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A tool to help users keep track of their spending, which can be shared with others. It also provides a monthly report on spending, which is sent to the user via email.


An online platform that asks you to rate products and services before you buy them, allowing you to compare them on the same scale as Amazon or Consumer Reports.


SaaS company that helps businesses with compliance and regulatory headaches like tax reporting, sales tax, employee onboarding, and more


A startup for community members to report potholes and graffiti in their neighborhood Workers go out daily to clean up potholes, remove graffiti


The Startup Genome is a biannual report on the state of entrepreneurship. It is produced by a team of researchers from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The report is based on interviews with founders about their businesses, the challenges they face, and their plans for the future. The report is intended to give entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the startup ecosystem in a particular country, and to help predict trends between countries.


A software company that helps government agencies track and report compliance with laws, regulations, and guidelines.


A SaaS platform that helps companies manage their expense reports. It starts with a monthly subscription and then allows the user to create expense reports that are editable and searchable, with the option to export.


A company that allows people to plug in their credit card info, and then allows them to download their credit report


A startup that helps you visualize your credit score and quickly access information on your credit report and credit score.


A human resources software company that helps companies track their employee’s work hours, track TPS reports, and calculate the number of employees they need.


A Chrome extension that lets you monitor and report on the state of your own website.


A startup that gives data on the role of the press in different countries, and what countries are most open to outside reporters.


A tool that helps companies automate their financial and operational reporting to ensure that they’re on track. The company is selling the software to businesses that aren’t online, and has worked with companies like Google and Target.


A platform for financial advisors to manage their clients’ investments. The platform is intended to help advisors avoid mistakes often made by new advisors, and set up automatic investment reports.


A startup that helps businesses manage their risk and compliance exposure with regulatory reporting. The company is currently in “batch”, with plans to launch on March 1, but has already signed up 10 clients.


As we reported last week, Blue Capital is building a “wage engine” for the gig economy that will help people figure out how to actually pay their rent.


A startup that helps companies pull reports from their company's distributed computer system and then distribute them to their employees.


A startup that offers a service to provide a report card for single mothers


In the past year, the startup has grown to have over 500 media outlets and over 1,000 reporters and editors, covering everything from sports to politics, and local to international. They’re aiming to grow that to 10,000 members and double the number of journalists that cover the news.


In August 2018, Crunchbase reported that there were over 150 venture-backed startup accelerators in the United States. The list of top accelerators in the United States was as follows:


A startup that uses an AI-based algorithm to build personalized voice bots for e-commerce. The startup is currently in a closed beta and has 3 reports of revenue in 2019.


A startup that’s helping small businesses in the US automate payroll and create financial reporting with minimal cost. The company is now focusing on being a one-stop shop for small businesses.


Decentralized Waze, the adult version, where users are paid for reporting road hazards, or get points for reporting them.


A data-driven research and reporting platform for companies to help them do in-depth research. The company is building for both business use and academia, with a focus on the latter.


A company that makes a more efficient way for businesses to collect their payments. The startup offers a managed service that tracks payments and reports on status, and is a consultant for merchants.


An internal audit tool which helps companies audit data from multiple sources, and produce an audit report for each source.


A tool that will allow marketers to connect with journalists to report stories with the ability to collaborate on the story’s delivery. The company wants to be a go-between that can provide access to journalists in order to make the story more valuable.


A credit reporting agency that uses AI to predict a person’s financial risk.


A tool for doing data science on a continuous basis, allowing companies to pull real-time data rather than waiting for an annual report or project to happen.


A DC-based software company that wants to help members of Congress find more efficient ways of working. The company wants to help lawmakers streamline their day-to-day by helping them track and report their progress. It’s currently focused on the DC metro area.


This app will help people easily manage their finances and investments with annual spending and expense reports.


A tool for developers to get track of what’s happening in their app, with a series of reports that show you how many users have opened your app, how many users have closed it, where those users are coming from, and how they’re using your app.


A tool for tracking and reporting on your health habits.


A software startup that helps financial professionals create report dashboards for executives to make better decisions.


A startup that provides remote workers with the tools to efficiently monitor, report, and communicate their team’s progress, with the goal of giving managers the ability to manage teams, with less need for face time. The company has raised $1.2 million in funding, and has customers in the UK, Canada, and Australia.


A software company that allows people to collect and use data to better manage their health. It’s building a “smart” wearable device that can track your health and send a report to a doctor.


This startup is building a financial tool that helps companies manage all of the money they spend on advertising. The startup converts all of that data into digital marketing reports and services.


A company that helps build technology for banks to provide online banking through telepresence. A few months ago, it was reported that Facebook was looking to invest in VR company Magic Leap to help make this possible.


A software platform that allows brokers to lower their fees by sending buyers and sellers a weekly report with a snapshot of their properties.


A way to measure and report on a person’s location and movements in real-time, without requiring a wearable device.


On-demand software for human resources (HR) teams. It automates the hiring process, removes the stress of finding the right people, and streamlines data collection and reporting for HR teams.


A software company that simplifies and automates the process of creating and managing financial reports.


A startup that uses its own technology to construct a new type of credit reporting agency, which will offer credit score and credit monitoring to people who do not have access to traditional credit reports.


A startup that allows brands to send weather reports to retailers for them to better plan their businesses.


A mobile app that allows users to report and receive ride-hailing pickups in real time, and to track the progress of drivers as they carry out both scheduled and unscheduled pickups.


A tool to help finance teams and executives track their spending and generate reports that can be used to improve management of funds.


A startup that helps retailers with reporting, inventory management, and order fulfillment in a way that takes friction out of the process.


