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Recruiting Startup Ideas

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An AI-based solution for recruiting and hiring.


A startup that wants to make it easier to schedule interviews by streamlining the process of booking meetings and recruiting for jobs.


A company that helps small businesses find tech talent, with a focus on recruiting developers and designers in cities where they are based.


A tool for recruiting for summer internships. The company has a live product and is working on a B2C version.


A tool for in-person recruiting events. The company claims to have 3,000 customers, including Y Combinator, and operates in over 50 countries.


A software platform for remote companies to manage their recruiting processes and gain a more effective applicant tracking.


A platform for crowd-sourcing job search and recruiting for companies.


A platform for employers to manage their recruiting needs without having to use their own infrastructure. It currently has 35 customers.


This company wants to help businesses with employee engagement. The company wants to help companies with digital HR, specifically with recruiting, onboarding, and retention.


A two-sided marketplace for recruiting, with employers and job seekers trading feedback and contact information. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but also has offices in Los Angeles and Philly.


A Web/Mobile-based platform for hiring, recruiting, and finding jobs. In the last year, the company says they’ve grown from $1.5 million in annual revenue to $4.5 million, and that they’ve seen 10x growth in the last 12 months. The company has more than 50 employees and is currently hiring.


CEO of the startup is a former Google engineer that says they are “building a better way to do recruiting”


A startup that helps companies find new talent. It helps scale traditional recruiting with its chatbot.


A recruiting platform for startups that helps automate the process of finding and hiring the best people for a job.


A startup that’s creating a “chatbot” for HR. The startup is currently working with companies on the backend of the recruiting process.


Recruiting a new generation of workers for the tech industry by creating an online platform where college students can learn how to code and get jobs.


This is a digital tool to help employers with recruiting and talent management.


The startup has developed a way to help employers manage their employee recruiting process and streamline subsequent onboarding. The platform allows organizations to put together a recruiter roster, create a template for their job description, and see who’s interested in the job.


A startup that creates a marketplace for companies to outsource their recruiting to on-demand recruiters, with the promise of matching candidates to available jobs within a week


A tool for helping companies recruit people in their own cities. The startup is working on a recruiting platform, and is also working on a marketplace for employees to find jobs.


Recruiting software for the travel industry and alternative work arrangements.


A tool that helps recruiters scale their efforts proactively, rather than reactively. The startup wants to take the headache out of recruiting, with a combination of automation, AI, and a visual recruiting dashboard.


A startup geared towards recruiting talent in the US. The startup wants to help people find remote jobs in the US and abroad, and connect them with recruiters for employers.


A platform for HR to do recruiting in-house, rather than using an agency.


A complete package for in-person recruiting events. When you schedule an event, you can mark candidates’ interests on a map, create a class schedule with break times, and then send that info to candidates in a text message.


A startup that provides a recruiting service for tech talent, where companies can use any payment method they want


A new kind of recruiting site that’s much more personalized. It’s designed to be a social recruiting platform, but with a focus on “the right person for the right job”.


A SaaS platform used by companies to automate and manage their recruiting and event planning.


A startup that uses machine learning to help businesses automate the process of recruiting, testing, and tracking candidates.


A software company that helps HR teams with all aspects of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. They strive to be a one-stop shop for talent as well as a human resource management solution.


A market research and recruiting tool for the beauty industry. The startup’s founders say they have already worked with brands like Revlon and L’Oréal.


This startup is building a set of software tools for recruiting, training, and onboarding software engineers.


A platform for in-person recruiting stops which helps companies scale their college recruiting efforts.


An online recruiting service for companies that want to hire software engineers.


An on-demand recruiting platform that targets college students who are also looking for jobs and put them in touch with employers.


A recruiting platform for tech-related positions, which they say is “designed for professionals with a track record of building technology-driven products”.


A company that builds software for HR and recruiting. It’s an HR software company, but it will also provide the software needed to make recruiting software, and it will include HR data integrations.


This is an app for recruiting on-campus for colleges and companies. The company says that it’s already working with over 500 colleges and 100 companies.


A “cloud-based” HR/recruiting. The startup will probably take a similar structure to what companies like Hubspot have done with customer service, and sell it to HR and recruiting companies.


