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Remotely Startup Ideas

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A startup offers a platform for small businesses to rent private offices and conference rooms to employees who work remotely.


A software company that makes a device that allows users to monitor their home energy use and adjust it remotely.


A startup that provides a video calling app for doctors so that they can consult with patients remotely


A "smart home monitoring" startup focused on energy efficiency. It's currently in a pre-launch stage, with a device that allows users to remotely turn off lights and lock doors with a smartphone, and the company says it has acquired $2.4 million in seed funding


A platform that helps businesses and job seekers find and connect with remote teams. Currently, they're working with a company in Brooklyn called Crave that hires people remotely through a third-party site.


A startup that sells a USB-connected device that allows you to remotely control your home’s lights and television, and allow users to launch and log into apps on their phones.


A startup that offers a service for people who are working remotely to advise companies on how to adapt to remote workers This is a large market on its own


A startup that provides a service to help people who are looking to work remotely


A company that helps people work remotely by building a platform that helps them easily book conference calls, connect with co-workers, and handle all the other technical details that come with working remotely.


A high-tech way to enable people to communicate with their doctors remotely. The company hopes to make that easier for everyone: patients, doctors, and caretakers.


A tool for people to hire employees remotely and manage their payroll for them. It’s currently in a private beta with some 50 employers, including Y Combinator.


A startup that will sell you gear that can help you monitor and control your pets remotely, with a focus on helping pet owners in developing countries.


A platform for letting people work remotely from anywhere. Currently working with three companies, including one in New York City.


A platform that connects cars to the internet allowing them to be monitored and repaired remotely.


A platform that enables people to buy and sell things like furniture, cars, and apartments, and rent out unused rooms. Borrowers can use the platform’s software to manage the loan, and borrowers can access the property remotely. The platform is currently focused on the UK.


A platform with a web-based portal for doctors to access patient information, allowing them to talk to patients or patients’ families remotely through video conferencing, or call them into their office.


Helps employees take their work home, work remotely, or set meetings via messenger with up to four people.


A company that sells a “robot for your car”, allowing you to schedule deliveries and have them fixed remotely.


The company, which is based in Barcelona, is re-imagining how people can work remotely. It offers a cloud based software platform for the organization of remote teams and the ability to interact with coworkers on video.


A healthcare company that’s working on a way to help doctors and nurses collaborate remotely.


A provider of hardware and software for smart and connected products. The startup is working on a solution that can control industrial machines remotely via a smartphone app.


A mobile app that allows employees to check in remotely, find their coworkers and learn about their whereabouts, and see how far away they are.


This is a chatbot that’s designed to help you work remotely. It’s currently working with one client in the US, but the company plans to expand to Europe in the coming months.


A startup that helps you communicate with your team remotely, whether it be a conversation, a live video call, or a collaborative whiteboard


This is a startup that’s building a ‘smart’ lock that will let you control your home’s lighting remotely.


Blockchain hardware for smart homes. The company wants to build a $200 smart lock that would allow owners to automate their home with blockchain tech that would allow them to unlock the door remotely.


A company that’s building an online platform for remote teams of people to collaborate remotely, and has already signed up with a dozen companies.


The startup is building a platform for companies to manage their staff schedules remotely, allowing employees to work remotely anytime, anywhere.


A startup that aims to reduce car theft by using Bluetooth beacons to locate stolen cars, have their owners remotely lock them.


“We’re building a smartphone for your toilet.” The startup’s products are a toilet that has sensors and a smartphone app that lets you manage it remotely.


A company that makes smart front door locks that can be controlled remotely. The lock can be unlocked from a smartphone app, or from a website.


An iOS app for smart locks that can be controlled remotely through the app or phone camera.


This is streamlining the process of managing employees in-person and remotely by making it much easier to communicate with employees, set up meetings, and review schedules. The company is currently piloting with large retailers, and plans to expand to other verticals in the future.


This startup helps employees work from home, or take meetings remotely, but still get paid for time spent working.


 Silent Doctor helps medical professionals find a trained professional to perform a medical procedure remotely.


A utility that allows you to control your home appliances remotely and with an app. The company wants to use the same tech to let you control your car like you do your computer, so you can remotely lock and unlock your car (like BMW’s ConnectedDrive feature) or even get notifications when it’s being driven.


A home security startup that monitors in-home security cameras and allows customers to turn on their lights or lock their doors remotely. The startup, which has raised a $750k seed round from a variety of investors, is already working with a dozen customers.


A tool for mobile, web, and desktop developers to build mobile and desktop apps that can be accessed locally or remotely.


A B2B company working on a daily planner for teams working remotely that will allow them to synchronize their plans, tasks, and notes.


A platform to connect people who want to work remotely with employers who need their help.


A startup that brings together top doctors and nurses in an app, which lets you book appointments, or video chats with doctors and nurses remotely.


A platform that allows users to store and manage their tiny home remotely. It’s like Airbnb for tiny homes.


 A company that’s building a platform to help tenants and landlords in the US remotely manage properties, including maintenance and repair services, through a web app.


A product that helps freelancers manage their taxes and finances with one central hub, and set up their contract remotely.


A company that makes a tool that enables remote workers to collaborate remotely


A personal finance management app that aims to help employees — especially those that work remotely — manage their personal finances.


Idea: A startup that helps you hire someone from out-of-town for a local job that you’re willing to pay for their travel if they’re willing to do the job remotely.