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A startup for lawyers and consumers that helps them rate and review legal services. The company has raised $3.5 million to date.


A startup that wants to simplify the process of buying insurance, allowing people to compare prices, read reviews and buy with a few clicks online.


A company that helps restaurants review their food, and give customers ratings, which they hope will help improve online food ordering.


A review platform for restaurants. Users can rate restaurants on their service, experience, and food quality.


An online platform where customers can review products they’ve purchased and engage with brands.


A startup that provides a service for people to get their resumes reviewed by someone who has a background in HR


A review platform that rates and ranks doctors.


A startup that helps people find and review the best electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople. They currently operate in the UK and US.


A “machine-learning-powered” customer review management tool.


A platform for employees to communicate with each other, share files, and review client work. The company uses Slack as a communications platform, and has raised $1.5 million in funding to date.


A SaaS developer platform that helps teams develop better software using tools like code reviews, design reviews, and prototyping


A platform for restaurant review sites to share data about their users.


An online food ordering and delivery platform that uses an in-app feature to review restaurants and take reservations.


A startup that provides a service where people can get their resume reviewed by a professional (IE I pay $50 and I get my resume reviewed) !!!


A startup that provides a service where students can get help writing a thesis in exchange for a small review of the thesis once it’s written


A startup that wants to “build a better IDE” for mobile apps, with features like a live preview of changes to code.


A new way to search for doctors, with Yelp-esque reviews and ratings for medical professionals.


A location-based service that aims to bring the real-time chatter of restaurant reviews to the table. It’s targeting customers with $25 meals or more that don’t have a reservation.


A content creation platform for retailers. The startup wants to give retailers a better workflow for creating and managing content, and to give them tools to manage their content on the site, like promotions, offers, and reviews.


A SaaS startup that helps software engineers get their code reviewed faster and more cheaply.


A “fintech for the legal industry”. It wants to make legal contracts easier to understand and fill out, so they don’t need lawyers to review them.


A way for companies to make sure their employees aren’t being untruthful in their reviews


A startup that helps people who are selling products on Amazon and provides them with advice on how to sell more and get positive reviews


A startup that provides a crowdsourced network of reviewers to deliver criticism and praise about neighborhood businesses Customers rate the businesses, and the app gives them a network of reviewers to consider


A startup that makes it fun for anyone to submit a link to a site they’ve created, have it reviewed by real people, and feature on the site. They’re currently working with a few sites, like the website for an artsy bar in New York City.


A startup that lets users upload, preview and purchase a pre-made selection of stock photos from thousands of professional photographers and stock photo agencies. Users can save money by purchasing images from photographers at lower than standard rates, and then have them professionally curated by the company.


A platform that helps people find apartments and buy houses, allowing them to compare prices, amenities, and neighborhood reviews.


A startup that wants to provide a way to share, review, and rate restaurant meals and their service


A company that helps people find the right healthcare provider when they need it, whether that's a doctor or a lab. Their product is a directory of doctors and their practices, with the ability to add doctors, review and edit information, and even schedule appointments.


A self-service platform that makes it easy for people to create and vet and review video ads.


An automated process for finding and blocking bad reviews on Amazon.


This startup uses data from social media, online reviews, and offline interactions to help B2B companies make better hiring decisions.


 A tool that builds a single, unified business profile for an employee. It allows companies to track the employee’s business performance, conduct employee reviews, and pay them for their time, without the need to manage each business individually.


A “one-time” payment service for reviews, where customers only have to pay once and then don’t have to pay again unless they choose to.


A “crowdsourced recommendation engine” that uses a model built on Yelp and other reviews to help people find apps and services that they might not necessarily know about.


A tool for HR leaders to manage employee reviews, with a focus on making sure employees have a voice in their reviews, and that the company is using the information to its advantage.


This startup is building a service for businesses to organize and grade their internal performance reviews.


Helping companies review, rank and purchase equipment such as tickets, office supplies and food. They have raised $35 million to date and have a database of 15,000 to 20,000 clients.


A startup that allows companies to send a message to their employees and ask them to submit a fake review to help their company look more like a “top-rated” company.


This startup wants to bring more transparency to online rental listings by creating a search engine that sorts and ranks homes based on their location, amenities, and price, as well as the number of reviews they have.


The app makes it easy to find the best nearby restaurants and their reviews, and the business can then make money off the data it collects about online reviews.


A platform that enables customers to rate and review their favorite stores. The startup uses a crowdsourced model to encourage customer feedback and use it to guide the company’s product development.


An online platform that allows users to rate and review products in a more transparent way than is possible on Amazon.


A way to do peer review for scientific papers, allowing scientists to post their work directly as a paper on the internet and ask for feedback from the scientific community.


A tool for tracking the performance of marketing automation tools, allowing users to review how well they’re working.


A micro-app that helps teachers (and students) create and share lessons online. Zoono is currently in private beta, and is designed to help you teach, review, and grade lessons more efficiently by providing a single platform.


A company that makes it easy to manage your own online dating profile and have it reviewed by online professionals.


