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Range Startup Ideas

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A startup that hopes to help people save money by getting them to share their unused parking spots with strangers with the goal of getting more free parking spots for more people.


Working with healthcare systems and pharmaceutical companies, Aptara is providing a platform to help hospitals optimize the clinical processes they use across a range of different technologies.


This startup wants to help people find “unexpected connections”, i.e. happenstance encounters with strangers that lead to new connections.


A startup that sells a service where they help you plan a vacation and then they arrange all of the flights and hotels for you


A digital platform for temporary workers, offering access to a range of services, from transportation to housing, and last pay.


Founders: Austin, Elsie. They are building a platform for Facebook data scientists to easily access data in the form of lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges, and make data-based decisions to improve their products.


A startup that acts as a middleman between your friends and their travel agent so they can pay and set up their travel arrangements online.


A way to keep track of what’s being sent between two strangers, without someone having to physically keep an eye on it.


A web-based business that helps companies with a range of issues, including risk management, HR, and health and safety. The company uses AI and machine learning to make sense of insurance claims data.


A startup that provides a service where you can order a cuddling service and get cuddled by a stranger to help you with anxiety


A company building a platform for employers to offer flexible work arrangements to their employees. The company, which was launched in August, is already working with over 500 companies.


Online platform that helps small businesses access business loans and credit cards from local banks. The startup has raised $2 million from a range of investors.


A startup that makes it easy for companies to provide their employees with secure access to a range of cloud applications


A new way to pay invoices online by eliminating the need to create and manage invoices. It allows online businesses to set up an account, specify a range of invoice amounts, and enter payment amounts.


A cloud-based system for managing healthcare claims and data for a range of customers and providers. Ivol is a startup that uses AI to sort claims for insurers and then helps physicians and hospitals with the claims and data.


PetMD is a vet-tech startup that helps pet owners with a range of services, from consulting to pet care. It has a “pet concierge” service to help owners with questions like what to feed their pets when taking them to the vet, and what food to pick up on the way home.


Initially built to help people get around their cities without buying a car, Carpool is now a decentralized ride-sharing app that acts as a matchmaker for people who want to share their vehicles with a stranger.


This startup is building a service that helps match strangers in cities to rent cars. Drivers can use the startup’s platform to find, secure, and book a car, and then get paid on the spot.


The startup is working with a range of retailers, from Ikea to J.Crew, to build out an AI-powered recommendation system.


Food delivery and home services in India with no delivery fees. The startup is looking to deliver a wide range of goods, from food to cleaning products, from thousands of businesses that have been vetted by the company.


Idea : A platform that helps companies arrange and book meetings with clients over the phone, in-person, or online.


The startup is looking to build a marketplace for corporate travel expenses. It’s a platform for companies to connect with people who can manage their travel arrangements, from managing flights to booking hotels.


A platform that helps you create a “personal podcast” in which you interview a stranger about their life.


Recruiting software for the travel industry and alternative work arrangements.


A tool for managing retail inventory, with an API that allows developers to pull inventory data from a range of different sources. The startup says they’ve already integrated with over 250 retailers.


A web-based calendar for professional conference attendees that allows them to arrange and plan their personal and professional schedules.


A tool to help get strangers to meet up.


A startup that helps customers find the best deals on flights, hotels, and car rentals across a wide range of travel sites.


An iOS app that lets you get a ride with a stranger to get to work, without you having to pay for the ride.


One of the leaders in the IoT market, Flow creates a large range of connected devices for homes and businesses that automate things like lighting and security.


A platform for people to rent their personal vehicles to strangers using a mobile app, similar to a ride-sharing service but for personal vehicles.


Loft, a startup that collects and compiles a range of industry data about startups, has named YC as one of the top three organizations in the world that are "helping to produce the next generation of startups."


A company that brings together the wide range of services that people have to install to get a TV to work. It currently has 300,000 active users, with plans to launch in Canada and the US.


A startup focused on, of all things, helping travelers navigate the world. The company wants to help you book hotels, flights, rental cars, and other travel arrangements using an app, a website, and a mobile messaging platform. (1)


is a company that helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) connect with a wider set of potential customers. The SMEs gain access to a wider range of potential customers, including business professionals, which helps them build up their customer base.


A health care company that aims to make it easy for patients to access, at a fraction of the cost of traditional health insurance, the full range of doctor and hospital services.


A chatbot that helps you book appointments and travel arrangements.


A startup that helps raise money by providing a range of services (e.g. legal, accounting, marketing, PR, etc.) to help startups and other businesses raise money.


A middleware for websites that lets them build native apps, and access the widening range of Android APIs.


A startup that’s creating a new way to arrange catering for events. The company is building a platform that makes it easier for event planners to book caterers and decorators in most major cities.


A startup that helps people find apartments to rent. They are using machine learning to scan Craigslist ads, notify people that there are apartments available, and suggest the best rent/price range.


A company that wants to help companies and individuals save money by giving them a way to get better prices for a range of products, from auto insurance to cable TV.


A startup that arranges travel-to-work commuter trips. The company’s main idea is to help people save on gas, and in a press release said it was already saving customers $150 million in gas.


A startup that lets you upload your pictures and videos and arrange them in easy-to-use slideshows for your friends and family.


A startup connecting people who need rentals with homeowners who want to rent out their homes. The company wants to allow renters to search for homes within a specific price range and go directly to the homeowner.


A social network for people who work from home, allowing them to meet other people who have the same arrangement, and find a community for a sense of belonging.


Idea: This startup is helping to launch a product called “Tinder for travel” where users can pick and choose flights, hotels, transport, etc. and then a concierge arranges the trip for them.


The app allows people to pay off their student loans with a 25% monthly discount, which they say can be used for a wide range of things.


A platform that allows users to customize the color of their sleep masks with a wide range of colors, patterns, and even images.


A startup that arranges bookings for table tennis clubs, school gyms, or snooker clubs. The startup connects people looking for table tennis, snooker, or other sports to people who would like to host them.


A company that helps chefs easily sell directly to customers via a mobile app that brings together a range of products from a variety of restaurants.


A startup that provides a service where you can rent a room from a stranger and stay in the city that you are visiting for a short period of time


A startup that provides a service where people can find a real estate agent who is interested in the buying/selling of a home in a certain price range


Idea: This is an app that makes it easier to start a conversation with a stranger A user creates an account, and the app matches them with another user, providing an icebreaker The team says they have 3,000 users and $4,000 in monthly recurring revenue


Idea: Music creators can now use a new app called Soundmine to create songs using a variety of beats in a range of genres. Users can switch up the instruments and change the tempo or pitch, and add vocals, lyrics, and a melody.