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A system that allows people to request items from businesses by scanning a QR code and sharing the results on social media


A simple tool for employees to request purchases.


A company that aims to connect B2B companies with service providers and allow people to view, request, and rate those service providers. They’ve raised $10 million in funding and are a Y Combinator alumni.


A web-based tool that makes it easier for employees to find and request rides from the private transportation industry.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their finances by bringing together all their bank accounts and credit cards into one dashboard for employees, and for employees to request payments.


A bike-sharing startup that has raised $5 million and launched in Seattle. The company bills itself as the Uber of bikes, and promises bikes that arrive within five minutes of being requested.


A startup for freelance designers and developers to find jobs and request work. According to the company, they have a response rate of 90%.


This startup is building software to allow retailers to offer a new way to pay for goods and to pay their employees. The software removes the need for cashiers, since customers can just request a payment from their phone.


A new way to pay for goods and services. The app helps you request a payment and the mobile network operator (say, a mobile operator or telecom company) will generate a token that is then transferred to the merchant. The app will then notify the consumer to confirm the payment.


A platform for finding chefs that can cook for you, for a fee, across a variety of restaurants. Peers who want to hire a chef post what they’re looking for, and chefs can bid on each request.


This is a startup that allows employees to request products and services from nearby businesses. The company is currently in open beta.


A digital product for doctors to simplify the process of recording and sharing their medical files and to make it easier for patients to request copies of their medical records.


A digital tool that helps retailers navigate the price-off-requesting supply chain of their product.


This is an on-demand dog walker business, with an app that allows users to request a walker with an ease of use similar to Uber.


Employees can request a new car or plane ticket, with the company paying for it. It’s like a traveler’s club without the fees.


A startup that helps people find the closest taxi service on demand. A company called Taxi Magic will match you up with a cab in under 5 minutes, and if there's not one nearby, you can request a car to come pick you up.


A startup that connects merchants with vendors to help grow their businesses. Merchants can request products and orders and have them delivered within a few days. They have also opened up an API for other companies to integrate into their product.


A management app for companies to manage their employee work schedules. Allows employees to request their time off, add temporary staff, and see when they will be next needed.


A company that helps companies with procurement and procurement managers, by offering a digital channel through which employees can request products and services.


A product designed for students and young professionals, where one can send a request for a meeting, and the other can respond with a time and place. The company was founded in March, and is working on a handful of deals in Silicon Valley for the product.


A platform that provides users with a way to set up and schedule payments, sending invoices and money requests, and making payments.


A chatbot that allows companies to respond to service requests with text messages.


A tool for small businesses to get quotes, compare prices, and request quotes for different contractors.


A platform for students to request tutoring, with the company taking a 20% cut from tutors’ earnings.


Employers can access a single dashboard to track their employee’s performance. Performance is measured across different channels, including time spent at work, friend requests, and the effectiveness of their social media presence.


A new app that lets people in the US track the cost of their utility bills. Energy management platform, YieldClerk, aims to help people save money by giving an overview of their bill and what they could be spending on other things. It also gives them a way to request service credits from their utility companies.


This startup is looking to make it easier for people to share their ride requests, whether it be a ride with friends, a ride to the airport, or a ride to a restaurant.


Idea: A new tool for GitHub pull requests


Idea: A platform where employees can request expenses and get approved by the team


Idea: A startuplication that allows users to post a request for help around the house and get someone to come fix it


Idea: A platform that lets businesses request quotes from contractors and find deals on contractors


A startup that's building a solution for managing customer service requests.