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Relevant Startup Ideas

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A chatbot that takes a text message and pulls up the relevant information


A highly customizable online resume builder that sorts out what information is relevant.


A startup that makes it easier to share and then discover diverse and relevant content.


A company that helps online businesses with their online marketing by allowing them to target their customers based on their search history and then match them with a relevant video ad


A company that helps companies and employees find relevant jobs. The startup provides a job posting platform to help people find jobs, and has raised $500,000 from investors including Y Combinator.


"We're a team of entrepreneurs who formed to create a company that helps the world's most powerful brands get more relevant and influential messages sent their way."


Using AI to help brands reach their customers with the most relevant ad campaigns. The startup offers a “personalized” message algorithm that’s meant to deliver ads that are more likely to be clicked.


A way to capture all the pictures and videos you take on a daily basis and tag them with location and relevant information.


A legal e-discovery tool for lawyers that helps them determine what information is relevant to the case at hand.


A startup that offers “visual search” and “search intelligence”, which helps find images and other content that are relevant to your query.


An adtech startup that has created a network of sites where users can view relevant ads across a network of sites.


A search engine focused on finding the most relevant articles about a particular topic. The startup is building the search around data from more than 190 million sources across the web. It was recently featured on the HBO show Silicon Valley.


A new kind of search engine that gets results from dozens of sources and instantly returns more relevant results to users. Its search engine can also be connected to digital assistants like Alexa or Google Home


A startup to help students get the most relevant and affordable loans from the US government.


A startup focused on helping users filter content in their feeds. The startup has built a product that uses algorithms to recommend the most relevant content for you based on a variety of criteria.


This is an app for sharing and buying coupons that are relevant to your location.


 Using computer vision and machine learning, this startup is building a tool that can automatically identify and deliver relevant customer service via text or email.


A startup that uses AI to determine which ads and product pages are most relevant to users and then serves those ads to them. The company is currently working with advertisers to build these models and is looking to expand to other verticals.


An analytics platform for blue-chip companies. Redpulse is designed to help companies understand their customers and find them relevant information.


A tool for designers that helps them quickly create mockups of their work, and allows them to embed other relevant apps, like their website’s login screen, directly into the mockup.


This startup wants to sort the news you read to bring it to you in a format that’s somehow more relevant to you. The startup uses machine learning to determine which stories are most relevant to you, and tries to bring you the most relevant news. It’s a bit like Flipboard, but less user-friendly.


A company that helps big companies and brands create branded content for their YouTube videos, using a system of “buzzwords” and keywords to make sure the content is relevant and engaging.


A tool for managing and engaging customers, allowing businesses to create “personalized and contextually relevant content for customers and prospects”.


A platform that curates and tracks news and events relevant to a company or industry, with a focus on India.


A tool to help data scientists find research data sets with the keywords that they’re looking for, allowing them to discover relevant, relevant, relevant data sets.


A startup that makes it easy for inbound tour operators to find the most relevant hotels and guesthouses for their clients.


A digital assistant that learns a user’s preferences and preferences over time to show more relevant ads


A tool for scheduling meetings with those who have been approved as a relevant contact


A platform that engages users with content that’s relevant to them, whether they’re fans of an artist or a topic they’re researching. It’s a software-based approach to human curation.


The doc app is meant to work with any electronic health records system. It’s built on the idea of user-friendly dashboards, so users can see all of the data that’s relevant, in one place. HealthBlitz is currently working with the Mayo Clinic to build out a prototype. HealthBlitz says that it’s already working with nearly 3,000 healthcare providers.


A data curator for startups that creates a portfolio of relevant content for each company.


A startup that finds news stories in your area that are relevant to you, based on your location.


A search engine that looks like Google but won’t show you stuff that isn’t relevant to you.


A tool for finding and reporting on all the relevant information about any country, including the government, economy, and culture. It’s available in English.


A software company that uses machine learning to provide better advice, more relevant products, and better products without human intervention.


A startup that wants to make it easier for businesses to vet candidates. The startup is building a platform that helps employers create a page with relevant writing samples, relevant work experience, and a research summary that can help employers determine if a candidate is the right fit.


Parchment is building a personalized education platform for students, parents, and teachers. Parchment uses artificial intelligence to identify the people in your life who share your interests, then helps match them with relevant educational content.


A software company that can help companies provide the data about their customers that’ll help them make better, more personal, and more relevant marketing.


A “library of points of interest” that allows users to search a 3D Spatio-temporal map, which they can then mark as favorites. The startup says their “points of interest” are more than just “coffee shops, restaurants and art galleries” and that their map will be “a more inclusive, relevant and vivid alternative to Google Maps”.


Idea: A startup for helping businesses discover, connect and pay for relevant services they need (such as marketing, consulting, legal, etc)


Idea: A startup that takes information about a company’s users and uses it to customize the in-app experience based on that company’s products For example, if the user has a subscription box service, the app might show them relevant articles or tips The startup says that, in testing, they’ve seen an average of 10% more engagement for the companies they’ve worked with


Idea: A Chatbot for Lawyers that uses natural language processing to understand human input and produce relevant answers


Idea: A credit card processor that displays relevant information for merchants on the checkout page