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Saving Startup Ideas

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The startup is a spin-off of a company called Hint, which was founded in 2015 to help people make better decisions about personal finance. The data can be used to help consumers identify opportunities for savings and investments, and Hint says one in three Americans don’t have enough money saved.


A startup meant to help people save money through a service that finds money-saving coupons for them


A way to for people to track their water consumption and saving goals in real-time.


A microfinance platform for the poor that provides an online finance management system. It helps with credit, savings, loans, and building businesses.


Health insurance is so complicated that people often prefer to just pay the tax penalty and ignore it. This startup wants to make health insurance easy, with an automated system encouraging people to enroll and take advantage of the tax savings.


A San Francisco startup aiming to become the first credit union to offer free checking and savings accounts to any member of the U.S. Armed Forces.


A startup that’s building a tool to help schools estimate their energy costs. The startup’s founders say they want to make it easier for schools to measure and manage their energy costs, but they also want to make it easier for them to implement energy saving measures.


A business that manages employee accounts that are geared toward saving money.


A startup that’s building an end-to-end GPS-based tracking app to help college students stay safe when they’re out on the town. The founders say that they’re already working with a number of colleges on their app, and that it’s been saving students from dangerous situations.


A new way for companies to pay employees, using a rewards-based system with no cash transfers. The company instead creates a digital savings account for employees, allowing them to track their earnings and also cashing out the money when they leave.


A consumer-facing startup that offers a subscription-based service for finding and saving a place to stay.


A credit card that earns points for saving money. The startup helps people save money by helping them save points on their credit card through savings accounts.


A self-serve platform for saving money on auto insurance or just comparing rates, which they say is “faster, cheaper, and more comprehensive then any other website”. They currently have $2.5 million in monthly recurring revenue and are looking to launch in Miami and Atlanta.


This is a financial platform for the “urban poor” that helps track their income, expenses, and savings. It connects people to financial services and also helps them understand how to make savings and investments.


A platform that shows you the cheapest electricity rates in your area, saving you money.


A personal finance app that provides a dashboard to track spending, credit, and savings.


A startup that helps users keep track of their groceries throughout the week, with the goal of saving them money on waste.


A company that builds products that help people understand their finances and save money. It saves customers money in the form of lower interest rates and lower cost of credit, and it pays interest on all savings in a person’s bank account.


A bank account that the founders say is “like a personal investment account with 100x the transparency of other accounts and no fees.” The account is meant to be a savings account for small businesses or freelancers.


“A safe investment wrapper for cryptocurrency savings accounts”. The company is building an account that lets people invest cryptocurrency, while also automatically tracking the value of the investment and sending out monthly statements.


Bizion is a network of companies that provide more than $1 million in annual revenue. Bizion enables companies to have a single point of contact for funding (usually a bank) for their entire business, saving a lot of time and money.


 A B2B company that uses AI and machine learning to automate business processes, saving time and money for companies.


A product that allows companies to create a “futures account” in which the companies has a savings and investment account.


This startup is building a tool that allows teachers to share school content with parents at home. Teachers can use it to video and text share, saving time and money.


 A startup meant to help small businesses keep track of their day-to-day expenses. The company hopes to help small companies keep track of their day-to-day expenses and tap into their savings potential.


A new kind of “bank” for the unbanked, where people can create savings accounts, send and receive money, and borrow short-term from peers.


To help people make better financial decisions, the startup is building a mobile app that guides users through financial modeling, much like a savings calculator.


A tool that helps people manage their investments and savings, using an app and online interface.


A tool that lets you explore the world of retirement savings without having to read financial statements or do any complex math. As a nudge to get you started, it’s free.


A money saving tool to track mileage on business travel.


A startup that sells energy saving lightbulbs that use less energy


A startup to help people better manage their money. The startup is trying to make budgeting and saving easier by helping users visualize their spending habits.


PowerMeter is a smart meter data company. They want to provide “a data-driven mobile application for consumers and businesses that uses data from the smart meters to provide insights about power consumption, cost savings, and energy savings on a monthly and annual basis.”


A startup that compares the costs of different lenders, which is what launched a year ago. The company aims to be a one-stop shop for people looking for loans, saving them time and money.


