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Relationship Startup Ideas

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A software platform for real estate agents that allows agents to manage their relationships with their clients, and track and analyze the leads generated.


An online platform for managing B2B relationships, today the company provides a dashboard for sales and marketing teams to manage customer relationships.


A software tool for managing and monitoring relationships with freelance contractors.


A b2b cloud-based platform for building and managing customer relationships, helping businesses to better interact with their customers and increase customer loyalty.


A startup that creates a dating app focused on building meaningful relationships


A startup for managing and tracking B2B relationships.


A tool that helps you manage your startup’s relationships with customers (or potential customers) via a “personalized” dashboard.


A messaging app that lets people with special needs connect with others who can help them build functional relationships.


A startup that makes it easier to manage your customer relationship management and sales pipeline.


A company that wants to offer a “new kind of personal relationship” by getting people to know each other on a deeper level and then do things together.


A startup that’s changing the way companies work with their contractors. You can enter into a contract with a contractor, who can then select from various projects to work on. The startup wants to help companies identify the right contractor for the job, and then manage the relationship with the contractor.


A dating app that helps people find matches regardless of what they’re looking for in a relationship. The startup has attracted more than $10 million in investment, and has partnered with celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, who was one of the app’s first users.


A software company that helps companies manage their phone service contracts, billing relationships, and customer service efforts.


A customer relationship management (CRM) app for businesses, with a focus on small businesses. It also offers tools for developers to build integrations into their software.


A startup for businesses that want to manage their customer relationships and transactions.


An AI-powered dating site for people looking for long-term relationships.


A real estate software company for agents. The startup develops a platform for agents to book appointments, send out listings, and manage client relationships.


A platform for forging relationships between people and businesses through technology and entertainment events.


A startup that helps you better manage your relationships on social networks.


A startup that makes it easy for small businesses to get the financing they need. Pure is a platform that helps businesses build a relationship with banks or credit unions, which can then make lending decisions on behalf of the business without requiring a formal loan.


It’s an app that helps couples make a “perfect marriage”. It uses AI to optimize the relationship using a combination of data and psychology.


This company is a mobile-first CRM (customer relationship management) for small businesses with less than $100,000 in annual revenue.


A platform that helps colleges and universities manage their relationships with alumni who have given money.


An enterprise-level CRM platform for small businesses to manage their customer relationships.


A set of tools that gives small businesses an easy way to manage their customer relationships. Its API allows users to pull data from their Salesforce or Zendesk accounts.


A company that wants to help you manage your network of colleagues, friends, and customers. The startup wants to build a smarter network of people to keep up with connections and build a community with. It plans to focus on small companies because they tend to have more existing relationships to build on, and are more likely to use social networks.


This startup is building an AI-powered platform that helps people manage their relationships with their doctors. It uses machine learning to automatically scan medical records and find patterns that indicate better compliance with doctor’s orders.


A solution for the unstable relationship between digital ad buying and the media buying process.


A customer relationship management app for small businesses


A free, online dating service for very short-term relationships.


A cloud-based B2B platform that makes it easy for fashion retailers to manage their customer relationships with the brands they sell.


A platform for managing the complex relationships between buyers and sellers in the modern supply chain.


A digital technology platform that helps companies build and manage a single, unified customer database for customer relationship management. The company combines the best features of CRM software with the functionality of a customer relationship management platform.


A startup that provides a “mobile health dashboard” that gives clinicians a way to automate their patient relationships.


This is a startup that wants to help small and medium-size companies connect with local communities. The company provides an online platform to help companies find local talent, and has a built-in business development tool to help build relationships between companies and local businesses.


A startup for consumers with a long-distance relationship.


The startup is looking to serve the needs of small and medium-sized companies by offering “managed customer relationship management.”


A software platform for building sales force automation (SFA) tools, meant to help companies “create and manage relationships with customers”. They are working with 4 enterprise pilots.


A startup that helps companies manage their “digital customer relationships”, including email and social media. It’s already live with companies like Nasty Gal.


