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A chat bot that helps you find the cheapest flights to your destination, set alerts for when prices drop, and handle tons of other travel-related tasks. The startup is focused on helping travelers manage their itineraries and get the most out of their travel.


This company sells a chatbot that answers work-related questions. The startup says there is a $22.5 billion market for this type of service.


A global marketplace for travel-related purchases with an app and an online platform.


A startup that makes it easier to track medical bills, insurance claims, and other healthcare-related expenses.


A startup that sells a consulting service for people who want to start a physical fitness related business


A platform for managing publications, which focus on business and science-related content. The company has raised a total of $50 million, including a $22 million Series C in August 2017.


A platform for creating and sharing content related to the local community, such as local guides and news.


A startup for restaurants that helps them track and manage their food-related costs and inventory.


A tool to help predict and prevent the spread of malware, malware-related scams, and other malicious software.


The startup is helping employers with HR solutions by providing a platform to manage all of the HR related tasks and projects through a single dashboard.


A platform to help people manage their business-related expenses and activities, such as travel, conferences, and more.


An ecommerce platform for pet-related products and services.


 A private-label membership-based platform that lets users pay to upgrade their access to health-related content.


A subscription-based service that helps small businesses with customs clearance, shipping, and other shipping-related issues.


A tool that helps companies hire designers and brand managers based on their performance on design-related projects rather than their resume.


A sports team management company that’s been in business since 2012. It works with teams in both the US and Europe in terms of managing their rosters, travel, and other team-related needs.


The idea is to give companies a better way to communicate and collaborate with customers. The app is designed to make it easy for businesses to send sales-related messages to their entire customer base, employees, and partners.


A platform that helps colleges and universities manage and share course-related data. The company claims to have over 300 clients, and at present has over 10M enrolled students.


Simpled is a tool that helps companies manage their employee related data and conversion funnels.


A startup that intends to use the momentum of the cryptocurrency community to grow and expand its platform for other crypto-related companies. It’s a tool for users to buy and sell digital assets.


A supply chain management platform for restaurants and other food-related businesses. Growth is strong and the founders say they’re trying to make a dent in the $8.5 trillion food and beverage industry.


A system that gathers cannabis-related data and allows users to search it in a single location. The startup is focused on helping people find strains that will help them with specific ailments, and aims to build out a robust strain database.


A platform that connects people to the products and services they need related to their industry. The company offers services like:


A B2B product that allows users to manage and track expenses related to their professional development program. It’s free for startups and small businesses.


A social network for Latin Americans in the US and Mexico that lets them connect, share photos, and discover events and activities related to their culture.


A startup building a delivery network for equipment and equipment-related items, particularly those in the industrial market.


A recruiting platform for tech-related positions, which they say is “designed for professionals with a track record of building technology-driven products”.


A team of digital marketing and design professionals to help companies create video content for social media, website, email, and any other product-related content.


A tool that lets teams and companies develop and manage a smarter mobile app. The app can pick up on text messages that contain keywords related to the app’s sales and communicate with customers to upsell them and offer promotions.


A tool for building mobile apps that make it easier for employees to access work-related information from their phones.


A tool for various health-related startups. The startup helps startups on the cusp of launching gather advice from experts in the field. It charges a small fee starting at $99, but founder Alex Goodyear says it’s worth it for the experience.


A startup that uses AI to predict your health, using a mix of data from your medical history and the future to predict your risk for a variety of age-related illnesses. The company wants to use data to provide “preventative care” to people with chronic illnesses.


This is an effort to build a social network around the "sharing economy" that "provides more complete information related to people and homes" on the sharing economy than exists anywhere today.


One of the most well-known startups in YC, ZestFinance is working on a suite of financial products for the cannabis industry. The company is working to build a platform that will help dispensaries and cannabis-related businesses better manage their cash flow.


A food delivery startup that wants to be like Grubhub for food-related products


A company that’s built an app to help people make health-related decisions, like which medical service providers to use.


 A digital currency for artists and creators, focused on content and media related transactions. HODL is focused on the US and UK markets.


A startup that’s developing a self-driving electric vehicle for the cost of a $1,000 taxicab. It’s a smart car that communicates via Bluetooth, offers a variety of car-related services, and can be controlled through an app.


This is a startup that helps companies easily track expenses across their international teams, with a host of other related features.


A startup that wants to be a one-stop shop for all the things that a small business needs to do to get paid and do business. The company’s founders say that companies that use their platform spend up to 80% less time on account-related tasks.


A company that provides a platform for building and managing digital mood boards, an online tool for displaying mood-related images, GIFs, and videos.


A start-up that is building an app that enables people to share their needs for local services with local businesses. Users can drop a quick note on the app about their services-related needs, and the app uses the data to create a personalized job board.


A B2B company that helps financial-related businesses send payments to each other.


This startup is building a mobile app that helps people track their sleep patterns, which are correlated to numerous health issues.


A startup that provides an online service where people can find out how to become an entrepreneur, get started, and other things related to entrepreneurship


Idea: A tool for salespeople to track and report on any company-related content they are publishing. The startup is trying to replace spreadsheets and other tools salespeople have been using to track their content.


A startup that allows people to create and sell their own cannabis-related products


A startup that helps people apply for a visa or make other immigration-related application