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Reality Startup Ideas

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A female-focused, non-sexualized virtual reality platform where women can connect with other women in a safe and judgement-free environment to discuss and learn about sexual health and wellness.


A startup that helps you get your career from idea to reality


A startup that allows companies to create virtual reality/augmented reality experiences with their employees (no coding required)


A virtual reality startup that aims to help healthcare professionals train and collaborate. It’s a VR app that lets doctors, nurses, and other medical staff practice together in a virtual environment before they need to go to the hospital.


A startup that uses virtual reality to help people overcome anorexia and bulimia


Idea: A startup that allows people to buy and sell their used items using augmented reality


Idea: A virtual reality startup for the e-commerce industry It wants to help online retailers build VR ads and other virtual experiences


A startup for companies to build, edit, and manage custom 3D content and virtual reality experiences.


Idea: A platform for making, distributing and monetizing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) games The company says it’s already built over a dozen AR and VR games and is currently monetizing them through app stores, advertising, premium content, and in-app purchases


A new type of virtual reality experience, where people can interact with others in a “virtual school” or “virtual community” without leaving their own home.


A startup that’s building virtual reality that encourages mindfulness.


A video and virtual reality game where you play as a character from the universe of "My Little Pony" and create an avatar. The startup is looking for a partner to help fund its effort to create a game, which started in November.


A platform for self-hosting, on-demand virtual reality content, allowing users to access VR worlds without a headset.


A startup that helps people to write down their ideas and turn them into a reality


A virtual reality performance studio. The company is building a virtual reality-based studio that provides training to help companies bring their ideas to life.


A company that’s exploring augmented reality for the creative industries, by allowing artists to create art using a simple 3D app.


The company is building a platform that will allow users to take a picture of the items in their home and have it translated into a virtual reality experience.


Zuji is building a platform that lets users create and share virtual reality experiences with friends. It has raised $5 million in seed funding.


A platform that lets users make their own virtual reality videos and share those videos with others for a share of the revenue.


A New York-based startup that claims to be the first in the world to offer a virtual reality-based storytelling course designed for the music industry.


A startup that allows people to build their own virtual reality spaces, with custom lighting, sounds, and music.


A virtual reality startup that enables “hyper-local beer tasting”.


A tool for building virtual reality experiences. The company’s tools allow you to build any kind of VR experience, from a simple 360-degree panoramic video to a full-blown VR experience.


A platform for helping people design and build virtual reality experiences. The startup is focusing on the gaming side, but says they’re open to partnering with other verticals as well.


A platform for making virtual reality content. The startup is looking to build a “virtual reality video studio” that lets creators stream their VR content.


A startup that helps people find a mentor or a coach to help them make career decisions and take them from idea to reality


The startup wants to create a platform for “inclusive, scalable, and affordable” virtual reality training.


This startup is building a way to create virtual reality experiences for brands, using a technology called “phantom display”.


A startup that says it’s building a “game-changing” artificial intelligence for virtual reality.


VR-based technology that lets people experience things like medical and scientific procedures in virtual reality.


While many startups have been building virtual reality products to help improve cognitive or physical therapy, this startup is specifically built to help people with mental illness. The app works as a video support system to help people with anxiety and mood disorders.


A startup that makes it easier for universities to use virtual reality to teach students.


A tool for creating virtual reality experiences that lets VR creators focus on the design rather than the implementation.


A startup that supports the creation of virtual reality apps.


A high-tech startup that wants to use its virtual reality to help people turn their natural surroundings into their classroom.


A software-as-a-service startup that allows you to build your own virtual-reality simulation


This startup helps companies create virtual reality experiences, like the “sleeping town” that you can explore in this video.


A startup that provides a platform for developers to create a virtual reality experience for customers. The startup is building out a marketplace for developers to sell their work.


A mobile app that helps people build a virtual reality experience while they walk around a city. Currently focusing on VR adoption in India.


While the idea of a self-driving car might look like far-fetched science fiction, the reality is that the technology is already at work on the roads of the United States and Europe. However, it is still too expensive for consumers to access. The startup, which is still in stealth, is working to make the technology accessible at a consumer level.