An enterprise SaaS startup that helps companies install and manage customer relationship management (CRM) systems through its platform.


"We are a group of experienced marketers and developers who believe in building companies that are powered by users and not investors. We want to move from a world of transactional businesses to ones that are built on relationships. Our mission is to build a platform that allows people to create and share their own content in the same way that they share links or photos on Facebook."


A brand new CRM product from Capital One, which boasts a product team of two people. The product is designed to help small businesses manage their customer relationship management, with a focus on helping businesses handle financial transactions and invoicing.


A platform for an easy way to connect and build relationships with like-minded people. The startup is building a community for developers.


A bank account for small business owners that builds off of the popular social network Huddle. The startup is building a way for small businesses to connect with each other and build relationships with banks, suppliers, and other businesses with which they do business.


The social network for stylists offering them a place to collaborate, share ideas, and build relationships. It’s a network for stylists, but it’s not like a LinkedIn. It’s more like a Facebook for stylists.


A tool for e-commerce merchants to build out a customer relationship management system. The company is currently in private beta testing.


A SaaS product that helps companies automate their customer relationship management.


VIC is a B2B company that provides a dashboard for small businesses across the country to manage their client relationships.


A social network for professionals, who can collaborate on projects, manage client relationships, and get paid for assignments.


A platform to help small businesses build customer relationships, even those without a website.


A SAAS product that helps organize and manage all of a person’s relationships. The startup wants to help people communicate with their friends and family more effectively.


This startup is building a customer relationship management tool for real estate agents in the US.


A tool to help businesses manage both the financial, and human aspects of their businesses. Businesses can use the tool to manage their customer relationships, manage their revenue, and create and communicate with their teams.


A startup in India that helps manage the relationships between home builders and contractors.


Managed software to help HR professionals manage employee relationships. Works like a personal assistant, handles everything from HR processes to employee benefits. The startup has raised $1.25 million in seed funding from the likes of Alexis Ohanian and Garry Tan.


Helps companies manage their customer relationships, including payments, strategy, and communication.


A startup that helps people create and host a one-on-one relationship with advisors.


A company that helps independent contractors sell their services to large corporations. The startup is based in the US, but in the future wants to use artificial intelligence and relationship management to help businesses buy services directly from contractors.


A tool that helps streamline managing relationships with your customers, suppliers, and partners. They’re also working with a few government agencies to help companies build better products.


A company developing a platform for businesses to manage the relationship between employees and customers.


A scheduling tool for real estate agents that helps them see clients in real time and build relationships.


A travel booking app for the US market that’s focused on building long-term relationships, rather than creating new reservations every time. It features a single price which is then split between their members.


Ira is a tool that helps people manage and communicate with their business partners and suppliers. The business development team can use the platform to find and get to know new partners, and the sales team can help handle communication, relationships, and resources, all in one place.


A messaging app that is meant to make communication with people in your network easier. The app’s ability to create a personal map of people in your network helps you build relationships with the people you interact with most.


A startup that helps small-business owners create a sales process that’s easy to follow and efficient to execute. The app helps small-business owners track their sales process, manage customer relationships, and manage their inventory.


A startup that’s working to make the customer relationship management process more seamless, especially for small businesses.


A mobile app that helps people understand their personal relationships with debt. The app is designed to help people understand their relationship with debt and make decisions about how to manage it.


A startup that lets users share status updates with the press and other stakeholders. The startup wants to become a single point of contact for journalists and other stakeholders, allowing them to build relationships with journalists, send them updates, and more.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of long-distance relationships between people who are both working in the tech industry. The app takes advantage of voice and video chat to help people remain connected to one another.


A startup that helps business development teams build and maintain their relationships with customers by offering a direct line of communication that is always available.


A startup that is working to use the blockchain for farming. They say their software can help farmers manage their inventory, track the quality of their crops and manage the relationship between farmers and distributors.


As a company that offers a service to connect freelancers with employers, Cofoundr has an exclusive relationship with a major content distribution platform.


