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A startup that lets users “check-in” to any retail location and receive a discount or free gift. The company has raised $1.5 million in seed funding.


A startup that helps people with diabetes receive better quality health care by monitoring the service they receive from their doctors and hospitals


A toolset that helps small businesses receive updates from the government and other stakeholders in an organized and timely fashion.


The company is building a platform that will allow people to land on a page with a listing of homes for sale, to create a profile, and then receive a personalized email to show homes that match their preferences.


A tool to help teachers identify students who need extra support, and groups them together so they can receive help and support.


A startup that lets users receive notifications when someone they follow on social media posts pictures of themselves.


A web-based, collaborative platform for teachers to give and receive feedback.


This startup is building a cloud-based platform to help shop owners manage their stores. The company is building a platform that allows owners to manage their stores from the cloud, and lets them use the software to access their inventory and receive notifications on sales.


A platform for influencers to receive feedback from their followers, so they can use it to become better at what they do.


A “robot lawyer” intended to help handle the 1 million product law claims the company receives per year.


A tool that allows users to send and receive payments in Bitcoin through email. The company’s goal is to make it simple to pay friends and family with cryptocurrency.


Builds a platform for businesses to share and compare information about their products, services, and employees. It has partnerships with companies like Linkedin, Mailchimp, and Stripe, allowing employees to upload their resumes, manage their accounts, and receive paychecks directly within the platform.


A startup that helps companies “reduce the time it takes to receive a quote from an insurance company” by connecting them directly to carriers and streamlining the process in a way that’s automated and simple.


A startup that looks to make it easier for the elderly to get a second smartphone. They’re looking to make it easy for the elderly to get a second smartphone when they’re already paying high smartphone bills. They’re launching in a few months and have already received a $250,000 investment from an angel group in the Valley that helps solve “pioneering problems in emerging markets.”


A startup that provides a service for musicians to track their fans and receive real-time feedback


Ability to locate and talk to friends and family who are in the same place as you. The startup is building functionality to make phone and messaging more like texting, with the ability to send and receive emojis, stickers, and photos.


The San Francisco Bay Area is home to more than 200 companies that have received a total of more than $80 billion in venture capital funding as of Q3 2017.


The company is building a platform that brings restaurant recommendations to digital platforms, allowing users to receive a personalized dining experience that’s tailored to their preferences.


This company is building a service that helps small enterprises send and receive payments.


A platform for direct-to-consumer health care that allows users to share health data and receive treatment recommendations from a variety of doctors and hospitals. The company says it is the only platform of its kind and has raised $1.2 million to date.


A startup whose product is a service that "lets users create an avatar for their email addresses It then uses that avatar to send email" The startup launched in October 2018 and received a seed round of $17M in February 2019


A communications platform for contractors, with a focus on job seekers. The startup is trying to bridge the gap between the way the information is shared on the job market and how it’s received by recruiters.


A mobile app that allows users to easily send and receive money. The startup was founded in July and is focused on working with local banks in the US. It aims to get users to use the app to send money directly to their local bank accounts or other people’s bank accounts.


This startup is building a network for the more than 60 million people who don’t have bank accounts — but are still expected to receive a loan, rent payments, or pay utility bills. As a result, they often don’t have access to the basic financial services they need. Envelope lets them become a platform for next-day payment, and offers payment-by-phone for small transactions.


A platform that helps freelancers and remote workers receive payments and manage expenses.


A new kind of “bank” for the unbanked, where people can create savings accounts, send and receive money, and borrow short-term from peers.


A mobile-only bank account for Brazil. A tiered account that allows individuals to pay bills and receive transfers.


A way for people to send each other money, for a fee. You can transfer $50 of money to someone without them having to come to a bank. There’s a mobile app that allows people to receive and send money, and an online interface for people to see all their transactions.


"Idea 2.0 is a tool for entrepreneurs to help them learn about new technologies in the market and network together. It’s the Uber of technology conferences. The conference is in its second year and has had over 1,000 attendees and 300+ speakers from 45 countries. The conference’s format is based on the model of Airbnb, where the host gets to pick the guests. The guest list is highly curated and the speakers are handpicked by the company’s CEO. The conference has been very well received by attendees and has been named a Top 10 conference in the US in 2018.


An online marketplace for small businesses to collaborate, where they can share resources, receive feedback from customers, and get more business. They charge businesses $5 per month per person to join, and charge businesses $500 a month to become a Vendor.


“The company’s mission is to create a better way to communicate between employees and employers. They’ve built an app that allows companies to send out salary increases to employees in advance, which they say helps employees be more productive and be better at their jobs. They say their users have improved their productivity by 30% and received an average salary increase of 84%.”


A startup that provides a platform for individuals to learn Chinese online, in an app, and receive individually tailored lessons.


A startup that lets you send and receive payments with your bank account, but also with your phone.


Causes that want to communicate with people on Facebook and other social media platforms can now do so through a Facebook-style private messaging platform that will allow users to send and receive messages through a growing list of apps and services. The company says the community is growing rapidly and has over 200,000 members.