Saving autonomous mapping startup HERE from bankruptcy. A consortium led by the German car maker and German insurance company has acquired the self-driving mapping software startup, with the group looking to merge HERE’s mapping data with Nokia’s mapping assets and use it to build its own self-driving car platform.


A financial service company that helps people get their retirement savings straightened out.


Idea : A startup that helps people manage their money and credit, price shopping and saving, and do it all with a single app.


A robo-adviser for retirement savings, pitched as “Investment + Retirement Done Right”.


A startup that works with the insurance industry to help streamline claims procedures, saving companies from having to send thousands of paper denial letters every year.


An employee-owned bank with a focus on small businesses, offering free checking accounts and savings accounts.


A Y Combinator alum is building a system to help companies build their own enterprise-grade mobile apps, saving them from having to build everything themselves.


A startup that makes it easier for people to get loans from a bank by letting them use their savings accounts to finance their loan.


A startup for groups to build online communities, with the goal of saving money on travel and bringing people together in more meaningful ways.


A startup that uses AI to help businesses automate the data collection process, reducing the steps involved in data collection and saving businesses time.


A mobile app that lets people track how much money they’ve saved through a daily savings plan.


Not just a one-click solution for saving and transferring contacts, but a true platform for managing them. It allows users to create branded groups of contacts, and then schedule calls among them. It’s ad-free, secure and can be used on both iOS and Android.


A space-saving, eco-friendly, solar-powered tent that's built with bamboo and recycled plastic. It's also waterproof, and when the time comes to move, it folds up into a waterproof bag, taking up less space than a cooler while still providing a dry, protected space for outdoor camping.


A mobile app that helps you build up your savings to reach a goal, like a new car or a down payment on a house. It’s currently UK-based, with expansion to the US planned for 2020.


A travel planning app that helps users find the cheapest flights from A to B, with an average savings of over $100.


A startup that cuts banks out of the process of opening a checking account by building its own app. The startup has a mobile app that would allow customers to log in to their bank, make savings and investment plans, and keep track of their spending.


A company that helps millennials save money on their mortgage. It takes a percentage of the savings that are returned to the customer after applying the savings to the mortgage.


SaveUp is a one-stop shop for college savings plans in the US, Canada, and the UK. It works to save people money with a tool that automatically sends pre-tax contributions from employer to student's 529. The company has raised $1.5M in funding.


The company aims to be a “banking for millennials” that offers high-yield savings accounts. It’s a way for younger consumers to build their savings without having to pay a premium for the privilege.


A startup that helps people make “life-saving” decisions by using data and AI to guide them. The startup has already raised $2.3 million in funding.


A health plan that combines the ease of a Health Savings Account (HSA) with the security of a high deductible.


A fintech company that creates portfolios for companies to manage their employee retirement savings. It allows companies to track employees’ investment performance while offering a platform to help them manage their own retirement savings.


A product that aims to change the way people save for retirement. Its main product is a small savings account for younger people, with a plan that pays out a percentage of future earnings.


A company that provides personal finance management for freelancers and small business owners, allowing them to see their month-to-month spending, and make decisions about saving on a budget.


A startup that helps people develop a retirement plan, track what their savings are and transfer them to a new retirement home. The startup is in nine other countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


A startup that helps businesses spend less on electricity costs by managing their energy usage (through usage monitoring and energy saving measures.)


A cellphone app that automatically suggests time-saving, healthy habits for you.


A platform for companies to integrate their CRM and HR systems into one, with the goal of saving both time and money for the company.


A digital tool that helps users visualize their finances in terms of debt, retirement, and savings.


A platform that lets you build a financial plan to get debt repayment, saving, and retirement in the right order.


A startup that’s helping cities create parking tickets that can be paid online, saving money and time. The startup is looking to hire a few engineers to build out its backend.


A company that builds a software-as-a-service platform that helps people manage their wealth.They provide a way to create a savings plan that’s customizable based on the user’s specific needs. They also provide a digital portfolio that allows people to manage all of their financial accounts in one place.


A company that wants to help people manage their savings and investments. Miso makes it easy for you to see your savings and investments in a single place.


A startup for companies to replace their in-house call centers with AI, saving them money and time.


A startup that lets companies and teams track how they spend money and how much they’re saving, for tax purposes. The startup was founded by two former PayPal employees and launched in May 2019.


 A startup that is building a platform that will allow people to save and withdraw money from their savings accounts through their cell phone.