A “programmatic” ad platform that changes the way ads are bought and sold, letting companies create ads in real-time, without having to have an existing relationship with a publisher. The startup has raised $4.3 million to date, and has plans for an IPO in the next year.


A startup that provides credit unions with a way to send alerts and build better relationships with members.


The startup wants to help more than 50,000 SMBs get more control over their data with a customer relationship management tool that integrates with all their business data sources.


A software company that is building a cloud-based sales management platform that helps sales reps manage their sales pipeline, customer relationships, and more.


A platform to help people with a wealth of relationships manage and close deals.


Blockchain-based dating platform for people who are already in relationships.


A platform that helps banks manage their relationships with customers, allowing them to create lightweight versions of their own customer relationship management software to increase number of customers they can serve at once.


This company helps finance companies with banking relationships automate their back office operations.


A tool for managing a travel agent’s digital client relationship and web experiences.


 A tool for helping universities forge relationships with non-academic communities.


A company that promises to “help you get the most out of your relationships” by simplifying and automating the process of scheduling an appointment with a doctor, and alerting them to the arrival of their new patient beforehand.


Building software to help small and medium sized businesses in the US manage their relationships with their vendors and track their credit.


A company that provides a platform for banks to help them better manage their relationships with their customers.


Idea : A tool for managing relationships between people with similar interests. The company is building a platform to help people share interests with others, and it’s using data science to help people actually find each other.


This startup helps small and medium-sized businesses find and work with the right contractors, and helps them keep track of those relationships.


White Rabbit is a tech startup that provides an on-demand app for those with relationship problems


A company that’s building a platform to help companies discover and manage their employees, employees’ social lives, and their work relationships.


This app lets users create customizable timelines for their future, with the goal of helping people make decisions about careers, relationships, health, and life.


This startup aims to make it easy to create an online profile for your business, letting you build relationships with customers through social media.


A health care startup that creates a doctor-patient relationship before a doctor is ever contacted.


A software-as-a-service that allows companies to manage their customer relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners.


The startup's founders have been driving customer growth for companies like Lyft, Instacart, and Delivery Hero. After the US, they're going global and they're looking to build a customer service app called Enter, which they say can help companies grow faster by building and managing customer relationships.


A dating app for those who want to find a long-term relationship. The app is for people who are looking for a serious relationship, rather than a hookup.


A platform for restaurants to accept online orders and better manage their relationships with customers. The startup helps restaurants find and track customers, manage orders, and build loyalty.


A company that is building a tech platform to facilitate conversation and relationships between employees of a company.


The startup’s goal is to help hospitals build relationships with their patients. The company works with the hospital’s existing marketing team to develop a set of engaging patient experiences that are targeted to each patient.


A startup that aims to bring AI to the patient-doctor relationship.


Idea: Personality-based dating app that predicts relationship compatibility It works by asking questions on a sliding scale of topics like religion, politics, sports, and more


A startup building a customer relationship management platform for small businesses based on the idea that business owners spend more time servicing customers than they do actually doing their own work.


A startup that helps restaurants discover new locations and build relationships with potential customers and track what people are saying about them.


A “payroll for the sharing economy” where companies can hire independent contractors with a more flexible relationship with customers and company. The company claims it’s cheaper, faster, and easier than traditional payroll systems.


A company that helps clients manage the relationship between their brand and the people who use its products. The startup was originally built to help the non-profit World Vision, but they found they weren’t a good fit and pivoted.


A startup that provides a service for people to create a video of them explaining who they are and what they are looking for in a long-term relationship


Idea: A startup that’s building a way to manage product data and inventory for businesses It’s meant to help with things like tracking new products, pricing changes, and managing relationships with distributors


Idea: A tool for financial advisors to help them build stronger relationships with clients. The startup helps advisors keep track of how they’re spending time with clients and helps with communication like text messages and phone calls.


Idea: A software-as-a-service startup that intends to take on competitors like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Intercom with a product that helps businesses manage customer relationships.


Idea: A software platform for insurance companies that helps them manage their relationships with customers on a peer-to-peer basis.


Idea: An enterprise software company building a better way to manage relationships with your customers.