notification when they’re at the gate.


A payment app that allows users to scan QR codes with the phone’s camera and pay the bill with a single click.


A startup that wants to help organizations build better customer service experiences. The startup builds artificial intelligence to help organizations capture customer insights with its software. It claims to be able to predict customer service issues by scanning a customer’s social media activity.


CaseReev is a mobile checkout company that allows users to scan the barcodes of items in stores and pay with their mobile phones. The startup raised $1.1 million last year


A startup that makes it easy to book flights on Scandinavian airlines. It’s currently a YC summer program.


A way for consumers to sell their old electronics and get paid for it, using an app that makes it easy for the buyer to scan barcodes.


This company is going after the $1.5 billion USD market of people who have a ton of receipts, but can’t manage them. They’re building a toolset that uses artificial intelligence to scan receipts and automatically categorize them by month or a year to help people use them for tax filing.


A software company that helps companies build biometric scanners for access control. The startup is using machine learning to build a system that can quickly identify someone by comparing their fingerprint with a database of millions of prints.


A platform for medical data sharing, from scans to lab results to genetic sequencing.


A crowdfunding platform for groceries, with a twist. The startup has built a technology that allows customers to scan the barcode of a product and order it for pickup at a grocery store, then pay via the platform.


An online marketplace for making and selling custom-made products using 3D printing. The startup is building a one-stop shop for all 3D design, 3D printing, and 3D scanning needs.


Fits a 3D scanner into a backpack so you can easily scan objects on the go.


 A startup that scans the web for infringing material and sends the webmaster a notification. The company says it has a team of around 30 people who monitor the web for content it believes is infringing. The entrepreneur who came up with the idea told us that the team monitors about 20,000 URLs per day, and sends notification to site owners with the option to take down the content.


The world’s first interactive robot taxidermist. It combines 3D scanning technology and a robotic arm to automatically fuse together a stuffed creature out of real animal parts. The startup says the process is simple for consumers to use, and can be done from their homes.


An online marketplace for buying and selling used items and goods. The company is using a technology called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to allow consumers to scan an item and find out what they’re worth on the platform, which they say is a cheaper way to buy used goods, and helps sellers by cutting out the middleman.


A platform that connects a mobile phone with a scanner to allow a person to scan and pay for goods with a mobile phone.


A startup that is working to build the world’s first augmented reality grocery store. The idea is to create a way for users to scan a barcode to get an augmented reality display of what a product looks like in a store, before they’ve even left the house, with a camera view of what a product looks like at their homes.


A startup that helps people find apartments to rent. They are using machine learning to scan Craigslist ads, notify people that there are apartments available, and suggest the best rent/price range.


A tool that automatically scans photos for copyright infringement. The startup wants to help potential infringers to make sure their photos don’t get taken down due to false accusations.


The startup is working to make the task of maintaining and protecting clothes easier and more efficient. The company’s app helps users scan clothing into the app at home, and then sends them to a “laundromat” where they can drop off their clothes for washing.


A handheld scanner that simplifies the process of getting restaurant inspections.


A VR/AR platform that uses 3D scans of real estate to present you with a virtual walkthrough of a home or apartment. The startup is currently in private beta and has raised $1.5M.


A startup that builds a library of 3D scans to import into other 3D modeling software.


A way to let people buy gifts for each other with their phones. The startup is building an app that allows you to scan barcodes of items on the internet, then share them with friends to purchase for them with a few taps.


A blockchain-based platform for decentralized email, where it’s possible to do email transfer by scanning QR codes.


Automates the process of getting a fingerprint scanner to work on a device you already own. The startup is focusing first on Android devices and then extending to other platforms.


A startup that wants to make it easier for business owners to use the same tools to run their business online as they do in the physical world. For example, users can use a smartphone camera to scan a QR code on a package and automatically get the package’s tracking info.


A world map for VR/AR, which is made up of 3D scans of cities and landmarks.


Replaces the barcode with a digital tag that contains all the necessary info in an easy-to-scan format.


3D scanning of objects, with a database for maintaining 3D models. With the help of the database, the company wants to build applications for things like digital signage, construction, art, and even retail.


A group of engineers and designers developing a scanner and mobile app to make it easier for people to find parking and ticket free spots.


A startup that wants to deliver service-oriented photo printing. Instead of printing, they are printing 3D models or scans of objects you’ve shot with your phone.


A new way to pay for groceries, with an app that allows customers to scan their items. The app will be able to take payments using cryptocurrency, and use machine learning to predict what customers might buy next.


The startup wants to use a combination of machine learning and data science to figure out a person's biological age based on a series of scans and measurements. The projections are meant to help people decide what to do with their retirement.


Idea: A startup that automates the process of making a 3D scan of a person using just a smartphone and a standard webcam.


Idea: An email security service that lets you see all messages that have been “scanned” by email providers like Gmail. Currently in beta.


This company wants to help people better utilize their workplace lockers, by giving them an app that can scan their key card for them.