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Recurring Startup Ideas

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A startup that offers an app for people to set up recurring payments for charity


A startup that provides a platform for managing and connecting third-party software for mobile devices The company says it has $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue, mainly from Android


A recurring revenue startup that pays contractors for work they’ve performed through their software.


A software company that makes managing a large number of Twitter accounts easier. The startup has been able to grow its customer base at a rate of 50% per month, and has built a $2 million annual recurring revenue business.


A platform that helps small businesses manage their coffee orders online. It’s free to use for customers, but the company hopes to make money by turning the system into a recurring subscription.


A platform for finding home cleaners that an individual can use to set up recurring cleaning appointments.


A self-serve platform for saving money on auto insurance or just comparing rates, which they say is “faster, cheaper, and more comprehensive then any other website”. They currently have $2.5 million in monthly recurring revenue and are looking to launch in Miami and Atlanta.


A startup that’s building out a platform to help users with recurring payments like subscriptions and digital products. The product helps people manage their recurring payments, and is already being used by 65,000 users with 30,000 active channels.


A startup that helps companies manage their inventory across multiple warehouses and retail locations The company says they have $82,000 in monthly recurring revenue with 60% gross margins


Asana is building an application for managing recurring meetings in a way that makes it easy for both attendees and hosts. They’re building out a dashboard for meeting organizers that helps them schedule meetings across personas and different time zones, and alerts them when meetings are about to start or end.


A monthly membership service that helps companies identify and recruit technical talent. The company boasts $1 million in recurring revenue and says it has already grown its team from 10 to 30 people.


A B2B company that provides software for subscription managers, allowing them to more easily sell recurring subscriptions to their customers.


A payments company that lets users of services like Stripe and PayPal process recurring payments like car insurance or mortgage payments in a few clicks. It has raised $2.9 million from investors including Y Combinator and is currently in private beta.


A tool for running your business through a more efficient, streamlined process that gets the information you need to inform your decisions and meetings more quickly. Tailspring is a software company that helps companies set up recurring meetings and manage those meetings more efficiently.


A startup that builds software for managing technology and data for colleges. The company claims to have over $6 million in monthly recurring revenue, and counts Dow Jones as one of its customers.


A startup that provides a service that allows people to coordinate rides to and from events. The company says they have $15,000 in monthly recurring revenue, with a potential to hit $200,000 in revenue in 12 months.


A B2B platform to keep track of product costs, with a recurring revenue model that covers processing fees for orders, as well as profit margin.


A subscription app that allows users to set up a recurring payment to a third party. The startup is building out a recurring payments API to serve as a base for other startups that want to create recurring payments solutions.


An internal social network for employees at small businesses. They have 12 employees and a $40k monthly recurring revenue.


A tool that helps people track their health and wellness through data through a mobile app. The company says it has over $3,000 a month in recurring revenue.


A startup for booking and managing automotive services. The startup builds software that allows customers to book services like oil changes, tune ups, and repairs, and also lets mechanics and mechanics’ shops set up recurring bookings.


A startup that’s building a tool to help companies manage their social media presence from a single dashboard. It currently has $12,000 in monthly recurring revenue, and charges a flat $5 monthly fee.


A startup that helps remote teams organize and automate recurring tech tasks and build shared services.


A company that wants to build a meal kit delivery service. It currently has 6,000 users, with a $17,000 monthly recurring revenue run rate, and plans to launch in the first half of 2020.


A platform that allows customers to make recurring payments — and keep money in the bank — for things like gym memberships or recurring mortgage payments.


A CRM that helps small businesses set up recurring revenue with tools for customer management, marketing, and sales. The startup wants to make it easy for small businesses to set up recurring revenue models, and charge customers monthly.


A company that offers to help companies with their digital marketing. The company says they have $10 million in monthly recurring revenue.


SaaS service that helps anyone in the US get access to a local attorney. The startup currently has $5,000 monthly recurring revenue for a plan that includes a regular subscription, support and a network of attorneys.


This is an app for recording your expenses on the go, and a service that allows you to set up recurring bills and stay on top of your finances.


A platform for hiring people to speak at events. The startup uses its own software, which allows companies to advertise their events, and then lets people apply to speak. The startup says it has already reached $1 million in recurring revenue.


As part of the Make Tech Easier project, the team is building a tool to help non-tech folks make tech purchases. They have a custom loyalty card that helps users identify the problem they want to solve, then build a purchase workflow. The startup now has $6,000 in monthly recurring revenue after just a year in business.


Outsmart is building a data communication network for businesses to monitor and control their communication resources. They currently have $12,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


A company that wants to help corporations with payments for conferences, events, and other recurring payments.


A SaaS-based platform aimed at simplifying the process for creating and managing an automated recurring revenue (ARC) program.


A payments app that allows businesses to offer free payments to their customers and allows users to set up recurring payments.


Idea: A platform to bring great coffee to everyone, everywhere The startup is building a barista-grade coffee brewing system using the Nespresso capsule format The company says it has $8,500 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: This is an app that makes it easier to start a conversation with a stranger A user creates an account, and the app matches them with another user, providing an icebreaker The team says they have 3,000 users and $4,000 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A B2B company that helps banks and insurance companies clean up their data The startup launched in March 2019 and has already made $2,500 in recurring revenue


Idea: A SaaS CRM for the hospitality industry The company started with $20k in the bank, and by the end of 2015 had $33,000 in recurring revenue


Idea: A startup that offers a way for people to receive payments via SMS, with a $3 million in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A startup that helps e-commerce businesses set up an online shop and streamline their payments processing, with a focus on offering recurring billing options for SaaS businesses and subscriptions


Idea: A SaaS product that helps create recurring donations, a recurring revenue model usually only done by nonprofits The startup wants to serve for-profit businesses looking to encourage repeat purchases


Idea: A startup that is building a SaaS/cloud solution for call center automation The company says it already has $200k in monthly recurring revenue and over 100 customers


Idea: A startup that helps small businesses pay for employees’ healthcare. The startup says it’s made $100,000 in profit in the first 5 months, and has $200,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


Idea: A SaaS service for companies to manage their digital onboarding without having to make their own software. Currently has $30,000 in recurring revenue, and has raised $45,000 from YC.


A Slack bot that helps businesses run more effective meetings, using a combination of machine learning and human curation to help keep meetings on track. The company says they have $12,000 in recurring revenue.


Idea: A startup offering a suite of tools for mobile app developers to help them build and operate mobile apps for companies with large enterprise clients. The company has $5,000 in monthly recurring revenue and is currently working with 25 customers.


Idea: A startup that helps companies build software that can be used across different apps and platforms. The team says they’re working with a few large companies in the UK and have $15,000 in monthly recurring revenue.


Idea: A startup for custom mobile applications for companies and non-profits. It’s a well-known model that has been around for a few years. The founder says his company has $30k in monthly recurring revenue, working with 500 companies.


xtractor is a platform for helping publishers convert their subscriptions into recurring revenue, which is often more profitable. xtractor’s pitch is hyperfocused on their customers’ business needs, like improving reader retention and increasing subscription and recurring revenue.


Idea: A customizable webmail service, which aims to be a ‘safer’ alternative to Gmail. The startup has seen over $25,000 in monthly recurring revenue since launching in April 2019.


A software company that provides a platform for companies to fill open positions with contractors. The company says it has $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue, mainly from Android.


An online marketplace for education. The company says it has $3m in annual recurring revenue.