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Require Startup Ideas

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A platform that connects customers to doctors and patients in a way that doesn’t require uploading even a single file. Patients can ask any doctor questions about anything, and get a personalized response in a few minutes.


A startup that allows companies to create virtual reality/augmented reality experiences with their employees (no coding required)


A startup that helps people manage their plastic cards, and make purchases that require plastic.


A startup that wants to build a “machine learning tool for creating music”. The startup wants to build a tool that will allow anyone to create music from scratch, without any of the engineering knowledge required.


A company that makes personal computers that require no software and no installation. Their first product is a $2,500 computer that can be plugged into a wall.


A credit card for people who are underbanked. The company offers a line of credit that doesn’t require a credit check, allowing people to put down as little as $1.


A startup that connects businesses with local people to help them do things that require a lot of hands-on labor, like construction or gardening.


A digital wallet that’s designed to serve the needs of women in China. Currently, the platform does not offer features that are common in the US, such as peer-to-peer payments, a feature that is required in China for transactions to be legal.


A startup that connects on-demand workers with companies that require workers who are not full-time


Jet.com is a startup that will sell anything from household items to clothes to groceries to a single user, with no membership fees or minimum purchase requirements. It’s been called the Amazon of online shopping that will work on the ground. The company says it has 1.1 million active buyers already, and a $3 billion run rate.


A software startup that wants to create a way to automatically package and publish videos on social media in a way that doesn’t require extensive video editing.


A platform that helps your employees to deal with regulatory requirements for their business. The company currently has a handful of clients, including a financial services company.


A platform for small businesses that want to sell their products online without a website. It’s like Etsy, but it doesn’t require a website.


A startup builder that lets you create beautiful, interactive, mobile-friendly websites for your business, with no coding required


This startup wants to make it easier for anyone to find a roommate. The team wants to provide a way for people to connect with each other that doesn’t require a third party verification.


A small loan marketplace that allows anyone to lend and borrow locally, in person, with no credit score required.


A startup building a platform to let people find jobs in their own community. It works a lot like other platforms like Upwork, but the company says it’s targeting the jobs market, and does not require fees to post a job.


A startup that gives users an easy way to make a donation to a cause of their choice. The startup is looking to increase the number of causes a person can donate to by cutting down on the number of steps required to do so.


A startup that aims to help organizations be more efficient by “minimizing the amount of time, energy, and resources required” to manage the things that can’t be automated.


A code library that makes it easier to build React Native apps, as opposed to the traditional NativeScript process that requires developers to learn a new framework.


Voice-activated light switches that don’t require a hub or hub-controlled switches.


A B2B SaaS company that helps employees communicate with one another and receive pay, benefits and bonuses. It’s built for larger companies with at least 1,000 employees and requires a proprietary API for payment and payroll integration.


A health app that tracks patients’ movements and health levels, using the app’s own sensor suite, and sends alerts when a patient’s condition requires immediate attention.


A platform for building apps for the iPhone that doesn’t require any coding experience.


A company that creates a line of high-end electric scooters for use in urban areas, no motorcycle license required.


A cloud-based database of student loan debt for people to search, with a sign-up required to see data. The company also has a personal debt management product.


A company that makes a point-of-sale system for bars that doesn’t require a cash register.


 A custom cryptocurrency that’s being built by a former Coinbase employee. The startup is building a cryptocurrency for which no mining is required – a codebase that’s designed to be more decentralized.


The startup aims to build a global network of systems integrators who can leverage its platform to help companies with other integrations, including those that require products to be manufactured overseas.


A software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing customer service. The startup will be using an algorithm to monitor customer service conversations, and help internal teams prioritize which issues require follow up.


A social security number manager that takes all the pain out of setting up a new account. The startup’s goal is to help small businesses and freelancers manage online accounts that require a social security number.


A startup that wants to be the Airbnb of car rental with an app that matches drivers to riders with specific car requirements. The business gives drivers a way to earn extra income without having to own a car.


A security-focused video service that doesn’t require a subscription.


Want to track your dog This startup wants to let you track your dog's movements with a GPS system. They're currently building out the product, which they say requires no phone or network connection.


A startup that wants to make it as easy as possible to build and deploy a web app, no programming required.


A startup that allows people to print out a physical receipt for their purchase. The startup wants to build a digital receipt option for stores that doesn’t require a printer.


A tool that lets people create “standard contracts”, which require the same information from parties. This way, people don’t have to go back and forth with different versions of contract language.


A platform for micro-loans that don’t require collateral.


A new twist on the “impulse” product. The startup is developing a way for brands to send their customers impulse-buy items, which usually require some sort of sign-up.


 The startup is building a team of drone pilots that can fly parcels to people within 20 minutes. The service is cheaper than UPS and FedEx, but requires a subscription fee.


A startup that sells a tool to help someone prepare for the Spanish or French exam required to get a driver’s license


Idea: A new kind of digital bank for the unbanked that doesn’t require a smartphone or a bank account


Idea: A B2B startup that provides a logistics platform for businesses that ship vehicles (or anything that requires a flat-


Idea: A way to automatically manage your finances that doesn’t require users to enter or re-enter any information. The startup is primarily focused on helping users pay off their debt.