A platform for recruiting tech talent for local startups


A startup that helps employers find and mobilize employees faster than ever. It’s a cloud platform for recruiting.


A startup that aims to solve the problem of re-marketing in higher education recruiting by building a way to help schools replace the need for multiple applications.


This startup aims to make the process of hiring software engineers easier for smaller teams, and to do so by merging multiple applicant tracking tools. The startup offers a single dashboard for recruiting, applicant tracking and talent management.


A new kind of platform for recruiters and job-seekers. The company is aiming to automate much of the recruiting process, and is reaching out to companies to see if they can help them build out their product.


A startup that produces custom, personalized, video profiles of students for online universities to use in marketing and recruiting.


A tool for recruiting startup engineers.


An internal recruiting software and communication solution for companies.


A startup that lets you connect with the people you’re hiring. It’s available for companies to use themselves or as an add-on to larger recruiting platforms.


A cloud-based recruiting and staffing software company. The company has over $1,000,000 in revenue in 2019.


A startuplicant tracking system for connected companies that helps with recruiting and onboarding.


A startup that helps companies with HR and recruiting by providing a platform for job seekers to see what’s available, and employers to see who is applying and in-demand.


A platform that helps you track down the best C-suite candidates among your employees. It’s a recruiting platform that uses a combination of algorithms and social media for finding top candidates for specific roles. It’s currently being used by YC and other startups including FundingPost and Foodspotting.


The founders of this cloud-based recruiting startup say that they’ve discovered that many people don’t have a good idea of what their job responsibilities are. They’re building an application that can help people figure that out, and then identify the best fit for each position in the pool.


Recruiting software for restaurants.


Take a multi-pronged approach to recruiting, matching a candidate with multiple companies, and then helping them understand the role they’re interviewing for.


A solution for in-person recruiting in the Philippines.


This startup is founded by former Google employees and aims to be the “Uber of recruiting”, allowing companies to list their job openings for remote employees.


A platform for recruiting and managing sales reps in a B2B sales process.


A recruiting-focused startup that connects job seekers to employers and job postings.


A company that uses machine learning to aid the recruiting process by using visual cues to help recruiters spot people better suited for a particular role.


An in-house recruiting tool for companies. It’s meant to help recruiters quickly and accurately fill jobs via a platform that can be set up on their own web domain.


A recruiting platform for seasonal workers, charging $2 per hire.


A platform for recruiting drivers. The startup claims to have reduced turnover and increased productivity by 30 percent.


The startup wants to build an in-person recruiting marketplace for corporate campuses. The company has already built an app to help visiting college students find housing.


An on-demand recruiting platform for small businesses, aiming to help them manage their labor needs.


The startup is looking to use its AI to help companies recruit better. It’s looking to meet the needs of the one-in-five companies that has to go out of business or needs to bring on a new hire. And it’s looking to do so at a lower cost than other recruiting services.


A company that aims to bring a more holistic experience to recruiting through its candidate experience software.


The startup’s a startup looking to disrupt the human resources market in big, old-school companies. With the help of AI and machine learning, the startup wants to make recruiting and hiring more efficient while helping companies tap into the power of data to better predict how well candidates will fit.


A startup that helps companies with talent acquisition and retention. The company employs a “holistic” approach to recruiting and retention, with tools for companies to evaluate candidates, share a common language and culture, and establish a graduated hierarchy for managers.


A database of information about corporate decision-makers and where they work, with a database of people who are available to work for them. The startup aims to help recruiters find the right people for certain roles, without having to go through the recruiting process themselves.


 A company that wants to create a more collaborative and efficient process for hiring a new employee. It’s an employer-side HR platform aimed at recruiting managers who use a proprietary algorithm, using data from their own workforce, to help them reach out to candidates the best way possible.


A “smart recruiting” platform that helps companies find and hire the best employees for their job openings, using data as a guide.


Idea: A software company that helps job boards and applicant tracking systems manage the recruiting process


Idea: A technical recruiting platform for companies to manage and track hiring.


Idea: An AI-based recruiting tool. The startup wants to handle the entire resume screening process, reviewing resumes and suggesting candidates for a job.