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Recommend Startup Ideas

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A machine learning tool for recommending books based on a user’s reading history.


Aspiring to be like Amazon, this startup wants to be the Amazon of the $3.5 trillion retail industry. They say they’re currently focused on a core product that will eventually be able to make recommendations for products to customers, and have already signed up a number of retailers.


An AI system to recommend and execute financial transactions


A startup that lets people buy tickets to events that they can attend from their phone, and their friends can recommend. Ticketfly is focused on events like concerts, sporting events and live theater.


This startup has an app that helps people find the best places to eat out and then send a personal recommendation to a friend. The app is meant for those who like to eat out but are unsure where to go.


A company that looks to take the data from the medical devices in your home and learn what your body needs to stay healthy. CIMA aims to build an AI-powered platform that can help you better manage all your health data, and then recommend medications based on what your body needs.


A startup that wants to help people with depression and anxiety get the most out of life, by providing personalized recommendations on how


The goal of this startup is to help consumers shop for services that match their needs, rather than relying on recommendations from friends and family. The company looks to compete with platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial by selling subscriptions that will take care of the customer. The startup is already working with a number of Wal-Mart and Kroger stores.


A social destination for food and drink recommendations.


A predictive model that recommends products based on the person’s age and income, and also if it’s a “special occasion”.


This is a company building a software company that provides software solutions for companies to build their own customer personas, give them feedback on their user experience, and then make recommendations for changing their website layouts.


A digital health startup that uses artificial intelligence to help users make sure they’re eating and sleeping well, and get the right amount of sleep. It uses machine learning to detect if a user is cheating on their sleep, and then recommends actions to improve sleep.


A startup that helps people eat more healthily, by giving them personalized nutrition recommendations.


A CRM for retailers that uses machine learning to predict consumer behavior and then recommend what products to sell based on their past purchases


AI-powered machine learning platform for the fashion industry that helps brands measure product fit and recommend products for different sizes and styles.


A platform that lets restaurant customers rate their experience and recommend nearby businesses. The startup, which has raised $400,000 from investors in three rounds, says they currently cover the Bay Area and Los Angeles.


The team behind @TOH, a restaurant recommendation app, is building a system to help restaurants track their food waste and find solutions to it.


A company that helps companies mine data to see what’s working for them, and what’s not, and then makes recommendations for how to improve.


The company is building a platform that brings restaurant recommendations to digital platforms, allowing users to receive a personalized dining experience that’s tailored to their preferences.


A platform that helps users find the best salon for their haircuts. The app stores salon location data in users’ phones and provides them with recommendations based on their location and needs.


A platform for direct-to-consumer health care that allows users to share health data and receive treatment recommendations from a variety of doctors and hospitals. The company says it is the only platform of its kind and has raised $1.2 million to date.


A “crowdsourced recommendation engine” that uses a model built on Yelp and other reviews to help people find apps and services that they might not necessarily know about.


 This startup uses AI to detect insurance fraud and fraudulently- or improperly-claimed benefits. It offers a risk score and recommendations that help agents and customers decide on policies.


A messaging platform for #MeToo survivors to share stories, recommendations, and resources.


A startup focused on helping users filter content in their feeds. The startup has built a product that uses algorithms to recommend the most relevant content for you based on a variety of criteria.


The startup is working with a range of retailers, from Ikea to J.Crew, to build out an AI-powered recommendation system.


This startup wants to use machine learning and cryptocurrency to make “recommendations” based on what you might want to listen to.


This startup’s “intelligent” bot helps branded social media users come up with content ideas. It then recommends a topic for followers to post on the social media platform.


The team is building a way to automatically and transparently recommend the best employees for an open position. The startup is currently only targeting startups in Silicon Valley.


A platform that lets businesses share their data with their customers, enabling customers to do things like recommending items to each other or sharing pictures like Instagram.


A healthcare provider that uses AI to help doctors identify chronic illnesses and recommend effective treatments.


An “App Store for Doctors”, which uses artificial intelligence to recommend treatments and therapies for patients.


A startup that wants to help people make better decisions with their money, using a similar model to the one that Spotify uses to recommend music to you.


A startup that makes it easier to hire freelance workers through a platform that allows managers to post jobs, and then compare candidates based on credentials, previous work, and social recommendations.


This startup is building a tool to help people find the best doctors, dentists and other medical professionals in their area. The startup is looking to build out a health care recommendation system based on personalized data from the patient’s current doctor. Gives the patient a recommendation, which is then sent to the doctor, where they can then make a decision on how to proceed. The company is looking to launch in early 2021.


A monthly subscription service for home laundry detergent that offers recommendations for how much to buy, when and how to use it. The startup has already sold more than $2 million in the past year from its first customers–with over 25,000 subscriptions.


This startup is building an app that lets you track your health conditions, manage your symptoms, and make recommendations for treatment.


A photo-sharing service that uses AI to find the best “story” in a photo and recommend it to others. Users can also share their favorite stories with friends.


A simple online platform to measure and compare ratings, recommendations and reviews for restaurants, bars, spas, salons and more.


A startup that uses machine learning to provide personalized recommendations and content to customers.


A company that makes a smartphone app that is essentially a robo-advisor. The startup will use data from the app to make recommendations for the user.


A “social discovery and recommendation” app that enables people to discover new products and services from their other social media accounts, without them having to leave a platform.


A mobile app providing users with recommendations on where to eat in their city based on their location. The company says it processes over 20 million restaurant reviews every month.


This startup wants to help companies see how their customers are shopping and offering recommendations on what products and services to sell to them.