A startup focused on virtual reality and augmented reality wants to make it easier to create and share 3D models on the web, allowing designers to upload their 3D models into its platform for sharing and collaboration.


A set of tools for creating virtual reality experiences.


 A Berlin-based startup that aims to replace corporate travel with virtual reality


"A company that helps businesses go from idea to profitable reality. We help founders build ideas from day one and help them launch them successfully."


A company that wants to help people create their own virtual reality worlds.


VR/AR company that wants to make it easier for people to record and share videos in virtual reality and augmented reality. The company wants to build a VR and AR platform for users to record and share videos in VR and AR.


A new version of an online virtual-reality gaming platform that launched a year ago.


A company that offers live-action virtual reality videos for National Geographic.


A way to store and share photos and videos in 360 degrees, allowing users to see their friends in 3-D. The startup wants to use the service to create virtual reality video by stitching together photos and videos.


A company that makes virtual reality experiences for medical training and education, and has already trained over 50,000 people on its platform.


A company that makes augmented reality glasses for Google Glass


A startup that lets people experience virtual reality through the power of their mobile phone.


This startup is building a storage system for virtual reality developers that allows them to create large-scale worlds that interact with each other and with users.


A startup that is working to build the world’s first augmented reality grocery store. The idea is to create a way for users to scan a barcode to get an augmented reality display of what a product looks like in a store, before they’ve even left the house, with a camera view of what a product looks like at their homes.


An augmented reality platform that allows users to create and share 3D scenes and experiences, including through the iPhone’s camera.


An effort to start a program at MIT that partners inventors and investors and helps them make their ideas a reality.


A platform that allows people to crowdsource their ideas and work with others to turn them into reality. The startup hosted its first hackathon in Tel Aviv in October.


This company is constructing a virtual reality gaming platform for users to play games together in a virtual world.


A virtual reality headset that can show you a 3D map of your home when you’re on vacation.


A startup that launched in January that aims to add augmented reality to the world of dating. The startup plans to take things further than just showing potential dates using AR to hang out, and give users the ability to see what the one other person is seeing in the real world.


Builds a platform that allows companies to create and sell customized virtual reality experiences to consumers.


A platform for building virtual reality content with human-scale interactions. The company wants to build virtual reality content where people can walk around, sit down or interact with their virtual world.


A startup that turns your phone into a virtual reality unit, letting you stream VR videos and games from your phone to your headset.


A startup that helps people build virtual reality experiences and help create immersive experiences for brands. Notable for its location-based VR hardware for gaming and entertainment, the company is building a virtual reality platform for malls and shopping centers.


A company building an open toolkit for building virtual reality games.


 A virtual reality company is building an open-source headset that is compatible with all phones with phones.


 A company that helps people find and sell their old HDTVs, turning them into augmented reality products.


This startup is building a vision-enabled augmented reality tracking tool for wearables. The product, which launches this year, will be able to track eye movements, and allows users to see through the lens of another person’s smartphone.


A startup that is building an augmented reality platform to allow people to place virtual objects on top of real-world objects.


A startup that can send virtual reality and web-based experiences to a mobile VR headset like Samsung’s Gear VR, and a separate service for desktop VR.


The startup wants to make self-controlled health management a reality by bringing patients to doctors once they’ve self-monitored and measured their health regularly.


This startup is building a tool that allows people to develop their own virtual reality experiences while integrating them with their own existing tools.


An API for building virtual reality apps, as well as a VR headset, as a way to create a new type of “VR search engine”.


A platform that lets users create virtual reality content using HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.


Designing and building a new way for people to connect over virtual reality.


Idea: A-Frame, like React, is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences Unlike React, it’s made specifically for VR


Idea: A startup that makes a camera that’s meant to be used for augmented reality, where it’s meant to allow you to take pictures of things that will show up in AR.


The event featured the first TechCrunch XR (extended reality) Hackathon in which teams built VR and AR experiences using HTC Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift VR headset. The event also featured a Startup Alley in which the most promising startups from the 2019 program showcased themselves to investors, mentors and press.