This startup is building a tool to help software engineers write more efficient code. The startup partners with teams to sit down with engineers and review their coding, helping them improve their efficiency and the quality of their code.


This is streamlining the process of managing employees in-person and remotely by making it much easier to communicate with employees, set up meetings, and review schedules. The company is currently piloting with large retailers, and plans to expand to other verticals in the future.


As Seen On TV is a YouTube channel that reviews and shares videos from the shows that air on TLC, the Discovery Channel, and History Channel. It was founded in January 2015.


A tool for restaurant owners and employees that helps them with the everyday tasks of running a restaurant. With the app, you can order takeout, track tips, and review your shift.


A company that helps people record and share their medical stories for future doctors to review by using a social network.


 A startup for hotels to receive guest reviews. It allows hotels to easily build a phone application that allows guests to submit feedback. It’s also a way for hotels to tap into a big, untapped market of millennials who like to review things on their phones.


A mobile app providing users with recommendations on where to eat in their city based on their location. The company says it processes over 20 million restaurant reviews every month.


A startup that tells you how good a product is based on Alexa ratings, reviews, and social media activity.


A startup that helps users find local businesses to buy their products from, and allows businesses to ask users to review their products.


A simple online platform to measure and compare ratings, recommendations and reviews for restaurants, bars, spas, salons and more.


A startup that helps restaurant workers keep track of multiple job applications and reviews.


This startup helps online retailers to improve their sales by managing the process of “crowdsourcing” product reviews.


 A cloud-based review platform for dating apps, with a funding round that was reportedly led by Facebook


A tool for teachers to collaborate and review lessons with students, built as a web application.


A platform for short-term rentals through a combination of posting, ratings, and reviews.


This company is pitching a “collaboration hub for teams”, with tools to help teams track what they’re working on, manage their work schedules, and review their progress. The company currently has 3 contracts.


This startup is building a social-based platform where people can share, rate and review restaurant dishes and locations


A tool for helping employees review and edit their resumes and cover letters. The B2B startup is currently working with Y Combinator, and is focused on helping hiring managers.


This startup is looking to replace the whole process of writing a paper from a researcher to publishing it in peer reviewed journals, using artificial intelligence and machine learning.


A startup that helps people find reliable, well-reviewed doctors, and those doctors get paid to advertise.


A tool helps auto manufacturers create highly efficient car designs. It can review thousands of designs, pick out ones that are more efficient, and make suggestions to manufacturers to try.


 This is a company that brings the star rating feature used by restaurant critics to hotel reviews.


An API for crowdsourced product reviews, allowing brands to run their own polls and aggregate the data.


What if the internet let you check on your stocks, find a doctor, and pay your bills The company’s app connects users to the information they need, from financial news to local restaurant reviews. The company has raised $6.4 million in funding.


A software company that makes it easier for you to spend your money. The startup helps you find the best product for your needs, combining data from social media, news, and reviews to understand what you like and dislike.


This startup is building a tool for HR managers to manage their team’s performance reviews. The service has already been used by over 5,000 companies, and it’s available for free to large companies.


A startup that aims to make it easier for companies to manage the hiring process. The company’s first product allows companies to post job openings, then when a candidate applies, the company can review the application, send interview offers, and conduct interviews all in one place.


This startup is building a tool for beer lovers to find, learn about and share reviews of craft beers. The startup has in the past month added beer reviews from a handful of beer experts and bloggers to its platform.


A startup that allows users to trustlessly review and share their favorite restaurants on a map.


The startup is building a platform for trusted patient reviews


A startup that helps you create a travel itinerary for your trip, with maps, reviews, and hotel bookings.


An AI that helps people review restaurants. The AI can be used for speed dating, by restaurants to review their guests’ faces, and for booking books at restaurants.


A startup that helps people find the best prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals while also providing a platform for them to post reviews and ratings and get rewarded for their patronage.


A company that creates and sells software to let people leave reviews for products they’ve purchased online. The startup’s first product is a Chrome browser extension.


A platform to help you find the best places to eat and drink, with a host of features like reviews, ratings, and menus.


A startup that helps hotels decide which employees to hire, based on data from a collection of over 100 million guest reviews.


A platform that helps users find the best restaurants in their town based on ratings, reviews, and menus.


A startup that enables organizations to get their peer groups to review each other’s work. Currently supporting nearly 2,000 groups of over 25,000 members.


This idea is a tool that allows anyone to run their own private code review on Github.


A workplace culture survey system. The startup is building a platform that helps recruiters recruit better by pulling together data from a variety of sources, including surveys, transparent reviews from past employers, and social media.


A real-time collaboration tool that allows teams to casually or formally review work in progress.


A startup that provides a service where people can have their resumes reviewed by job coaches who can help them tweak them for their profession


Idea: Startup that offers a cloud-based solution for managing performance reviews


Idea: A startup that allows you to send a text message to someone, and it’ll automatically be posted as a review to Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other places on the internet.


Idea: A B2B service for business owners to manage their online reviews, and to schedule reviews from their customers.


Idea: An AI-based recruiting tool. The startup wants to handle the entire resume screening process, reviewing resumes and suggesting candidates for a job.