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by @levelsio

Safety Startup Ideas

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A new online service for monitoring food safety by connecting restaurants to their city’s local health department, so they can get regular reminders about things like food safety.


A platform for food safety and quality control, building a “food stamp for restaurants”


An education platform that teaches women about safety in the home. It’s currently in private beta with select customers.


A startup that wants to repurpose drones to help monitor traffic patterns and street corners for the police, fire department and other public safety agencies.


A web-based business that helps companies with a range of issues, including risk management, HR, and health and safety. The company uses AI and machine learning to make sense of insurance claims data.


A way for companies to keep track of their employees' safety and productivity data, and automatically reach out to them to provide support if they're having a hard time.


A startup that wants to create safety measures for autonomous vehicle testing.


A company that wants to let people borrow a car with the touch of a button. The company is working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get insurance to work with the app.


A search engine for crime and safety alerts in the US. The startup is looking to use machine learning to tell which alerts are legitimate and which are not.


A company that is building a “digital proof of concept” for the drug industry. The company is developing a platform that will allow pharmaceutical companies to test the safety of their clinical trial drugs and track the performance of their products, data that would be of great value to the FDA.


A messaging app for the US government that allows users to set up a “digital safety net”. Users can set aside extra money to pay for medical bills, car payments, or other expenses. The government’s been piloting the app with its own employees.


A startup for public safety and first responders, that informs decision-makers when there’s a threat or emergency.


A company that provides vehicle and driver safety solutions. The startup helps people find insurance for their cars by matching them to their driving habits.


A startup that’s giving employers a way to document and monitor employee behavior, from performance issues to safety concerns. It’s a little like a human-resources app and a security camera in one.


A company that’s building a way for organizations to manage their safety oversight. Their service is built on a system that helps organizations keep track of employees and their licenses, and it can be integrated with other safety technologies like cameras and sensors.


A startup that’s creating a digital system for the management of health, safety and environmental risks.


A hardware startup that wants to integrate sensors and cameras into shoes. The company collects information on how people walk, which it then uses to train computer vision algorithms to detect hazards and improve safety.


A notification system for public safety, allowing first responders and hospitals to be notified when someone tries to harm themselves or someone else.


A health and safety service for construction workers


A startup building a platform for the food industry to track food safety data. It’s a way for food producers to stay in touch with their customers and keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.


A platform that allows consumers to learn about pesticide safety, through videos, quizzes, and a database of information.


A voice-activated assistant that uses machine learning and a proprietary technology to identify critical situations and send messages to users’ phones. The app is meant to serve as a safety companion when users are out and about, guiding them through social situations, helping them get home safely, and handling the occasional emergency.


An open-source platform that allows employers to create and manage a social safety net for their employees, including healthcare and retirement benefits. The startup has raised $8.8 million to date and has 1,000 employers on board.


A web-based app that allows truckers to both hire and manage their drivers remotely. The company is also working on an app for drivers to manage their trucks remotely, and to improve safety in their trucks.


The company is now offering a free version of its software that handles data collection to help the public understand the safety of local honey.


A company that will replace existing safety tools for self-driving cars, including collision avoidance systems, with a dashboard that overlays cameras, radar, lidar, and other sensors.


A digital health and wellness platform, with a focus on medical adherence and safety. Its current offerings include an app, a digital diary, and a smart bracelet. Its current clientele include dozens of hospitals and healthcare companies.


A company that helps companies track and manage health and safety in the workplace. The startup is designed to be cheap, cheap, cheap.


Helping safety regulators and emergency responders communicate with each other.


A product that helps companies and individuals track and control mobile phone and tablet usage through location and mobile network data, with a focus on consumer safety using data from apps and websites.


A solution to the problem of safety in a dormitory setting


This company is building a workplace safety app that alerts staff about dangerous situations.


A safety app for remote workers, allowing them to set up online safety alarms.


A startup that wants to help people create a “digital safety deposit box” for their old photos, videos, and other digital content.


A startup that sells safety goggles so people can work on projects in their homes without worrying about getting hurt


Idea: An insurance product that gives users a safety net when they need it most