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Research Startup Ideas

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A startup that’s building a “digital lab” for large pharmaceutical companies, helping them scale their research with AI and speed up their drug discovery.


This startup wants to build a “database of experts” that help companies with a variety of tasks, from research to coding.


A tool for working with data in order to understand the real world. For instance, a medical researcher can use it to investigate how much stress the human body can handle, or to understand how people interact with their surroundings.


The Startup Genome is a biannual report on the state of entrepreneurship. It is produced by a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The report is based on interviews with founders about their businesses, the challenges they face, and their plans for the future. The report is intended to give entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem in a particular country, and to help predict trends between countries.


This startup is building an online and mobile platform to help consumers research credit cards, loans, and credit scores.


A real estate app meant to help people find, research, and purchase houses. The startup is currently focused on the San Francisco Bay Area.


makes it easier for people to discover, research, and purchase private jets.


A market research platform for fashion designers that serves as a central database for pricing, trends, and quality.


A cryptocurrency to incentivize scientific research.


A software platform for publishing academic papers and hosting conferences, designed for scientists, researchers, and students.


Academic research: “We are in the midst of a digital revolution, where the ability to extract value from data is rapidly outpacing the ability to create it.”


A company that helps with home repairs and renovations, letting customers research and book local contractors


This startup is building a browser for the startup world. Its goal is to create a simplified version of the startup experience with tools for research, fundraising, and community engagement.


TechCrunch’s IPOs have been pretty good over the past decade. The 14 most recent IPOs have collectively brought in $2.4 billion as of April 2018, according to research from Pitchbook.


The startup is building a platform to help keep track of healthcare data from providers, patients, and researchers.


A data-driven research and reporting platform for companies to help them do in-depth research. The company is building for both business use and academia, with a focus on the latter.


A “mobile-first” market research app that helps companies make more data-driven decisions.


A company founded by a team of Stanford and Berkeley researchers that uses AI to detect and prevent fraud. The software aims to detect when a person is trying to make a credit card purchase in a store and notify the appropriate employees, who can then stop the transaction.


A tool for high-frequency traders to help them build algorithmic strategies. The startup also wants to make the process of building algorithms easier for researchers to understand.


The startup is building a platform for genomics data that is both more accessible, and more useful in the long run than other existing options. They are digitizing research from thousands of articles to make their platform the definitive source for scientific information.


 The startup aims to be a single source of research on all of the different ride-sharing apps from Uber to Lyft.


A web-based platform for managing customer service research.


A software company that helps companies with legal needs to manage everything from legal agreements to legal research.


A market research app that helps companies understand the wants and needs of their consumers better. It’s paid for by a company like SurveyGizmo or SurveyMonkey that charges a small fee every time a survey is completed.


A tool for journalists to research and structure pitches and stories


A startup that conducts research on the effects of technology on society, and then works with companies and government to find solutions


A customer research and feedback platform for brands.


A crowdsourced research platform focused on helping companies understand their customers.


A blockchain-based platform to power collaborative research. The startup is building a platform that allows researchers to share data and research findings and get results published so that other researchers can build on the work.


An AI tool that aims to make it easier for users to research and buy travel, hotel and vacation packages


A startup that is helping companies make their data sets more accessible to marketers and researchers.


A market research and recruiting tool for the beauty industry. The startup’s founders say they have already worked with brands like Revlon and L’Oréal.


A platform for buying and selling data, allowing businesses and researchers to share datasets.


A SaaS platform for managing data that helps scientists and researchers conduct research. The startup helps scientists find the right resources, and connect to them in ways they never could before.


An online marketplace for university students where they can find internship opportunities, research and a community.


A team of designers and engineers building a digital prototype for a custom-built laser cutter. The team is building the product as a way to fund the research of a laser cutter they hope to build themselves.


A digital platform that allows you to explore and research topics of your interest by browsing and sharing user-created content.


The BLS blog provides a daily newsletter, typically written by an economist, that summarizes recent changes in labor market conditions locally and nationally, and features summaries of research findings.


A digital marketing platform for e-commerce that helps create customer personas, conduct user research, and optimize campaigns.


 A  researcher of AI technologies.


A tool to help data scientists find research data sets with the keywords that they’re looking for, allowing them to discover relevant, relevant, relevant data sets.


 This is a company that has done a lot of research on the best way to get a message across to people in different places. They decided that one of the best ways was to create a system that is both language and location-agnostic, and designed to be culturally sensitive. They’ve put that system to work for a variety of companies, including a hotel chain, a coffee company, and a plastic surgery center.


A new way to store clinical and research data that’s fast, safe, and secure.


A company that is building a marketplace for data that comes from large data sets. TimeNexus aims to make this data available to researchers and teams to help them build out their own prediction models.


Cofounder of the company, a former commercial real estate agent, says she knew nothing about the fintech industry until she started researching it in 2017.


A digital ecosystem for data science to collaborate and do research. It’s meant to help make the field more accessible to smaller teams and startups.


A company that helps you find medical specialists who are willing to collaborate with you on your research.


A platform for market research firms to buy data from customers in order to improve their products.


A platform that helps small teams get paid for sharing their research and results with the world.


Building a company focused on making modeling, simulation and optimization more accessible to researchers, engineers and scientists.


A platform that engages users with content that’s relevant to them, whether they’re fans of an artist or a topic they’re researching. It’s a software-based approach to human curation.


A team of former Google engineers are building a “SEO suite” for e-commerce platforms that includes keyword research, sitemaps, and other tools. It helps brands rank better on search engines and direct more traffic to the site.


A startup that wants to connect you directly to the data you need for your research, building your own databases in a decentralized manner.


A tool for realtors to track potential deals and keep clients up to date on the status of their market research.


A startup that helps people find and find freelance workers for small jobs, such as research, development, and writing.


A startup that pays people to do research on topics they are interested in which is then written up into a paper and sold to students


Idea: A pharmaceutical company that offers financial and marketing help to early-stage startups and researchers


Idea: Transparent, interactive, and concise investment research


Idea: A tool that allows users to run a “one-click market research” poll on their website, allowing them to see a sample of their users’ opinions


Idea: A Twitter-like social network for doctors, meant to allow them to connect and share research.


Idea: A platform for building custom apps for drug trials, allowing researchers to quickly develop and deploy apps that streamline trials.