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A protocol for sending commands to IoT devices that are out of reach or don’t have Wi-Fi.


A company that helps brands create and distribute in-store marketing content across traditional and social media, allowing for a more efficient way to reach customers.


A startup that tracks your food intake and helps you reach your healthy eating goals.


A platform that helps ad agencies, marketers, and agencies reach people across multiple channels based on their interests, without having to find their personal email addresses.


This startup is working on an AI-powered system that monitors data on Amazon’s servers, allowing companies to guard against potential security breaches.


Using AI to help brands reach their customers with the most relevant ad campaigns. The startup offers a “personalized” message algorithm that’s meant to deliver ads that are more likely to be clicked.


A tool to help companies comply with the GDPR and handle data breaches.


The first YC-backed startup to reach unicorn status was Airbnb, in 2009. Airbnb was followed by Dropbox, Stripe, Uber, Instacart, and Wayfair.


A platform where users can create virtual islands for multiplayer gaming. It launched in 2014, with the founders saying that it’s on track to reach $1.5 million in annual revenue.


A personal trainer who has a special love for the Danish language. The startup is building a mobile app that helps people learn Danish, then helps them reach new goals through quizzes and gamification.


A startup that helps small businesses understand how to use social media to help them reach new customers


A way for companies to keep track of their employees' safety and productivity data, and automatically reach out to them to provide support if they're having a hard time.


This platform helps tech companies that would like to sell software as a service (SaaS) to clients. The platform allows for businesses to reach their clients directly, and also helps them understand how much money their clients are spending on software.


A startup that helps people in rural areas expand their businesses and access markets otherwise out of reach.


Webpage software for local non-profits. The company wants to help non-profits to reach more people with the tools they need to build their mission-critical websites.


A digital marketing platform for small businesses, pitched as a toolset to help companies reach their customers.


A startup that helps brands and retailers reach their customers based on their location.


A software company that helps insurance auto brokers become more profitable by streamlining their claims processes. They’re aiming to reach $2.5 million in revenue in the first year.


A company that helps prevent data breaches. The startup’s software uses a “trusted data model” to protect data, and prevent hackers from accessing it.


A new way to buy and sell media. The company wants to provide a new lens on marketing and advertising and help brands use data to reach consumers more effectively.


A platform that helps small businesses find pet-friendly locations and protect against data breaches.


A startup that sells a subscription service that sends someone to clean your house once a month. The startup is advertising the service on Facebook, reaching a lot of potential customers that have seen its ads and are interested in it.


A targeted social reach tool for businesses that allows for an insight into their customers.


A company that helps athletes train smarter and reach their performance goals faster.


A business-to-business company that creates and manages marketing campaigns to help small business owners reach their sales goals.


A micro-insurance company that is beginning to offer healthcare coverage to low-income individuals in the US. Their goal is to reach the uninsured and help them purchase insurance.


The high cost of online advertising means that marketers struggle to find the right people to reach with their ads. Yieldly wants to automate the process of finding the right people, using a system of algorithms that finds the right person to target for the right job, based on the criteria the company needs.


A company that helps advertisers to maximize the reach of their marketing messages. The startup says it has helped some Fortune 100 companies increase their ad spend by 80%.


A platform for businesses to host their services on the Internet, so they can reach more people and deliver better products.


A product that helps small businesses create newsletters and marketing campaigns on their own and then find customers and investors. The company wants to allow businesses to reach customers and investors with email marketing, social media, and other digital media without having to hire a consultant or send out a large budget.


A company that helps geospatial companies like Uber and Lyft better understand the best routes and pricing to reach customers by using data from their phone to track their location.


A platform for lending and borrowing money with a goal of reaching 1 million borrowers. Users will be able to search for and compare loans online.


A company that uses algorithms to direct automated phone calls to businesses to help them reach out to prospective customers who have similar interests. The startup offers a “campaign” for as low as $400 for up to two calls per day.


A platform that helps connect female entrepreneurs with investors. Its founders are hoping to reach 1 million female founders in the next 10 years.


A mobile app that helps you build up your savings to reach a goal, like a new car or a down payment on a house. It’s currently UK-based, with expansion to the US planned for 2020.


A “non-traditional” startup that focuses on the aftermarket. It focuses on a market that’s typically difficult to reach because of the need for a deeper understanding of a customer’s business and needs.


A company that combines the reach of Facebook, the functionality of Slack, and the simplicity of email. The startup is aiming at small businesses and enterprises that want a way to collaborate across teams to stay connected without spending a lot of time in the office. The company is currently in private beta.


A new kind of platform for recruiters and job-seekers. The company is aiming to automate much of the recruiting process, and is reaching out to companies to see if they can help them build out their product.


The startup’s goal is to use machine learning to help advertisers reach more people on social media


A platform for advertisers to find and target the right demographics and psychographics. The startup is also working on an ad tech platform for brands that want to target “hard-to-reach” consumers.


A network of “hackers” that help companies detect and prevent data breaches.


A startup that wants to help companies be more resilient to data breaches. It will offer security services that are custom-tailored to the company.


A platform that helps local governments and organizations work with volunteers to reach people who might not otherwise be reached.


A company that helps brands communicate with their customers in a more personal way. The startup wants to make a “human social media network” that works in a more organic way, where you can reach people with specific interests without the need for any kind of targeting.


A tech-enabled market for finding and hiring high-quality freelancers. The company’s aim is to help small businesses expand their reach and have access to a more comprehensive pool of talent.


A company that provides a central point of contact for parents to reach out to teachers. It’s not a replacement for the school but rather helps parents stay in touch with the teacher.


A startup that wants to build a social credit system in China. They say that if you’re the type of person who might not be able to get a loan in China — like someone living in a rural village — then your credit score will be pretty low. The startup wants to build an online platform to expand the reach of credit scores to everyone.


A platform for hiring people to speak at events. The startup uses its own software, which allows companies to advertise their events, and then lets people apply to speak. The startup says it has already reached $1 million in recurring revenue.


A company that hopes to win the $2 billion global insurance market by reaching underserved populations and saving billions on claims.


An AI-powered platform that can provide insights to help companies identify, identify, and reach talent.


A digital marketing platform that helps B2B companies reach out to individual clients


A platform that helps businesses with a global reach, from small companies to multinationals, to grow their brand in a country where they have no footprint. It charges a small monthly subscription fee and allows you to add your business to a pool of companies to bid on.


This is a company that is trying to connect people with their local businesses, which can be a difficult task. Local businesses may not know how to reach out to a prospective customer, and customers may not know where to begin looking for a local business. The company is working with businesses to send out personalized emails to those customers, so that the business can reach out to the local customers.


Idea: The first hardware investment platform that allows investors and inventors to reach each other