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by @levelsio

Recognition Startup Ideas

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A startup that sells a tool for determining if someone is lying or not (voice recognition, eye movement, micro-expressions)


A machine learning company that is working on sophisticated facial recognition software for use in retail.


A company that uses a patented optical-recognition technology to read barcodes and replace QR codes.


A speech recognition app that helps users get around in their home.


Alluvium is a company that makes artificial intelligence software for image recognition. The founders say it’s better than other tools because it was built from the ground up to work with the way humans think, rather than the way machines work.


A digital service that uses facial recognition to verify whether a person is who they say they are.


A facial recognition startup that uses artificial intelligence to provide a more secure way to digitally sign documents.


A startup that uses facial recognition to identify and tag art pieces in museums. The startup has a $3.5 million Series A to build out its platform, and plans to expand to other museums.


A startup that wants to use facial recognition to make it easier for companies to manage employee access to their accounts and devices. The idea is that this startup serves as a “supervisor of the cloud”.


A mobile app that uses facial recognition to help detect fraudulent transactions. A startup from the same company as Centram.


This startup uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence to understand the emotions that are being expressed by voice (like “I’m angry”) and determine if this voice is coming from a human or machine.


A 3D facial recognition tool that allows users to take selfies and instantly identify who they are and where they are. The idea is that it can help businesses reduce the risk of theft.


In the US, 90% of people’s social media profiles use photos, but only 50% of those photos are actually being used for social purposes. A company that wants to solve the problem, BuildFace is a tool that uses facial recognition to curate a digital photo-portfolio, using contextual photos to augment a person’s personal brand.


A computer vision startup that wants to be the “Google of facial recognition”. The company uses algorithms to analyze people’s faces, generates “a list of face-matching identities”.


An “invisible” credit card. The startup aims to use biometrics, like facial recognition, to replace physical credit cards. It’s first product is a “perpetual” card that can be used in lieu of a regular card.


A computer vision startup that wants to use machine learning and image recognition to make product photos more complete. The startup says their technology can improve the accuracy of product photos 40% with claims to be able to identify colors, shapes and other features of products.


A company that makes it easier for businesses to adopt and use technology. They’re currently working with 10 customers, including two large enterprise customers, and offer solutions in computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning.


A facial recognition startup that lets brands create custom-built advertisements by uploading a photograph of a user and getting a real-time computer-generated version to match with the real one.


A "social speech recognition" app that uses the power of crowdsourcing to help people with speech disabilities get the most accurate possible transcription.


A company that’s building a voice recognition tool for coding and machine learning.


A 3D facial recognition app that helps you find the closest barbershop or stylist.


A home security platform that uses facial recognition to let users see who is at the door, even when the doorbell isn’t ringing.


This facial recognition app from two MIT grads has gotten attention for its integration with a number of services. People can use it to verify their identity in places like checking their bank account, paying at a store, or using a credit card.


A startup that wants to use image recognition to turn any object (including food) into a barcode.


Security for Android phones that could include that much-coveted fingerprint recognition feature.


A startup that’s building an AI for image recognition. On Rains is building an AI that can do lip-reading for people with hearing impairments.


This is a mobile app that uses facial recognition to help you find the cheapest gas in your area.


A startup that wants to use AI to improve speech recognition for the blind.


The company is building a facial recognition product for hotels, enabling them to identify guests from photos and automatically adjust room rates. In this way, staying at a hotel is a more seamless process – the process of checking in and out is handled automatically.


A facial recognition service that the founders say is “unparalleled”, and that has raised over $1 million in funding. The company is currently hiring, but declined to disclose numbers.


A company that helps businesses organize their gifts and offers for clients, as well as events and employee recognition, to save everyone time and money.


Helping small business owners build brand recognition through online video


A ‘smart’ dog collar that monitors your dog’s vital signs remotely. It has built-in sensors for walking, running, walking backwards, walking on a treadmill, walking in the rain, walking up hills, walking down hills, walking indoors, walking under water, walking into the street, walking into the pool, walking into the lake, walking into the ocean, walking into the lake, walking into the pool, walking backwards, walking inside, walking backwards, walking indoors, walking backwards, walking backwards. Also has a voice recognition system, so you can talk to your dog at the same time.


A startup that uses facial recognition to help customers find, review, and purchase products online. Founded by the former CEO of UBER.


A startup that uses facial recognition to track the location of a lost phone or personal belongings. The startup is currently working on integrating with Facebook's new photo service.


Idea: An easy way to create image recognition datasets