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Rather Startup Ideas

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A credit card that is funded by users rather than banks, with a cap on monthly spending.


This company is building an alternative to the social networks that people use to connect with others. Rather than posting updates about yourself, you can post updates about other people.


A social media platform that focuses on live video, rather than posting to a timeline after the fact. Users can watch and interact with other users live.


The goal of this startup is to help consumers shop for services that match their needs, rather than relying on recommendations from friends and family. The company looks to compete with platforms like Groupon and LivingSocial by selling subscriptions that will take care of the customer. The startup is already working with a number of Wal-Mart and Kroger stores.


A company that helps employees with allergies prevent reactions to the things they eat, rather than just dealing with them after a reaction occurs.


A new form of social networking where users input specific preferences about the people they want to meet, rather than using the usual “like” or “dislike” functions.


A Facebook-like app that lets anyone build and sell a mobile website. It’s a way for people who don’t build websites to earn money rather than create their own, and has a profitable model.


Alluvium is a company that makes artificial intelligence software for image recognition. The founders say it’s better than other tools because it was built from the ground up to work with the way humans think, rather than the way machines work.


A startup that’s building a tool for retailers to manage their sales, rather than the typical ERP tools that are meant for manufacturers


A startup that helps companies focus on getting products in front of customers rather than spending too much time on marketing.


A company that makes it easy for brands to build and launch their own social media accounts, for free. They charge brands for the pages they create rather than charging a fixed subscription fee.


A startup that helps companies track and manage their energy usage through a holistic approach, rather than through a series of individual utilities.


A software company that helps companies build out their marketing automation systems, allowing them to focus on the marketing tasks they know how to do well rather than managing spreadsheets.


A startup that wants to empower employees to make their own technology decisions, rather than giving them a limited set of options.


A different kind of charging station for electric vehicles, focusing on the home. Rather than wirelessly charging vehicles, the startup's stations are stationary and have a separate charging port for plugging in phones and tablets.


 SaaS that helps business owners create a CRM on demand (rather than on premise and using Excel)


Idea: This startup is building a new productivity tool that lets users scroll down a page to view content, rather than clicking from one page to another The startup currently has a prototype and has already been featured in TechCrunch


The idea: A mobile phone that can be powered by your body movement, rather than by a battery. The goal is for the device to be small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to run a full computer. The company was founded in May 2016 by two ex-Apple engineers.


A platform for HR to do recruiting in-house, rather than using an agency.


A startup that allows restaurant workers to accept tips with their smartphones rather than just their cash registers


A tool that helps recruiters scale their efforts proactively, rather than reactively. The startup wants to take the headache out of recruiting, with a combination of automation, AI, and a visual recruiting dashboard.


A mobile app for small businesses to find the best deals for their products. The goal is to get people to comparison shop within the app itself, rather than using Yelp, CVS, or the Amazon Alexa hub.


A tool for doing data science on a continuous basis, allowing companies to pull real-time data rather than waiting for an annual report or project to happen.


A startup that helps small businesses track repairs, maintenance, and replacements rather than having to rely on spreadsheets and stops receiving Ubers and other ride-share services.


A mobile ticketing app with a twist. Rather than having to enter into a ticketing website, users can simply scan their ticket and get a notification when they’re at the gate.


A decentralized version of Upwork, where people get paid in tokens rather than fiat currency.


This personal finance startup plans to help people make better financial decisions–based on AI and behavioral science. It hopes to use machine learning to help users make better decisions based on data, rather than allowing people to just “use their gut”. The company is based in San Francisco, but is looking to hire a CTO.


A product that helps people spend time with a pet rather than a person


A micro-investment product for small investors. The startup has created a platform that allows you to invest in a portfolio of loans rather than a single loan.


A company that makes credit scores that are based on a person’s social media activity, rather than their credit history.


A search engine that ranks content by relevance rather than popularity.


A tool for creating virtual reality experiences that lets VR creators focus on the design rather than the implementation.


A startup that helps people get their car inspected, selling it to insurance companies as an add-on rather than for the full cost of inspection.


An enterprise resource planning solution for small businesses that lets them share key financial data with a single dashboard, rather than using different apps on different devices.


