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Salespeople Startup Ideas

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A tool that helps salespeople get paid faster


 A software system for hiring salespeople.


A startup that offers a platform for salespeople to schedule meetings with other salespeople


An online platform for salespeople to self-publish content, and for buyers to find content that they are looking for.


Salesforce.com’s Wave is a platform aimed at salespeople that lets them collaborate on calls, track KPIs, and use AI to guide future calls.


A tool that helps sales managers and salespeople manage sales leads from all different sources. It works as a CRM for Salesforce, helping salespeople see calls and leads in one place.


A Toronto-based startup that wants to unify and improve the sales process with a sales platform that’s designed to help salespeople find sales opportunities, identify opportunities, and close deals.


A sales tool for companies with an online presence, allowing them to get email addresses for leads and salespeople.


A platform for healthcare startups to grow their partnerships, build scale, and get investors. It aims to help sales efforts by making salespeople more efficient and giving them access to sales data in real time, which can help them close deals.


A platform that enables salespeople to better manage their pipeline of opportunities, getting better results and making more money.


A company that makes software to help brokers and salespeople manage the sales process.


An analytics platform that helps retailers optimize in-store program time, and give salespeople better insights into what their customers are doing in their stores.


A company that helps place people, from salespeople to telemarketers, with the right clients, on behalf of clients.


A sales software company that’s built an automated system that helps salespeople close deals. It’s based on a Slack-like platform.


This company is building software to help the top 1% of salespeople and leadership, which they say is a $3 trillion market.


A data visualization tool for account managers and growth teams. The startup wants to help salespeople visualize their accounts and see where their best prospects are.


A startup that helps small businesses with their marketing and sales. The company’s software analyzes data and gives recommendations on how to best market and sell a company’s products. The startup says it has trained more than 150,000 salespeople and made more than $1 billion in revenue for clients.


A startup that will help salespeople pitch more effectively using a “Playbook”-like interface with a combination of slides, infographics, and video.


A sales collaboration platform that helps companies with salespeople communicate better, run more profitable sales meetings, and close more deals.


A B2B platform for salespeople to find sales opportunities online.


A startup that aims to help people make more money with less effort. It wants to build a tool for the “social selling” world that helps salespeople find companies to work with and then helps them find the products and clients they need.


A startup designed for salespeople to sync sales calls with their sales history, history of sales calls with their customer, and push out daily reports.


A tool for salespeople to track sales and sales pipeline data.


A startup that aims to be a kind of Airbnb for salespeople, connecting salespeople to sales leads and helping them find new clients.


A startup that helps companies make their salespeople more efficient. First, they build a sales enablement platform that helps salespeople process leads, and then they train salespeople to make use of it.


A company that wants to bring machine learning to sales, helping salespeople make better decisions with more data.


A company that helps companies automate their sales process with a “human machine interface” where salespeople can interact with the sales process via chatbots.


A platform for B2B companies to schedule and manage their salespeople, currently with 1,000 companies signed up.


A company that offers a collaboration tool for salespeople to share sales strategies, sales pipeline, and sales targets.


A tool for salespeople to generate new leads. The company’s co-founder used to go on sales calls where he’d be asked to generate leads, but then sit on his hands for days while he waited for new leads to appear. So he built a tool that automated this process, which has already generated 500 leads.


Idea: A tool for salespeople to track and report on any company-related content they are publishing. The startup is trying to replace spreadsheets and other tools salespeople have been using to track their content.