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Reporting Startup Ideas

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SaaS company that helps businesses with compliance and regulatory headaches like tax reporting, sales tax, employee onboarding, and more


A tool that helps companies automate their financial and operational reporting to ensure that they’re on track. The company is selling the software to businesses that aren’t online, and has worked with companies like Google and Target.


A startup that helps businesses manage their risk and compliance exposure with regulatory reporting. The company is currently in “batch”, with plans to launch on March 1, but has already signed up 10 clients.


Decentralized Waze, the adult version, where users are paid for reporting road hazards, or get points for reporting them.


A data-driven research and reporting platform for companies to help them do in-depth research. The company is building for both business use and academia, with a focus on the latter.


A startup that’s helping small businesses in the US automate payroll and create financial reporting with minimal cost. The company is now focusing on being a one-stop shop for small businesses.


A credit reporting agency that uses AI to predict a person’s financial risk.


A tool for tracking and reporting on your health habits.


On-demand software for human resources (HR) teams. It automates the hiring process, removes the stress of finding the right people, and streamlines data collection and reporting for HR teams.


A startup that uses its own technology to construct a new type of credit reporting agency, which will offer credit score and credit monitoring to people who do not have access to traditional credit reports.


A startup that helps retailers with reporting, inventory management, and order fulfillment in a way that takes friction out of the process.


A company that makes it easier to create interactive dashboards and reporting for finance teams.


A tool to help people manage their social media presence, through reporting, curating, and scheduling.


The company is building ways to better manage your accounts, such as better onboarding, customer service, and reporting. They are also working on the app, which has not been released yet.


A business that seeks to create the next generation of data reporting for agencies, which are tasked with crunching the numbers on everything from city budgets to loan applications.


“A desktop-based tool for managing and reporting on commercial printing jobs”, this startup is developing a software tool for printing and printing services firms that are based on solid data science.


Canopy is working to make it easier for companies to manage their e-commerce operations, giving them access to warehouse management software, inventory tracking, and better reporting.


A tool for campaign finance reporting.


A tool for finding and reporting on all the relevant information about any country, including the government, economy, and culture. It’s available in English.


A platform that helps companies build and manage travel and expense management apps. One of the founders, who worked at Expedia, was frustrated by all the apps and services they used. So they built a better expense reporting system


A company that helps people take online surveys, with web-based software for taking surveys and reporting results.


Idea: A startup that builds a CRM for car dealerships. A CRM for sales, it offers leads, follow-ups, and reporting to help sales teams manage their customers.