This startup is developing an online platform for community members to receive and manage community and event information.


A platform that saves time for freelancers by allowing them to quickly find, book, and pay invoices, and receive payments in their account.


A tool that delivers content based on the interests of users. The startup has built a platform where users are able to express their interests, and then receive content that is tailored to their tastes.


A messaging service for companies to send and receive messages without requiring employees to have smartphones. The company is working on a product that will work with existing hardware, like a tablet.


A startup that wants to build a platform for physical goods merchants to sell online and receive payment in real time.


A platform to help send and receive money from friends and family in the Philippines.


A startup that makes it easier for people to send and receive money using the built-in SMS functionality on their phones.


 The startup is building an intelligent vending machine that allows consumers to receive personalized offers based on their offline behavior.


A mobile app that allows users to report and receive ride-hailing pickups in real time, and to track the progress of drivers as they carry out both scheduled and unscheduled pickups.


A product that allows you to set a reminder on your phone for when you will receive a package and the tracking number. The startup has raised $1.8 million to build out its business.


A “digital bookshelf” where people can collect and share their favorite books. The company has received $1.25 million in seed funding.


 The startup is building a mobile network for remote employees that can use the network to send and receive files, make calls, and respond to email.


A platform for companies to send and receive money from customers and suppliers very cheaply. It aims to be the PayPal of the developing world.


Fusion is a real estate software company that allows real estate agents to list their listings online and receive notifications whenever a home is sold.


A company that gives businesses a way to buy and receive custom work from people around the world. It’s selling the ability to have a new logo, website, or app design delivered in 15 minutes.


A company that’s building tools that send and receive money from people’s bank accounts. Using the software, people can send money to each other and keep an account for receiving payments. The app can be used by anyone in the country, and is available to customers through a bank account in the US.


 A startup for hotels to receive guest reviews. It allows hotels to easily build a phone application that allows guests to submit feedback. It’s also a way for hotels to tap into a big, untapped market of millennials who like to review things on their phones.


An SMS-based texting service for users to send and receive emergency alerts.


A company that sells ‘smart’ access cards for venues/events, allowing guests to swipe their cards, turn on an app, and receive push notifications of things like door status and food and drink orders.


A startup that will allow you to automatically receive payment for your work via AI. The company has raised $1.2 million.


A shipping and payment service that wants to help Indian companies ship and receive packages faster.


A startup for people to buy and sell products directly from their phones, and for sellers to receive payment via Venmo. The company is looking to expand into a marketplace with services like insurance and education.


Startup looking to make it easier to receive medical care in the developing world.


A pitch for a health insurance platform that enables users to use a smartphone to view their health data, make payments, and receive regular communications from a doctor.


A B2B SaaS company that helps employees communicate with one another and receive pay, benefits and bonuses. It’s built for larger companies with at least 1,000 employees and requires a proprietary API for payment and payroll integration.


A 4-person team has written an iOS app that lets people search and pay for tickets to, and receive discounts on, the city’s iconic public art installations.


A customer support app for businesses, that helps users get through to human resources, and allows them to receive specific customer service.


Crowdtap lets you send and receive money through Facebook Messenger.


 The company with the combined vision of Google, Facebook, and Uber: A new kind of messaging platform that allows you to send and receive a message with a set of actions. An example: You can send a message to a friend and then order them a pizza, with the message automatically being routed through the app and then to the pizza chain.


A startup that aggregates and delivers news and information to users on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The company is also building a “beacon” for iOS users to receive notification of deals at nearby retailers, using a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi to track users’ location and then send notifications for deals on nearby merchants. The startup is also in the process of building a deal site for Android users.


A startup that allows companies to verify the data they receive is real and valid. The startup has already built an API that allows for verification and has a company that offers verification services.


A startup that lets companies receive real-time feedback on their customer service. The founders say that customer feedback is the number one driver of company growth.


A platform that lets users receive a weekly email (or text message) that shows them how to use their phone.


A startup that sells a subscription service where people pay a monthly fee and receive a box of snacks


Idea: A place for people to share their work and receive feedback from other designers


Idea: A startup that offers a way for people to receive payments via SMS, with a $3 million in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: A startup that wants to replace your wallet with a digital payments card, with one card that works everywhere. They charge a fee for the card, and also receive a cut of the fees merchants pay for the transaction.


Idea: A company that offers a software platform that allows people to send and receive money to each other’s phones.


A “subscription commerce” platform for selling art. The startup charges $5 per month for 3 paintings, which subscribers receive in the mail every month.


Idea: This startup is building an app to help small to mid-sized business in China apply for and receive loans from banks.


The event was held on a larger scale than any previous TechCrunch event. It had a venue capacity of 2,500 people, and received 2,200 applications to attend.


Idea: A startup that turns your cell phone or computer into a walkie-talkie. The receiver is a physical device you can carry around. The startup is selling the device for $99, with a month of service starting at $5.


A startup that provides a service for people who want to receive a spa treatment in the comfort of their own home


A startup that’s built a suite of tools to help companies design their own products. The startup says it’s received $2.5 million