A tool that helps anyone in the world track their spending in real-time. The startup is building an app for users to report their spending and personal finance habits.


A tool that converts your tax returns into a report for the government. It’s built for people who do not have access to a tax professional.


A startup aimed at employers. The startup has raised $2.5 million in funding to date. It helps employers manage employees on the fly and quickly generate reports.


A startup that lets users create professional-looking investment reports in a few minutes, then sell them to their peers.


Activell is a browser-based service that helps companies track and report their social media efforts. The startup says it can manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram campaigns across the globe.


A “smart” home that uses your smartphone to monitor your energy usage, giving you a report on how much heat you’re putting out and how much your bill is going to be


A shopping app in India that helps users buy online and has a loyalty program. The startup has a reported 4 million users.


A company that makes it easier to create interactive dashboards and reporting for finance teams.


A tool to help people manage their social media presence, through reporting, curating, and scheduling.


A startup that allows business owners to share their expense reports directly within their business app.


 A cloud-based review platform for dating apps, with a funding round that was reportedly led by Facebook


 A startup that collects data from social media networks and aggregates them into daily reports that can be used to measure the human conversation that happens on the internet.


A tool to help members of the public report issues with the Metrorail system.


A tool for managing and tracking expenses for small businesses. The app facilitates the creation of invoices, expense reports, and other business forms.


Smart objects that can track and report on temperature, light, humidity, and CO2 levels in a home.


The company is building ways to better manage your accounts, such as better onboarding, customer service, and reporting. They are also working on the app, which has not been released yet.


The company’s founders have been called "the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs of the Indian startup scene" by a reporter in Quartz.


A company that wants to make it easier for publishers to keep track of their subscribers. Currently, publishers need to pay for a service to keep track of their subscribers and for them to be included in a report.


This is a tool that helps journalists and reporters publish their work on Medium. It’s meant to help journalists write the same stories over and over again.


An open source, cloud-based platform that allows companies to track and report on the performance and progress of people and teams.


A tool for the finance industry to track and report on customer payment history.


This startup wants to help companies in the US and Canada manage their expense report software.


A US-based startup that wants to help businesses and nonprofits track and report on their social media activity.


A startup that converts your expense reports into a simple, accurate, and painless monthly report that your boss will actually read.


A business that seeks to create the next generation of data reporting for agencies, which are tasked with crunching the numbers on everything from city budgets to loan applications.


“A desktop-based tool for managing and reporting on commercial printing jobs”, this startup is developing a software tool for printing and printing services firms that are based on solid data science.


A software tool that lets users create custom reports for their businesses.


A platform that helps people build custom AI into their business processes. The company wants to use AI to automatically generate data for business reports.


A security startup with a free app that lets users report any mobile phone that isn’t secure.


A healthcare company that vets doctors via video and social media and generates reports on their abilities to practice medicine. The company already has a network of about 23,000 doctors on its platform.


A data visualization tool that offers individualized reports for each user, combining data from multiple sources and presenting them to an end user in a way that is easy to digest. The company’s first product, released in 2019, is for healthcare and financial services.


A company that makes an app that helps people make sense of health and fitness apps by aggregating results from different apps into one report.


A tool to help event organizers attract more attendees and better manage their finances, with features like real-time ticket sales, revenue data, and expense reports.


A startup that wants to help people clean up their bank accounts and credit card debt by helping them understand their credit report.


A mobile app to help healthcare providers with their work, with features like a “patient care dashboard” and the ability to “create custom reports”.


A tool for campaign finance reporting.


A software company that helps insurers create reports on how they’re doing financially


A startup that measures and reports on the ethics and practices of companies and organizations. The startup shared a solution to a problem in which consumers and companies aren’t aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions.


A tool for finding and reporting on all the relevant information about any country, including the government, economy, and culture. It’s available in English.


 A smartphone app that tracks how fast people are walking, running, or riding their bikes. The app tracks speed and distance traveled with GPS, then uses that data to report on how people are getting around.


"A security system that automatically detects and reports any attempts to hack into the system. They’re developing it in order to identify hackers before they can do harm."


A third-party API for managing and sharing their credit reports.


A way to report fraud, which is a huge problem for both the customer and the store — especially when it happens over the phone.


A company that helps people take online surveys, with web-based software for taking surveys and reporting results.


A platform that helps companies build and manage travel and expense management apps. One of the founders, who worked at Expedia, was frustrated by all the apps and services they used. So they built a better expense reporting system


A tool for helping journalists report their stories, eliminating the time it takes to manually transcribe interviews.


A startup that wants to help you “make money while you sleep” through its web-based app that saves personal finance data, generates personalized reports, and helps you automate transactions.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their expenses. The startup has built a cloud-based software system that allows small businesses to run reports and track their cash flow, and handle expenses such as rent, utilities, and business contributions. It offers free plans for nonprofits and businesses with fewer than $1 million in revenue.


A startup that provides a service where they help people with their taxes and report on what they can claim and what they can save


A startup that provides people with a list of their credit report and credit score for free


Idea: A startup providing free credit scores to customers, funded by a paywall around their credit report They believe this will generate better engagement than the traditional credit monitoring model, which pays customers to read their credit report


Pitch: “A B2B company that helps CFOs prioritize expense reports.”


Idea: A startup that builds a CRM for car dealerships. A CRM for sales, it offers leads, follow-ups, and reporting to help sales teams manage their customers.


Idea: A tool for salespeople to track and report on any company-related content they are publishing. The startup is trying to replace spreadsheets and other tools salespeople have been using to track their content.