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Recently Startup Ideas

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A startup that uses artificial intelligence to detect credit card fraud. The startup recently raised $1 million to begin working on its app.


This startup is building an app that helps business owners track their expenses and productivity. The company recently raised $1.3 million.


This is a product-tracking app for restaurants, allowing them to track all their orders, send notifications to employees, and manage payments. It’s currently only available in the US but has recently secured seed funding.


A tool for helping companies manage and sell their stock options. The company has been operating since 2011 but only recently pivoted to become a provider of grant management software.


A tool for finding and managing freelance contracts. The company recently raised $2.6 million.


A SaaS solution for HR teams that lets them manage a large number of employees quickly and easily. Encom is growing quickly, and recently raised $4.5 million on a $10 million valuation. It has over 2,000 customers from Fortune 500 companies such as Pepsi, Walgreens, and Verizon.


This startup is building a platform to help people get money from friends and family. The company uses a paper check system that’s more commonly used in developing countries, and it plans to roll it out in the US, Canada, and Europe. They recently raised $1.5M in a seed round.


Work-at-home tech support for small businesses. The startup is based in the Bay Area and recently raised $3 million to expand internationally.


A company that makes both low-cost and premium products for the fashion industry. The premium products include the T-shirt, the slim-fit denim, and the leather jacket. The company is also manufacturing a line of eyewear, and it recently launched a line of knitwear for women.


The startup recently raised $800,000 in seed funding, and has been using this to build a platform for people to tell stories and create video content in a “curated, structured, and safe environment”.


A startup that wants to help people sign up for and manage their health insurance through their phone. The startup recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding from NY Health Investment Funds.


A hardware company that builds its own Bluetooth devices with a focus on connecting medical devices to the internet. It recently raised $5 million in a Series A led by Family Offices.


An artificial intelligence-powered system that lets businesses see how their employees are performing. The underlying AI platform is able to understand the inner-workings of a company. The company recently closed a $4 million Series A funding.


A “Social Commerce Platform” that allows brands to tie social media to their sales. The startup wants to help brands take advantage of social media to interact with their customers and drive sales. It’s working with a number of brands including Lululemon, Gatorade, and, most recently, Kia.


A “a service that helps users learn about their health and wellbeing by connecting them to a network of health professionals”. The startup recently raised $1.8 million in seed funding.


The startup pitches its platform as the “one-stop shop for all things HR”. It will offer HR software, payroll, and benefits management. It also recently raised $1.5M in seed funding.


A search engine focused on finding the most relevant articles about a particular topic. The startup is building the search around data from more than 190 million sources across the web. It was recently featured on the HBO show Silicon Valley.


A weather app that shows the color-coded forecast for the next 2, 3, or 4 days for your city, added to your iPhone’s weather app. This startup is in the space currently, but differs in that it recently launched as a standalone iOS app.


A startup that helps people get their hands on a shorter-term loan without having to go through the hassle of getting a credit card. They recently raised $600,000 in seed funding.


A food delivery app that uses the same home delivery process as Uber Eats and Instacart, but for restaurants. It’s currently in the beginning of a round led by a VC firm that recently invested in Zume Pizza.


A company that wants to provide a library of useful software for developers. They recently raised $500,000.


A company making an AI-powered HR assistant that learns from employees and helps them work better. The startup was recently acquired by a bigger startup called TalentBin.


UnionX is a platform that can be used to organize a union or similar group for a group of employees. The startup has seen interest from unions in private companies, like Uber, and recently secured $1 million in seed funding.


A company that makes tools for the non-profit and humanitarian space. It recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding.


This is a startup that wants to build a system that automatically detects and captures video of police interactions and the surrounding community. The startup recently raised $1.2 million from Digital Ocean’s Venture Fund.


A company that provides support for enterprise organizations that want to adopt blockchain tech. The company has more than 2,000 enterprise customers, and recently announced a $1.1 million seed round.


A venture backed brand that makes nut-milk-based drinks and skincare products. The company has three products in the market already, and recently introduced a new product that uses a nutty brown rice protein called “brown rice protein powder.”


A startup that combines genomics, synthetic biology and computer science to develop new pharmaceuticals. The startup recently took in $100,000 from investors like Charles River Ventures and Simon Kucher.


An on-demand, on-the-go learning platform for executives that helps them quickly learn anything from marketing to HR to finance to sales. The company recently raised $1.5 million in venture capital.


A car-sharing service with a fleet of cars based on demand. The startup recently launched in Washington D.C.


allows companies to create online shopfronts for their products, eliminating the need for physical storefronts. It’s growing quickly, and recently closed a $3.8 million series A round.


A startup that wants to be the go-to service for creating branded video and digital publishing for enterprises. The company recently raised a Series A led by Collaborative Fund.


A mobile platform that allows people to provide information about local events, or to check-in to events. The company has been in stealth for a year, and was recently accepted into Y Combinator's Summer 2019 class.


A company that helps people keep track of their health, fitness, and medical records by offering a scheduling and appointment system within the iPhone app. It’s been available since March but has only recently started gaining traction.


A company that provides software that helps small businesses to operate better, faster, and more efficiently. It’s a cloud-based service that helps small businesses staff sales, accounting, and other functions. The startup has raised over $4.6 million in funding, and found itself in the news recently for an employee lawsuit.


A video analytics platform for measuring video quality and engagement. The company recently raised $3 million in Series A funding and has 40 employees.


J.P. Morgan recently launched a drone delivery service that delivers medical supplies to the roof of a building.


The unique thing about the startup is the way it uses AI to create new content (the company was recently named one of “Coolest Companies in San Francisco”)


Is a way for people to wirelessly charge their Apple Watch. The startup has been shipping Apple Watch chargers to customers around the world, and recently received a $1.2 million investment from a group of angel investors.


(New Zealand) The startup helps B2B companies expand and grow their customer base. They recently won a R10M contract from the New Zealand Government.


A platform to help small businesses with their digital presence and marketing. The startup is still in development, and only recently launched its website.


A shopping app for grocery delivery, with a focus on convenience. The company recently raised $1.1 million, which it says will help them hire 15 people.


The startup’s app helps smartphone users to make the most of their conversations with a local by providing a database of local restaurants, hotels, and attractions. The startup says it has $6 million in sales, and $500,000 in cash, and recently closed a $3.5 million seed round led by the European Investment Fund.


A startup that wants to move from the “iPhone to the iPhone”. Instead of building apps for the iPhone itself, they’re building specialized apps for all of the things you can do with an iPhone. For example, they recently launched an app that lets you control your Nest thermostat with your iPhone and use it as a webcam.


A startup that makes it possible to create and sell virtual goods and services within games and other apps. The startup has recently raised $5 million.


 A toolkit to help small businesses manage inventory. The company recently took in $775,000 in angel funding.


This startup has built a tool to help people apply for jobs and include their data in the system. They’ve recently hired a couple of people to focus on building a tool that allows people to manage their resumes.


A new solution to mobile payments that’s focused on the growing nature of B2C payments. The startup recently closed a $1 million seed investment round.


A platform to help retailers sell their products. The startup recently launched a “marketplace” where it displays products from different retailers that it has teamed up with on a branded storefront.