Notion is a platform that aims to simplify the purchase process for small businesses. Rather than buying products online, you can link their local brick-and-mortar store to the website and have the products delivered to you.


A platform to help people find employees, rather than cold-emailing job-seekers.


A company that provides “next-generation” insurance solutions to companies with higher liability risks. The company’s approach is a bit atypical, as they say they’re not “selling” insurance, but rather “managing” the risk of the company. The startup says they’re already working with more than a dozen clients with plans to expand to 20 more before the end of 2019.


Rather than outsourcing maintenance of on-premises equipment, a startup called LifeSpan develops and sells cloud-based tools that help companies manage their equipment. It’s based in Austin, Texas.


A startup that provides a way to share rental payments in the UK. The company wants to make it easy for small businesses to pay someone else’s rent rather than their own.


A business model and platform that allows you to focus on what you want to do, rather than worry about some of the more tedious processes like accounting, HR, bookkeeping, and planning.


This startup wants to help facilitate the digitization of art in a way that is more focused on intangible aspects like inspiration and emotion, rather than just the technicalities of how the work was created.


A music app that lets you share a playlist with other people in real time, rather than sending them a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive copy.


A startup that connects customers to third-party products that can be shipped in a day, rather than weeks.


A payments company that allows you to take payments for your health and insurance over the phone, rather than on your phone or website.


A travel booking app for the US market that’s focused on building long-term relationships, rather than creating new reservations every time. It features a single price which is then split between their members.


A startup that is building a service that highlights the best of the media industry, rather than the best of YouTube.


A company that provides a central point of contact for parents to reach out to teachers. It’s not a replacement for the school but rather helps parents stay in touch with the teacher.


An alternative to the pay-per-click model of web advertising that’s based on a subscription model rather than a pay-per-click scheme. It’s pitching itself as a way for both marketers and consumers to get the information they want.


The startup is building an enterprise-grade email platform that allows marketers to send emails directly to employees, rather than having to use an external service like MailChimp or Mandrill.


This startup is building a marketplace for professional services, meaning companies can get services from agencies online rather than going through a broker.


A tool for companies to build better mobile apps for their customers. Their pitch is that they’re not just another app development house, but rather a consultancy that helps businesses build apps that are more efficient, more responsive, and more intuitive.


A startup that wants to help hotels charge customers’ room rates from the exact moment they check in, rather than the moment they check out.


A startup that helps businesses give their customers the ability to order products directly through the company’s website, rather than having to go through an intermediary.


A platform for businesses to sell and share content that’s been prepared for a conference or event. The startup focuses on the event marketing, rather than sales, side of events.


This is an app that helps users track their own GPS data, rather than relying on an app that has to be updated manually


A new kind of credit card that people use to pay for things, rather than just for rewards. FollowMyMoney is a full-service card, which includes a payment platform. It’s not a Visa card, but it’s meant to offer the same type of flexibility and rewards.


A platform that helps collaborate with content creators and video editors so the team can focus on the video editing, rather than the content creation.


A new way to get medical information on the web. Rather than just being a summary of what doctors have already said, this new tool combines the best of what the web has to offer with the benefits of traditional medical journals.


The startup is building a service for small businesses to sell their products on Amazon, but for a fee set by the seller (rather than Amazon itself.)


A community building platform that allows communities to create events and provide a calendar interface for their users. It’s similar to events.io in that it helps communities organize events rather than building them from scratch.


A company that helps people find apartments. The company claims that the average cost to find a rental is just a fraction of a percent of monthly rent, and has found that it’s more effective to have a niche niche of renters rather than trying to convince all of the town’s renters to become landlords.


A company building a platform to make it easier to get paid for sharing things on the web. The startup aims to make it easier for users to take credit for their work, rather than paying fees to an intermediary.


“E-commerce for professionals”, in which professionals can shop from a curated list of services from a website, rather than from a giant marketplace.


A startup that aims to provide the same service to any product, rather than just electronics.


Idea: A startup that lets you gift someone the ability to see the world, rather than a specific destination. The startup has 2 mentors and 7 founders, all of whom have traveled the world and are building an online community of people who are making the world a better place.


 A software company that provides a way for people to use their phones to get cash from an ATM, rather than using a credit card, and earn rewards points in the process.