A startup that helps people manage their money by mapping out their goals and their savings. People can then use the tool to “plug in” their goals and see how much their savings go towards them.


A startup to help people do their taxes through an app, saving them money and their accountant time


A startup that lets you easily manage your personal and professional finances, with features like built-in savings and spending guidelines. It’s currently free for personal use, but charges $5 per month for companies.


A startup that helps employees with their benefits needs, like about how much they’re saving.


This startup is building a “digital” tool to help people with things like vacations, travel, or spending money. The startup is on a mission to make saving money as easy as booking a trip. They have an Android application and a web app.


A platform that helps saving for retirement, based on the idea that many Americans’ retirement savings come from old-fashioned and not so old-fashioned vehicles: cash deposits, a Roth IRA, or a 401(k).


A digital app that helps people plan their finances for retirement, with features like automatic savings and investing.


A company that helps people get on the path to financial independence by saving money, cutting costs, and investing. It plans to disrupt the current financial planning industry by offering services at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial planning.


A platform that helps people with no access to banking services, get small business loans and savings accounts. They’re a nonprofit and are building a platform to help people build their own financial products and have it administered by a bank, thus making it more accessible.


A company that hopes to win the $2 billion global insurance market by reaching underserved populations and saving billions on claims.


Track is building a new way to track our expenses and savings, offering recaps of how we spent our money and automated suggestions on how to cut back.


This startup is building a system that lets you use your phone to manage your personal finances, including your credit card, loan, loan repayment, and savings.


A startup that arranges travel-to-work commuter trips. The company’s main idea is to help people save on gas, and in a press release said it was already saving customers $150 million in gas.


The startup is building a platform to help “millennials buy houses”. The startup wants to help millennials move into their first homes, saving them thousands of dollars in mortgage costs and time.


A company that helps students buy health insurance early, saving them money.


A black box that tracks spending habits, helps create budgets, and recommends savings.


A finance startup that helps businesses manage their money in a better way, using their own data and algorithms to optimize spending and savings.


A company that aims to help companies determine which labor-saving devices are actually more efficient and cost-effective for their operations.


Similar to the idea of saving money on your electric bill, but for water. This service connects people who live in the same building and have the same water account in the same city.


A startup that helps members get the most out of their money. The startup’s pitch is that it’s easier to get money out of a savings account than it is to get money back.


A phone-based savings app, where users can create mini-savings accounts to be used for purchases in the future.


A startup that helps consumers to make sense of their mortgage payments, saving them time while also helping them make smarter financial decisions.


A digital platform that helps people track their spending habits, saving money, and helping them to make smarter spending decisions.


A robo-advisor meant to optimize retirement savings


A simple way to manage all of your income and spending transactions, with reports for balance, spending, and savings.


A company that equips people to take control of their financial lives by providing tools for building personal budgets, credit, savings, and investments.


A tool for managing employee benefits, from health insurance to retirement savings.


A startup for online learning. The startup says its users are saving 50% on their education costs.


A platform that aims to make it easier to get tax-deductible money from your medical savings account each year. The startup wants to make insurance more affordable for patients.


A startup that helps businesses integrate their point-of-sale systems with their back-end systems. It takes the process of creating checkout systems and streamlines it, with company-wide benefits in addition to the obvious cost savings.


A startup that offers unique white label savings, that lets users use a single card for all their purchases and save them money. The company says it has $15 million in annual recurring revenue.


A tool that helps employees collaborate around a project, with a focus on saving time and being more efficient. It also provides a way to communicate with customers and sales.


A startup that lets businesses set up insurance policies as a service, saving them time and money.


This personal finance app is meant to help you save money and get into the best financial products. It’s currently only available in the U.K. The app also claims to have access to the UK’s highest interest savings accounts, so it may not be available in the U.S.


A startup that wants to help people better manage their finances by tying their savings, investments, and credit into a single, personalized dashboard.


A visualization tool that can be used to easily compare things like health savings account benefits, retirement savings and credit card rewards.


Idea: A platform that makes it easy for interior designers to manage projects and clients. Users of the software say it’s saving them up to 6 hours per week.


Idea: A startup that helps companies offer employees an easy way to invest their savings into a long-term retirement fund.


A startup that provides a service that lets people save money using an online savings account