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Raising Startup Ideas

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A toolkit to help non-profits build and manage websites. Its pre-built themes include a person-powered fundraising site, an environmental website, and a donation-based site.


A startup that’s building a way to help people get their gas cheaper. The company is now in the process of raising funds to launch its platform.


A fundraising platform that helps investors and fundraisers raise money more quickly.


A digital marketplace for selling and buying event tickets. The company is currently in the midst of raising $500,000 in a seed round.


A tool to help startups with the cost of raising seed funding, that seeks to integrate the big four of Kickstarter, AngelList, DigitalTilt, and SeedInvest in one platform.


A “factory farming” startup that plans to take over the entire process of raising and slaughtering animals from the farm to the table.


A marketing tool for crowdfunding platforms that helps founders and project managers track projects and keep track of fundraising progress.


A company that lets consumers sell pre-owned goods. The company is currently in an early stage of fundraising.


A company that makes AI-powered software to help nonprofits, raising funds from the community.


This startup is building a platform for college students to manage their finances. It was built for students at a New York university, but the startup is raising a seed round to expand into more campuses.


This startup is building a browser for the startup world. Its goal is to create a simplified version of the startup experience with tools for research, fundraising, and community engagement.


A company that helps non-profits with online fundraising.


A startup for nonprofits to support their membership, fundraising, and communications via an API.


A startup for home buyers and sellers to find and hire contractors to do things like paint or tile their homes. The company is currently in an early stage of fundraising.


Using machine learning, Connect is building a platform that sorts through the clutter of online dating platforms to find the best match. The startup is currently in the process of raising its Series A.


An online platform to help people find and pay for parking in their area. It’s one of the first app-only parking companies in the space that’s grown to 1,500 employees after raising $200M from investors.


A team of fundraisers that want to help companies with their fundraising needs by offering free fundraising services. They charge companies based on the time spent on fundraising, with a maximum of $500 per month.


A startup in California that wants to help businesses set up and manage Internet-connected locks — a trend that’s seen by some as a “fourth industrial revolution”. The startup is in the process of raising $1.6 million to launch.


Cofound.it is a platform for fundraising, with a $50 million fund to invest in startups. It has already distributed over $40 million to startups.


A B2B company that helps companies manage their insurance policies and costs. The company is currently in the process of raising a new round of funding.


A platform that helps brands get social media engagement from their customers. The company is developing a micro-blogging platform for brands, with a focus on its “Brand Advocates”, who are Instagrammers who are paid to share and promote the brands with their followers. The company is nearing $2 million in funding after raising $800,000 in seed capital.


A tool to help nonprofits do their fundraising. By taking in donations and giving them out to their clients in a direct, transparent manner, the startup wants to help nonprofits grow their donor bases and improve their bottom line.


A competitor to Amazon Echo that brings the Google Assistant to your home. The company is raising $50 million from investors and has drawn interest from Google and Apple.


A ready-to-mix drink company that makes simple, high-end cocktails at the push of a button. The company is currently in the process of raising seed capital.


 A way to streamline the process of getting a loan for a startup (or other company in need of financing). The company provides a marketplace for financing and a loan application, with providers ranging from big banks to crowdlending sites. They’re currently in the process of raising Series A funding.


Provides a way to identify, and then communicate with, identified individuals who are in the process of going through a government program. The startup is currently in the process of raising funding.


 A funding platform where a company can take a “drip” approach to fundraising, instead of a full-on “spray”. It allows a company to get funding without all the hassle of pitching, negotiating, and offering equity, while still getting the full equity portion.


A startup that specializes in helping law firms manage their legal affairs, and create custom legal documents. A legal tech startup, it started with more than 250 legal professionals and is now raising a $10 million round led by Sequoia Capital.


A crowdfunded fundraising platform for startups. The startup wants to help startups get better funding, and wants to do it by bringing together investors and startups.


A startup that helps fundraising professionals send real-time messages to donors using Facebook Messenger.


This company is building a platform to help sports teams with fundraising and managing their community. They’re working with a large number of MLB teams.


A startup building a telehealth network between doctors and nurses. The company is raising an $8 million Series A.


A platform for raising capital for early-stage startups, with a $300,000 monthly fee.


A startup that aims to make it easier for startups to raise money and scale. It wants to provide a “one-stop shop” for digital fundraising.


A new way for startups to launch, with a “pay-as-you-go” model for founders and employees. It allows companies to grow without having to engage in the long, expensive process of raising a round.


A platform that lets customers pick the bulbs and trees they want for their backyard or house, and have those ordered and delivered. They’re in the process of raising a seed round, with a goal of $110,000.


A tool for social entrepreneurs that tracks fundraising milestones and goals, preventing over-promising.


A fundraising platform for startups in the Philippines.


A team-based, curated, on-demand service for sourcing sales leads and B2B leads. They’re currently in the process of raising a $4 million seed round.


A new company that solves the problem of building and managing data pipelines and data warehouses. Founded in 2014, the company is still based in San Francisco and raising its Series A.


A SaaS platform that helps companies raise capital more easily. It’s like the Uber of the fundraising world.


A startup that allows users to pay bills and data plans by sending SMS messages. The founder used to work at Groupon and is raising $1.4 million in seed funding.


A professional recruitment platform for people who want to work from home. The startup is currently in YC, but is still raising funds.


A startup that has built a tool for hiring and managing remote workers. The startup is in the process of raising a Series A round.


Idea: Previously, the company was raising money under the name Tender, which would have been a food delivery service that employed the same “crowd delivery” model as Munchery or Peach Now, the company is simply called Tender, and will be an online marketplace for farmers


Idea: LiveEdu is building a platform that helps people learn how to create online courses They have 10,000 creators who have built courses on the platform and are raising $120,000 a month


Idea: A startup that has built an API for non-profits in the fundraising space