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by @levelsio

Safe Startup Ideas

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A female-focused, non-sexualized virtual reality platform where women can connect with other women in a safe and judgement-free environment to discuss and learn about sexual health and wellness.


A startup that helps people who are traveling overseas to have a way to find safe places to sleep


A new online service for monitoring food safety by connecting restaurants to their city’s local health department, so they can get regular reminders about things like food safety.


A startup that’s building an end-to-end GPS-based tracking app to help college students stay safe when they’re out on the town. The founders say that they’re already working with a number of colleges on their app, and that it’s been saving students from dangerous situations.


A startup that wants to offer a safer way for people to get their cars repaired.


This is a water purification company that wants to provide clean, safe drinking water to poor people in the developing world.


A platform for food safety and quality control, building a “food stamp for restaurants”


An education platform that teaches women about safety in the home. It’s currently in private beta with select customers.


A way for companies to keep track of their employees' safety and productivity data, and automatically reach out to them to provide support if they're having a hard time.


A web-based business that helps companies with a range of issues, including risk management, HR, and health and safety. The company uses AI and machine learning to make sense of insurance claims data.


A startup that wants to repurpose drones to help monitor traffic patterns and street corners for the police, fire department and other public safety agencies.


“A safe investment wrapper for cryptocurrency savings accounts”. The company is building an account that lets people invest cryptocurrency, while also automatically tracking the value of the investment and sending out monthly statements.


The startup recently raised $800,000 in seed funding, and has been using this to build a platform for people to tell stories and create video content in a “curated, structured, and safe environment”.


A platform that allows people to purchase and sell real estate together in a safe, transparent way.


A search engine for crime and safety alerts in the US. The startup is looking to use machine learning to tell which alerts are legitimate and which are not.


Building a product to help journalists stay safe from fake news and social engineering.


A messaging app for the US government that allows users to set up a “digital safety net”. Users can set aside extra money to pay for medical bills, car payments, or other expenses. The government’s been piloting the app with its own employees.


A health service for people with persistent mental problems. The company wants to provide safe homes for people with mental illnesses, to help them get the services they need to lead productive lives.


A startup for public safety and first responders, that informs decision-makers when there’s a threat or emergency.


A company that provides vehicle and driver safety solutions. The startup helps people find insurance for their cars by matching them to their driving habits.


A payment platform with built-in security safeguards.


A device for the elderly that monitors what’s going on with their blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels. The company also wants to build a “elderly safe” home that automatically adjusts itself to the needs of the elderly.


A startup that’s creating a digital system for the management of health, safety and environmental risks.


A company that’s building a way for organizations to manage their safety oversight. Their service is built on a system that helps organizations keep track of employees and their licenses, and it can be integrated with other safety technologies like cameras and sensors.


A platform that allows people to see how their city compares to others in terms of access to safe drinking water and sanitation. It’s currently in beta and launching in San Francisco.


A new way to store clinical and research data that’s fast, safe, and secure.


A notification system for public safety, allowing first responders and hospitals to be notified when someone tries to harm themselves or someone else.


A cybersecurity and privacy company that helps companies ensure that their data is kept safe.


A self-driving, electric semi truck. The company says they’re trying to “make it a safer, cleaner way to transport goods”.


A startup that wants to create a “digital safe deposit box” for the cloud. The company has raised $3.1 million to allow users to store files in the cloud with a secure encryption key.


A company that builds a way to observe and track the movement of people in real time through a smartphone application. It’s a way to keep celebrities safe at festivals and other events. The founders say they’ve already been approached by several celebrities to use their product.


A startup to help companies and entrepreneurs secure their personal data and keep it safe.


A platform that allows consumers to learn about pesticide safety, through videos, quizzes, and a database of information.


A startup building a platform for the food industry to track food safety data. It’s a way for food producers to stay in touch with their customers and keep a finger on the pulse of the industry.


This startup is trying to make web design a “safer” profession by lowering the drop out rate.


A startup that has built an automated rail system focused on the trucking industry. The rail system is connected to the trucking fleet, allowing drivers to scale back to a more leisurely pace and still maintain a safe route.


An AI-based platform for managing and improving product lifecycles, the company wants to enable manufacturers to make their products safer and more reliable.


A health and safety service for construction workers


A startup that builds software to help keep data safe from hackers.


This startup is building a file sharing platform for companies and organizations to share files safely.


Idea: An insurance product that gives users a safety net when they need it most


Idea: A startup that helps homeowners, landlords, and property managers use data to track their properties and keep them safer


Idea: This startup is building a way to use AI to safely clean up online hate speech, with a focus on areas where a person’s access to the internet is controlled by a local government and there’s a risk of them being punished.


Idea: A startup that makes a smart, wearable sleeve for injured athletes. The startup is meant to help athletes get back into the game faster after an injury. It is manufactured in the US and helps keep athletes safe from further injury.


Idea: A customizable webmail service, which aims to be a ‘safer’ alternative to Gmail. The startup has seen over $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue since launching in April 2019.


A startup to buy and sell used cars, with a focus on providing a safe and easy way for folks to manage everything involved in the process. The startup wants to make it easy to sell a car without involving a third party.