A mobile app that creates “personalized news, alerts and recommendations for every user” — a sort of personalized news, or “Facebook for you”.


A social recommendation platform that hopes to organize recommendations by people, places, and things.


A personal computer for managing back pain. It’s essentially a smartphone that sits on a medical table and provides a diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and a system for collecting patient data.


 A startup that compares and recommends providers of childcare, school, and daycare based on the cost, quality, and convenience of the care. Looks like a better version of Nannybook.


A startup that wants to help people with their investments by recommending other startups they might want to invest in.


A startup that helps customers decide what they want to buy with a digital tool that turns price into recommendations.


A company that helps students get into medical school by matching them with mentors. It takes a student’s application and provides recommendations on which medical school to apply to, based on the student’s chances of getting into medical school.


The startup, founded in April, is building an AI that can help people monitor and engage with their health. People can use the AI to keep track of their weight and health, and the AI will send them recommendations on how they can improve it.


A content recommendation platform that partners with influencers to help them get more followers and more engagement. They say they’re already working with a number of celebrities.


This startup is creating a chatbot that will help users find the best deal on airline tickets, and provide recommendations based on personal preferences.


This startup is creating a new shopping experience for millennials, combining insights, recommendations, and messaging, with a focus on location-based shopping.


A technology that helps people shop and eat healthier by offering personalized recommendations based on their health history.


A platform to help you streamline and optimize the way you use your phone and its apps. It provides features like a dashboard to track your battery life, and a recommendation engine to help you get the most out of your phone’s capabilities.


A system that helps you figure out if a new product is a good fit for your business based on past purchases. It helps you identify the things you buy and where you buy them, then uses that information to make recommendations.


A next-generation payment and loyalty system that uses AI to recommend which customers will spend more. The company creates a “composite” of customers based on their buying and a variety of other data points.


A startup that creates artificial intelligence for shopping. The startup uses machine learning to create custom recommendations using their users' previous purchases and their shopping histories.


A fitness-centric social network, with fitness-centric content, for people who are content-first, not fitness-first. The startup wants to use AI to recommend activity, food, and other content that people are likely to enjoy.


A startup that wants to make banking more like social media. The startup is building a “challenging” banking experience that integrates notifications, product recommendations and social aspects. A new way to bank that would be more like checking your Facebook stream for information and then making a purchase.


A platform that helps people find food in their neighborhoods. It uses Yelp data to recommend places nearby.


A recommendation engine that helps you find what you like and suggest similar products to you.


The startup has a personalized recommendation engine for buying clothes, but does so in a way that makes it easy for the consumer to shop in the store.


The startup’s goal is to create a “travel agency on steroids”. The idea is to use AI and AI-powered services to plan trips and recommend hotels and activities.


A connected car service that uses data from the car for the driver and the device for the company. It uses the data to create personalized recommendations and “intelligent insights”. It currently has over 3,000 cars on its platform.


A digital platform for health providers to provide a hospital-like service to patients. Doctors can see a patient’s health in real-time and send them personalized health recommendations.


A platform that connects you to a network of freelance designers and developers to create a product for you. The company also works with your team to provide you with a product roadmap and a recommended development timeline.


This is a startup using machine learning to make recommendations of the best items to buy on Amazon for a particular category.


A startup that’s building an “Uber for teeth”, recommending dentists for dental procedures according to the user’s needs. The company says it's already working with over 30 dentists across the country.


A platform that helps find the best rooms at a hotel for a certain guest based on their profile. The company says it’s a “nudged recommendation” system using AI and machine learning.


A data scientist-powered machine learning platform for the retail industry, enabling retailers to serve customers with personalized, real-time recommendations for their shopping trips.


A cloud platform for content recommendation and discovery


A startup for hiring hotel employees via artificial intelligence. The service takes a photo of a hotel employee and uses it as a way to make a recommendation for a new employee.


A Swiss startup that wants to provide AI for product and service recommendations.


The company is building an AI-powered platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically identify and recommend products to customers.


A black box that tracks spending habits, helps create budgets, and recommends savings.


This startup is building a platform for chatbots to make sense of customers’ data and make recommendations.


A startup that helps people make smart purchases based on their personal style. The app uses a proprietary algorithm to recommend items based on presented trends, using a “personality profile” to make purchases.


A startups that tracks the performance of ads as they’re served online and provides recommendations for ways to optimize.


Idea: A company that is building an app for real estate agents to help them recommend contractors to their clients


A platform that consolidates different shipping companies into one place, using AI to recommend which is the best shipping company for a given shipment.


This startup wants to take the guesswork out of picking a hospital for day surgery. It’s building a platform with recommendations and reviews, based on the outcomes of surgeries performed at each hospital.


A startup that creates a tool for people to record their health and fitness data and then get recommendations for how to improve it


Idea: A podcasting app that recommends podcasts for you based on what you already like


Idea: A startup that recommends life-changing books


Idea: A mobile app that will help truck drivers save money on gas, with a companion physical device that trucks can plug into and get gas price recommendations


Idea: This is a real estate startup that wants to help people find homes to rent. They’re looking to target people who’ve been priced out of the market and need to rent instead of buy. The startup’s pitch is that it’s better than Craigslist because it focuses on neighborhoods and can recommend specific apartments.


Idea: A platform for doctors to track patients’ vitals and symptoms, share information, and make recommendations. The startup is currently working with four hospitals, and has $1.5m in revenue.


Idea: SaaS startup that helps hotels manage their rooms and guests, with a little bit of Netflix’s recommendation algorithms baked in. The idea is that hotels can use it as a booking engine to get more out of their rooms, and the company’s founders say they have a 75% conversion rate.